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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Cairns Girls Hostel" at 147 Lake Street.)


147 Lake Street, Cairns North, Cairns, Queensland, Australia
-16.919426, 145.773261 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 4051-2016, 1-800-011-950
+61 (7) 4051-2016
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69% Guest Reviews

Been Going there for last 15 years
Best place to stay, safe, secure, friendly staff, clean and quiet, meet some good friends. Not far from city centre, can walk to most places.
Excellent ... no dislikes
I was working in cairns for awhile. so grateful to have a base to come back to that was like home. wonderful clean, friendly folk, and extremely helpful management. quiet to have the rest needed and close to foreshore and town. walking to all conveniences. I was so grateful to have found exactly what I needed. highly recommend.
(new zealand)
Everything is so nice
Very nice! Clean and tidy. And friendly and helpful host! I will surely recommend it to my friends! Hope to stay again!
Age 20, China
Owner is thief, put me over stair
i went this hostel last year. everything seem so nice, free dinner (not really). be careful the owner and policy. They told me that if i book the tour for them, i can store my luggage until i come back, then they will give back the key deposit for me and remind me, put the key into the key box when i leave hostel in the morning. Next day i joined tour and came back about 9 p.m. They didn't give back the key deposit. they said that i came back too late, so it was "late checkout." confiscated the key deposit. i argued with them, then they put me over stair! I called police, they can't help, it is private property, they can't control the policy. i don't have invoice and nobody saw they put me over stair, although they know this kind of thing always occur in this hostel. A girl who stay this hostel about six weeks (she work in carins) told me she saw four girls same case as me. I think "harm girls hostel" is their real name.
Cairns Girls Hostel is clean, quiet, and boring. Parties, men, and alcohol are prohibited, which makes this the perfect place to catch a good night's sleep. Cairns Girls Hostel is owned and run by a local couple who take great pride in keeping this place very clean with everything working. The Location Even the location of this hostel is quiet. It's easy to miss, being tucked away between shops on Lake Street. Only the doorway is visible, with a sign hanging from the ceiling. It's a short walk away from the restaurants and shops. This hostel is easy to find as long as you know what you're looking for, but hard to stumble upon by accident. Situated within the CBD, it's a reasonable walk away from the bus and train stops with on street parking for those traveling by car. Rooms and Bathrooms Cairns Girls Hostel offers twin rooms and dorms for a very reasonable price. Rooms are a good size, light and airy. All the beds are single beds, no bunk beds in this hostel. Unfortunately there are no lockers and no aircon, but the fan is enough during the night. During the day rooms in direct sunlight can get hot though. Rooms are located on two floors and each floor has a toilet and a shower, but there is never a queue. Common Spaces The common spaces include a sitting area in the backyard, laundry rooms, kitchen, TV room, and internet area. This hostel has a homelike feeling to it. Common spaces are cleaned every day and are in good order. There's enough crockery in the kitchen, all the appliances work and there are three fridges to use. The internet works with coins and the owner can help out with booking tours and giving travel advice. Summary This place is recommended for the seasoned traveler who needs a quiet and clean base to explore Cairns. It is not recommended for party animals or those who cannot abide by the rules (no alcohol, no men). Cairns Girls' Hostel is excellent value for money!
Han Jer
The best hostel in Oz!
Such a lovely, laid-back hostel in a great location in the centre of Cairns. Two big communal areas with comfy sofas and a range of DVDs to choose from. Free lockers. Well-equipped kitchens and very helpful and friendly owners. Some of the showers lack a little privacy (shower curtains round the cubicle and dressing area rather than a lockable door) but it's an all-girls hostel so it's not a big deal. The dorm I was in was airy and spacious -- but some dorms are internal so you might want to check if you really want an outside window. Ceiling fans in every dorm. Immaculately clean and well maintained throughout.
  I was excited about staying here as had heard good reviews -- however, the staff range from fake to rude. One even shouting at guests for no apparent reason! There is no air-con and so the wet season evenings were unbearable!!! To stay with my own luggage for 1.5hrs in the hostel post check out they were insisting i paid them $5!!!! To stay with my own bags and pay to use their internet!! There are also 2 older men who live in the hostel (husbands of staff) and so it is NOT a female only area! I am appalled that this has been so highly recommended by other travelers and by the guidebooks! This has been my worst hostel in my 3 month travel so far!
  Nice clean and quiet hostel. But it's lacking in atmosphere and there are not enough showers — only 2 on the first floor. They also no longer have cheap weekly rates, even though when I phoned to book she told me there was. But when I turned up she decided that they'd stop that and I would have to pay at the full rate. Also there is no luggage storage as advertised. You can ask if your backpack can be kept in your room whilst on a trip — but even if you can, Dawn's husband will still shout at you on your return and remind you there is no luggage storage! Very nice hostel, but it's a shame about the management. I found Dawn very false and it made me feel like they are just there to get money out of "their girls."

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