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Albuquerque has its charms but I lived in town one fall near UNM and I've never seen that much police activity in my life. Also going around town you are pretty much guilty until proven innocent for anything. I think businesses get swindled a lot so you are kept watch over. After visiting in winter for eight years it's kinda wearing on me. Crime, drugs, and who knows what else, and now drug violence from Mexico! Good food, pretty old town, and the outdoor places/activities make up for it as well as the river, mountain, and petroglyphs trails.
I liked Albuquerque.
I live in Montreal and having been in the airline industry for almost thirty years, have travelled the world. My favourite place? You guessed it! New Mexico. I usually rent a car cheap, and use a hostel as my base while taking day trips to Sante Fe by way of the Sandia Mountains. In fact, I love New Mexico so much that I've been there four times and plan on going again soon!
God's land it is.
One of the greatest aspects of Albuquerque is the blending of so many different cultures- Hispanic, Native American (several cultures) and Anglo. If you only stay at Nob Hill, you only get to experience a tiny piece of what Albuquerque (and New Mexico) is. Definitely come in the beginning of October for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta- the largest single gathering of hot air balloons in the world. It draws balloonists from all over the world- Africa, China, Japan, Germany, Great Britian, France, Russia, the Czech Republic... I could go on forever. It is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience in your life. Bring a camera! The weather in October is perfect as well. Take the tram from the base of the Sandia Mountains to the crest- especially for sunset. Albuquerque is a beautiful city that shouldn't be missed.
Albuquerque is unlike any other place in the world. I know cause I've seen it all from the Middle East to Europe and South America and if you never lived in Burque you will never know what its original culture is really like, so approach the locals with the upmost respect or please stay in Nob Hill. You will notice that most everyone from Albuquerque will have a slight Hispanic accent even non-Hispanics. They just have the city in there blood and the locals are a very proud people. Do enjoy the the weather because it really is the best in the world and feel free to order green chile on your Big Mac or pizza. If you plan on staying for a longer period it's a great place to get in shape lots of trails and great altitude, go for a run you'll see what I mean, visit the flea market, take a ride on the tram, eat at the fire house, eat some New Mexican food... or go to McDonalds in Barelas. Whatever you do you will leave Albuquerque enchanted.
Abq's not a city city; if you want real Albuquerque, go walk along the Rio Grande River in the North Valley, drive through the old, junky neighborhoods of the South Valley, or go hiking in the Sandia Mountains.
There are lots of things to do in Albuquerque. What's fabulous about Alb is the bus system. It's so cheap -- like a dollar and you can use the same ticket all day and the buses come like every 15 minutes. I didn't stay at the hostel but checked out the entire city and loved it. Nob Hill is great as the readers above say, but ALSO check out The Old Town District -- that is right off of Rt66/Central Ave near the hostel -- a 1 minute ride by bus or 15 min walk. The Old Town District is the original, old part of the city that was once a part of the old Spanish Empire. The square looks like a scene from the Old West. Check out The American International Rattlesnake Museum there plus the church across the street from it that has a cool gift shop. Lots of shops and copper-topped bars there too. Also if you're into archaeology or geology -- check out Petroglyph Monument which are these old pictures and paintings from the post-caveman days. It's near the Mesa (ancient, dead volcanos) and is easily accessible by bus from the hostel if you take the Rt 66 bus that goes onto Coors Boulevard where Petroglyph is. Also, check out the Native American Museum there BECAUSE they can tell you the feast days and happenings on the local Native American Indian Reservations. For example, I went in early June to the nearby Sandia Pueblo Reservation when the Sandia Pueblos allowed visitors in for their Feast of St. Anthony Carnival. I got there early in the morning for church mass, and then followed the group out. Then all day a hundred Natives dance traditional dances and there's food and jewelry being sold. So cool. So definitely go to the Native American Museum or check out their website and call them to find out if there's anything going at some of the reservations on when you're there. And if you're a sci-fi buff check out Intel's Museum because from what I've heard, they're making real robots these days. What I didn't check out but plan to do next time is visit Corralles -- that's supposed to have some things and the city of Gallup is supposed to be cool to visit too!
Alby's great! The best city in the entire USA. Fantastic people, amazing food (Jalapenos, etc.) and prices that seem lower than the rest of the country!
I live in Albuquerque. I would say that the best part of Albuquerque is Nob hill because it is pretty popular and it is lined with plenty of shops like the Buffalo Exchange where you can get good name brand clothes cheap, I would also recommend checking out downtown on the weekends. I also say to check out the zoo.
I used to live in ABQ and we called Nob Hill, Snob Hill, cuz the really neat parts of town are a little less polished than Nob Hill. I like Nob Hill, don't get me wrong. The area around UNM is fun. Don't miss the Frontier and check out downtown during summer weekends.
Albuquerque doesn't have much going for it except for the area called Nob Hill around the U of New Mexico. A funky, hip enclave of intreresting stores, restaurants and galleries.
Traveler from Chicago
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