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1012 Central Avenue Southwest, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
35.086429, -106.659138 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (505) 247-1813
+1 (505) 765-5772
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Good hostel & only one in Albuquerque
Stayed for 6 nights while visiting New Mexico. Place is nice and clean. There is no AC, at least in the dorms, which means it can be a little warm, but they have a fan you can set up in the room to keep the air moving and I was able to sleep fine. Hostel staff is nice and was able to point me in the right direction for food and other things. Things to note -- The only have 4-5 parking spots in the back of the hostel, so if you have a car and it's busy you might end up parking on the street; I parked across the street from the park nearby in a residential area. They have a choreboard where you pick something to clean up before you check out, not a big deal, but keep in mind if you want to check out super early. The wifi network has youtube and other high-bandwidth sites blocked.
Age 25, USA
Hot, small, loud and creaky floors
The head attendant and other staff were nice enough but that's it for the positives. There's no AC, which is something I hadn't even considered, silly me. Being mid-June, it was very hot. This alone prevented me from getting decent rest. But add to that creaky uncomfortable beds, and creaky floors, resulting in any time someone rolled over in bed or got up to relieve themselves I'd wake up. Same for the other guys. I stayed in the shared men's dorm. It was super cheap (I guess that's another plus), but really I'd suggest a cheap hotel instead.
Age 37, US
Was what I expected, location was perfect and staff was great
Everything is about priorities and expectations, the accommodations where what I expected and everything fit my priorities. The staff was helpful as advertised, the location was perfect for walking, and other guests were friendly.
Age 44, USA
Travel is what you make it
2006 -- This was a memorable hostel experience, mostly because traveling expands oneself. The hostel in 2006 was really old and rundown but it had a feeling of home. The vibe wasn't really welcoming but it was comforting, if that makes sense. It is near Old Town but near the side of the town that does have a lot of crime. I heard a gun shot underneath my window -- and I mean literally underneath. But it is right on Route 66 and easy to get to a lot of cool joints. I haven't been to the hostel since it's ownership change but I don't think that the vibe has changed that much. Look, traveling is what you make it. It's all an adventure so half is what is there and half is what you make of it. I stayed at this place for 8 months -- long story -- but I met a lot of fabulous people in a terrific city.
Age 32, USA
Great place
The room was very clean and comfortable. Not a luxury place but good for your budget and a feeling of community. It's like staying at home, front porch with several places to sit, open kitchen and close to other amenities. No TV which is good for me. My place in Albuquerque.
Not so great
I called to book this place and the woman insisted I pay by Paypal (instead of checking out the hostel first). I did so, and when I got to the place, she showed me a room that was little more than a closet. It looked clean enough but when I lay down to rest, I gagged from the stinky bedcover that didn't seem to have been washed for ages (you know, that stinky/sweet smell of stale human sweat). It didn't help that downtown Albuquerque seemed like a cold, ghost town at that time of the season (fall). I could barely sleep and left first thing at dawn. Yes, this hostel is old, but compared to this, the hostel I stayed in at Santa Fe, NM was a luxurious suite. For a few dollars more, you could stay in a (probably better) motel a few blocks up Central Avenue. Avoid!
A really fun place to stay.
This hostel was really compatible for encouraging people to interact. In a few days I met some really cool people from all over the world; Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Canada, New York, San Francisco, Washington. Staying here was one of the highlights of my trip. Albuquerque has a lot to offer if you take some time to explore. Private rooms are cozy and the dorm is quiet at the back, off the street. The staff was friendly and the hostel was clean. I'll definitely stay here again.
John Camerlo
Pretty good!
This hostel was a lovely place to stay for a few nights, quirky living room -- walls lined with books, magazines, and maps -- and a sweet little kitchen. There are free eggs, pancake mix whenever you want and the room was basic but comfy. Wonderful sunset from room six!

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