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37 Alice Street, Atherton, Queensland, Australia
-17.266742, 145.477826 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+61 (7) 4091-3552
+61 (7) 4091-1604
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Nice place but owner (Mike) ruined it
I stayed at ATL for 2 months in 2005 and although the place had the potential to be a cool place, it was unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. The owners then were Mike and Vera and although Vera was a very nice woman, her other half Mike acted like he was in the Gestapo. He frequently berated guests over trivial matters, overcharged, made racist remarks and told lies. He was a control freak of the highest order and a truly sickening human being. Sounds strong but anyone who was there at the time also felt this. The great thing about the hostel was the people who stayed there (especially Jenny from Plymouth, Joyce from Germany and Alex from Germany), and Mike tried so hard to repress us all -- friends are made thru adversary. People cracked from the treatment and just left without paying Mike the work transport costs -- and he wondered why. I felt I had to do the same and I stayed in the same farm job after I left his greed and iron fist. Was able to get my visa extension from this farm but it was no thanks to ATL. I am not surprised to hear of an owner change and that the good farms have stopped doing business with these criminals posing as hostel owners.
Avoid if possible
If you are lucky you can meet wonderful people from all around the world, and the region is beautiful, but the lodge ... Dirty, shamefully expensive, not sure to have a job, a few chance to save money, a direction who just care about the money not people (i felt like a slave sometimes), a Korean assistant (Jin) who just help the others Koreans. I had my best time in Australia other there but I will never go back there because of them and because of the lodge. If you can find a farm by your own, I think it is better.
jackie chan
Great Place to Do your Visa Days
Ive stayed here in 2012, got lots of work and met plenty of great people. Always found Rury and Gin to be very helpful and fair. Stayed at the BV for a few weeks before moving into the lodge. The BV was ok but the owner Mick is a bastard racist who hates anyone who dont spend all their money at his bar, and bans any alcohol in your room even if he sold it to you. The lodge has a gym, table-tennis, huge TV and wi-fi around whole hostel even in my room. Cant complain about the speed of internet, and never paid for internet as Rury would often give me extra free if used more than 3 hr free given when paying rent. Rooms size varies, I stayed in room 2 a 10 bed dorm before moving to a smaller 4 bed dorm. Rooms were cleaned weekly & depending on your roommate generally kept clean. Never had a bedbug problem in my room but any reports saw the room emptied sprayed & cleaned with a free clothes wash offered. Luckily I never had bugs but have found in my stays at hostels that its just a part of backpacking life unfortunately. Atherton travellers lodge seemed very thorough on the war on bugs as they called it. Did my days here to get my Visa took about 4 months. I worked Avocado Farm, banana farm, lime farm and a mango farm before mango rash got me. Was never long without work and the least work I got was 3 days one week which was still enough to cover the rent. Rent varied from $22 per night to $30 a night depending on amount of work you got. Banana work was the hardest, humping and dieseling is tough work. Loved picking Avocados and the work was solid over the Avocado season. Mostly I was working 5 days week and clearing around $600 a week after Tax, you can make more depending on the farm and the tax rate you pick. (claim to be Aust Res 4 Tax purposes -- make big diff on amt u get). Kitchen was spacious but always left in a mess by some pigs. Was about the only thing they got angry about, that and not paying your rent on time. Seemed to be a few (young n english mainly) guests who always complained about paying rent. Me i was happy to pay $30 a day to get the work and make $150 odd, seemed like a good deal to me but there are always twats who expect more, generally the same clowns that gave the BV pub most of their money. I managed to save over $3K in my stay while the barflys never saved a cent. My advice stay away from the pubs, except for 3rd Fridays. One english guy i worked with loved to drink worked same farm & same hours, he'd always complain about not having money, in same time i work with him I save $1500 and he saved nothing, not even his liver. I actually saw Rury turn away Aussies looking for work and never heard a bad or racist word from Rury or Gin. Im not a young traveler at 27 and have stayed at some horrible working hostels and this is one of the better ones. They helped me get all my Visa days n papers signed and helped put money in my pocket. Not a place your going to get rich at but definitely a place to stay if u wanna save n get your visa days completed. The atmosphere is laid back, facilities are great, you are located in center of town, respect and rules are fairly enforced. Its basically a nice central place to do your visa days, close to Cairns and much beauty with lakes and waterfalls in the surrounding area. To all the haters get real and grow up. This place was like a home to me and many many others who stayed with me. Loved Atherton and the people iI met there Rury and Gin included. Definitely highly recommended Atherton and the lodge to all. Great Place to get your Visa and trust me there are many worse.
Management has changed apparently from a few years ago and is now run by Ruaire. This management spend more time abusing there customers than finding them work. It is over priced and filthy, regularly expect to find your rooms bed bug ridden. Literally the only good thing that came from this place was the people i met there. Management HATE backpackers, referring to us (in the words of the mangers wife after complaints were made) as "Crusty backpackers with no life or aspirations" and Ruiare openly stated that he hates every other nationality than Australian. The minority actually get work from them, especially if you're a girl. I got more work after moving from the hell hole, infact the day after i moved out i got full time work on a farm in the area, after the management of ATL had told me there was absolutely no work to be had. Well, they were partly right, but that is due to the fact that many farmers in the area refuse to work with them due to the horrible attitude of management. Not to mention Gin who acts as Assistant Manager AKA fun police. Him and Ruaire together are just absolute hell to deal with. Forget him finding you work, being polite or at all helpful, in fact, to stay here expect day light robbery, not to save a penny, to be verbally abused on an almost daily basis and generally taken advantage of. We all know how desperately we want that second visa, unfortunately so do they and they will rinse you for all your worth. Also expect the slowest internet you have ever experienced, cold showers, waiting over an hour to be picked up from work on top of hour long journeys back or being forgotten all together and cramped dorms.
  The ATL is a dirty backpacker motel. The owners dont have people skills and think about money. For example the kitchen tools (pan) was dirty and burned. After 2 months they decide to buy 2 more for 50 people. Hot water you can pray to finish work before the other. Another point, no matter if you are in a room of 10, 6, 4, 2 you will pay the same price ... depend how many hours you work in a week (less than 16 150$, 16-24 170, +25 190), totally abnormal, more you work more you pay, and trust me for a motel like that 10$/night will be too much. You get the motel bus to get on your farm (sometimes 2 hours go and 2 hours back because you have to do all the farms before). Good point the area is beautiful (volcanic lake, landscape), if you work full time its good, you can save money (max per hour 19$) and of course the atmosphere is nice between backpacker. You meet a lot of people, share the different products.
Disgusting place, nothing nice, full of bedbugs!
Worst Place ever!! The owners are absolute sh*t and the place is disgusting! Bedbugs, dirty bathrooms, dirty kitchen, smells, cramped space, there is nothing good about it!
Was excellent
I stayed at this hostel in 2006 from october till december, it was by far the best hostel i had stayed in my whole year in oz. met so many nice genuine people there, i see it has changed owners from vira and mike, they really knew how to run a hostel. what a pity it has went down hill since then.
(northern ireland)

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