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22 View Road, Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
-36.886375, 174.633517 (accuracy not guaranteed)
(649) 623-4267
(649) 623-4267
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  nice and clean, not too much junk around. good layout, good atmosphere, both downstairs shower heads need attention. I'll stay again.
Bamber House is a cute, family-owned hostel. It's really clean and more than quiet! The place is lovely with a green garden and beautiful rooms. There are two buildings and both hold all the facilities. The common areas are nice, new, and clean as well. You can really relax and feel at home here. The Location It's not in the center of Auckland but you can easily get there with the bus at two minutes' walking distance. It takes around twenty minutes to walk to the city. But if you just need something to eat or to buy there's a zone of restaurants, bakery, shops, and supermarkets at about fifteen minutes' walking distance. The surroundings are really quiet -- no traffic and no noisy pubs. This is the ideal place to recover from a long flight or just to avoid the noisy city center. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are just wonderful -- you don't have anyone sleeping over you, as it happens in those hostels where they want to save space and fit four beds in a room of two. Sleeping rooms, toilets, bathrooms, and common areas are just too clean to be a hostel. You'll love to have a shower here! The rooms also have a cupboard to hang up you clothes if you like and there's plenty of space to put your suitcase and tidy your stuff. The door lock opens with a simple key and there are no in-room lockers. Common Spaces Kitchen is new and shining clean and the living room is big -- the couches are just fantastic. You can also enjoy the sun outside in the big garden on the front -- it's green grass so you can also lie there! People are really nice and quiet, the staff are friendly and professional. It's really a safe and nice place. Summary If you're looking for a safe and nice place, but you don't want to have noise and strange people, then this is the place for you. Don't go there if you are party people or if you like the city atmosphere -- it's not that kind of place. But you can probably compare the cleanliness of this hostel with your home!
  I stayed at 22 View Road Mt Eden for 4 months in 1963, yes, 1963 while I worked in Auckland, in the Onehunga industrial area. The house at 22 View Road was a hostel for young men and strictly run and disciplined by a Congregational minister of religion. The city is close enough to walk there as we did on ANZAC Day 1963 (that's 44 years ago) to the Dawn Service at the National War Memorial., and also on a Friday evening for late night shopping. I returned 30 years later in June/July 1993 for a week. In 1995 I returned again and stayed for another week. The rooms are very spacious and everything is spotlessly clean. Your dirty smelly boots must be left at the front door and you put on the house slippers provided. The whole house has a graceful ambience...the original lead light windows, the beautifully crafted wooden staircase...the storage cupboard under the staircase where the massive black payphone was located and the storage cupboard on the stair landing where I stored my things when I went to Fiji for a month....Also it complies with NZ fire regulations with working fire escapes and exits. The land and grounds are spacious. It is handy to the city if you walk and to buses on Mount Eden Road and those that now come up the hill along the street called Esplanade turning right into View Street. There is a corner shop open early till late on the corner of Esplanade and Mt Eden Road by the zebra predestrian crossing. I have many happy memories of my stays at 22 View Road Mount Eden.
Ian Morrison
  I liked this hostel. It's a beautiful building, with clean bathrooms and nice rooms. What I noticed about the area though was that it had quite a lot of creepy and/or homeless people walking around. This is not a party hostel, and it can be a bit boring.
  I booked my double room early as it was intended for the night before heading home. The correct BBH price was quoted when booking the room over the phone. Upon arrival the receptionist said they were fully booked so she had to give me a cabin. Which was CRAP. So I went to complain that I booked really early and I couldn't see why I was downgraded (the room costing less, I must add, but If I want a doubles room I want at least a bit of comfort). She just replied again that they were fully booked, and that I was one of the last to arrive. What purpose is it then to book your room in advance (and having to give your credit card number)? The shower and toilet we (cabin people) were supposed to use were filthy and in decay. Before checking out I thought I'd have a look in the other bathrooms for the in house people. They were spic and span. So no need to say that I was very disappointed in the attitude of the staff and this hostel in general.
kiim - Belgium
  I loved this hostel. It was in a beautiful colonial style building, which looked more like a guesthouse than a hostel. The communal areas are gorgeous — loads of rooms and comfy seats. The rooms are smallish but very light and airy and colorful. We had a balcony. The pool is great if it ever gets hot enough to swim and there are nice lawns. The atmosphere is friendly, as are the staff. It is in an out-of-the-way place, but if you don't like staying in cities Mount Eden is a good alternative. It's about a ten-minute walk to shops and restaurants, or a thirty-minute walk into the city center. It's ideal if you have a car.

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