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Oudezijds Voorburgwal 3, Centrum, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.375180, 4.900290 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0) 20-421-7424
+31 (0) 20-421-7423
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Could be much better
The reception of the hostel is inside a Bar, there is no keys only a card you should show at the bar for coming up to the rooms. My bed was by the side of the heating ... I guess they could do much than that, there's enough room for that and the reception could be more organized.
Excellent hostel/sports bar
Stayed here with 5 friends, we paid £20 each a night for clean, comfortable and sociable accommodation. Showers were very clean. Perfect location in central Amsterdam. Staff were helpful when answering anything, and friendly all the time. Quite simply great accommodation, especially for the price paid.
Great shady hostel
For our first time experience in Amsterdam, The Globe was a great place. Our room was clean, bathroom was ok. Food in the bar was better than other places in the red light district. We will definitely book there for our trip back next year!
Desert Joe
(Arizona, US)
Not impressed
I stayed at this Hostel about a year ago with three friends. We had a twelve-bed dorm consisting of six bunk beds not unlike the sort you would find at a rundown boarding school. The general level of hygiene was fairly basic, a maid appeared once a day to spread the germs around with a damp cloth, and the shower/toilet would be unfit for a bus station. We had trouble finding it, even with directions from the website, and eventually arrived via the back door. The receptionist was the only thing it had going, he was young, and seemed happy to give us some concise directions to the good parts of town, but as our stay was some time ago I cannot verify if he still works there. Noise levels were high, and as there was only one key between twelve people to unlock the room we were frequently required to climb out of bed at 5, 6 even 7 a.m. each morning to let people in because the first person in took the key. Not that we had much sleep anyway, as no restrictions on noise were imposed. I will say that despite many of the other guests being noisy we had a fairly quiet lot of people in our room most nights, so I guess it was just luck of the draw. The location was quite central, but for the actual level of quality I thought it was overpriced. If you're going with a lot of friends and want to be central then maybe consider the globe, but I would say that you could do a lot better.
(United Kingdom)
  Hostel the Globe Center makes you pay up front for the duration of your stay. Probably because most people don't complete their stay. Like us. Their policy makes sense financially. And with their location, they can afford to lose the custom of repeat visitors. I suspect they have very few. To give this review some balance, the hostel is well-placed and easy to find. The bar is good, too. It's no gastro-pub, but the food is edible. And cheap. And yet. They manage to pack more people into the rooms than the planners of Auschwitz. the staff are about as sympathic as concentration camp guards. and the temperature in the beds is hotter than the sun. It is not possible to get a wink of sleep. You didn't stay up in a good way. For instance, faving arrived back from the electro club Paradiso, in the early hours, we were abruptly awaken by two loud hairdressers from Hull. They claimed that because they had paid their money to sleep in the dorm they had their 'rights' and these included being perfectly entitled to turn on the lights at five a.m., to start blaring music, and to allow two transexuals (who had accompanied them into the room) to copulate on my friend's bed. He spent the rest of the night sleeping in the bathroom. Magic mushrooms were then dropped by the girls into the unsuspecting jaws of the only chap left sleeping in the room, a poor man who unfortunately lay on his back with his mouth wide open. Half an hour later, he was most definitely awake. Though apparently not conscious. He began rasping, at which point the girls and their transexual friends had the idea to tickle him. He subsequently vomitted on my feet. I should point out, at this juncture, that I slept not a wink on this evening. Following his projectile ejection, he fell out of bed. Slowly regaining consciousness after the shock of hitting the floor, he attempted to clamber back into his bunk, though succeeded only in pulling the thing on top of himself, thus spending the remainder of the night sleeping with the top bunk's bar resting under his neck. Just avoid the Globbo Inn Hostel. If it's the last one left unbooked, buy a sleeping bag with the money you're saving, and bed down at Vondelpark. Believe me, it's worth it.
Tom Bird
  Do not believe the photos! I stayed at 20-bed rooms and the room and beds were dirty and messy. The staff was unfriendly. The only good thing about this hostel is the good location.. Not awful, but I believe that you can find a better one..
egemen koparal
  Do not waste your time/money on this hostel. The only plus to this hostel is it's central location (close to the Central Station and the Red Light District), but nothing else. You can find other hostels and hotels in the same area with better service. The bad things: If you look at their Web site's pics or even the ones above, those rooms do not look like what they have. Those pics show nice no-bunk beds. The have the so-called "small" or "large" dorms. The b**tards define "small" literally as compact room, and not necessarily meaning, with "few beds." I was charged 30 euros per bed/night on a "small" 10-bed room. I think this is overpriced! Just imagine how crowded it was. Just imagine what a "large" room looked like, 12-16 bunks. By the way, the room doors DO NOT have a door key. When I got there all 6 lockers were taken in a 10-bed dorm. Plus you have to bring your own lock. They offered to keep my lockable stuff in the bar...yea right! I only saw one toilet and one shower on each floor, which by the way, were dirty when I arrived around 4 p.m. Because of the excessive 30 euro price for one of the 10-bed cramped beds, poor ventilation (small 2 by 2 feet window for the entire room of 10, lack of sufficient showers and toilets, I chose to leave right away. The Asian staff refused to refund me one night's price as a penalty, so I lost only 30 euros out of 60 for the two nights I was there. Instead, I found a SINGLE pension room for 50 euros, which had much higher standards than this filthy and brutally expensive hostel. In short, this hostel does not meet a reasonable standard, it is way below the substandard level. By the way, you must go to the basement where the bar is to check in. Then there is one door that will let you into the hostel (you must go up). The bar looks nice, but you don't evaluate a hostel because it has a bar, you grade it based on security, cleanliness, hospitality, which they DO NOT have. There are zillion pubs just outside and around the same area, so having its own bar does not make this hostel a 5. Insufficient lockers, lack of door locks, and excessive pricing will not justify staying here. Should you have any questions, please contact me at the address below. I am doing anything I can to prevent others from falling into the same "misleading" advertising they have on the Web site (please note that the Web site will never tell you how many beds are per room). They only talk in terms of "small" or "large" dorms, which automatically make you believe is "small in number of beds." Small generally refers to a dorm with no more than four beds. Large is five or more.
Jose Aguilar (
  I stayed here in September, and people are right. If it's just a bed that you want a bed, then it's ok. We were in a 20-bed dorm, it was us (two females) and the rest were 20 year old males, all very noisy and messy. The room was crowded (absolutely nothing like the pictures, don't be fooled) and messy. The sheets were hard to sleep in, they kept coming off, but I did see a cleaner changing them one morning, so I can say that they were clean. Bathrooms were ok, definitely not "pretty," but they did the job. Compared to the many hostels I have stayed in, this one does not rank high, due to the factors mentioned above, but it was a bed and we never felt unsafe in the hostel.

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