Bundaberg Workers & Divers Hostel, Bundaberg
Bundaberg Workers & Divers Hostel, Bundaberg
Bundaberg Workers & Divers Hostel, Bundaberg
Bundaberg Workers & Divers Hostel, Bundaberg
Bundaberg Workers & Divers Hostel, Bundaberg
Bundaberg Workers & Divers Hostel, Bundaberg
Bundaberg Workers & Divers Hostel, Bundaberg
Bundaberg Workers & Divers Hostel, Bundaberg

Bundaberg Workers & Divers Hostel, Bundaberg (edit listing)


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Address: 64 Barolin Street, QLD, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

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Phone Number: +61 (7) 4151-6097

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

The hostel is ok

I stayed in Workers and Divers Hostel for 3 months. The owner Ian has a funny temper, but he really helps people he likes. If he says he's gonna find you work, he's gonna do it. He doesnt take people in if he doesnt have work for them. I had work all of these 3 months and it was a good work in packing shed. The transportation to work is included in the weekly rent and you dont have to pay for that extra. The hostel itself is quite old and the conditions vary a lot. If you stay in the main house, the conditions are not as good, but its better in the little houses around (called units). I didnt see any mice, rats or bedbugs during my stay and Ian takes bedbugs alarms seriously. The inhabitants are mainly people who cant speak english, so the social life could be quite boring. The bad thing is that its one of the most expensive working hostels in Bundy, but you have to pay extra for everything -- wifi, laundry, air conditioning, even blankets (but you will get the blanket deposit back after you leave). Some people have to buy a uniform for 100 dollars, the same thing in K-Mart costs like 20 bucks. Overall i can say, that the hostel was ok, the work quite good and the conditions better than in some other working hostels in Bundy. I can recommend that hostel.


Age 29, Estiona

If you can avoid it, do!

Dont let the manager Ian (who is the greediest man on the planet) know if your religious at all as he will start preaching at you at every moment possible and make you feel terrible if you don't attend bible studies on Fridays. The Library is a 7 min walk free wi fi and computers which you should book as there are only 6. Coles and the shopping centre is only 4 min walk (hungry jacks also has free 1 hour wifi). If there are jobs going in Bundy (which in itself is a boring little town) Ian will try get one for everyone. But as with all working hostels if the farm season is bad the jobs will be slow. You have to pay for everything here, washer dryer, wifi, a new 100 dollar charge to make sure you dont leave within 7 weeks. Transport is included. Atmosphere isnt great. I would stay at north side backpackers if I had to do it again. Rooms and linen also don't get cleaned at all. the kitchen does though. Oh and theres a bus to the beach in Bagara every week day and less on sat but not on sunday. Its a lovely beach!

Unhappy backpacker


Excellent friendly go out of their way to help! :)

Thank you so much Ian. I called the hostel, within 5 minutes the owner picked me and my partner up from the airport. Drove us all around town until he found us a room as his place was full. What a lovely helpful person. Will definitely be staying here as soon as a room becomes available. The owner is so helpful he is also going to help us find a car. What a legend!!! Thanks so much.




I had little option but to stay at this hostel for 3 months to do my regional work for my visa as i had ran out of time. From the moment i arrived i felt like i was in hell. The staff are extremely rude and unhelpful, the accommodation is appalling (shared a 2 bedroom dilapidated apartment with 9 others) we had one bathroom, no amenities, there were mice, rats, cockroaches, bedbugs everywhere, and management refused to do anything about it. Luckily i got work from the first day, but to get there we had to take busted up old minivans which constantly broke down on route to and from work (when this happened staff were reluctant to come help us, we could often be stuck on the side of the road for hours). A lot of the farms in Bundaberg treat backpackers like modern day slaves, we had to get used to being shouted at, often being grossly underpaid. Many people were fired for not working fast enough, so you had to push yourself to the limits just so you would have work the next day, this resulted in me developing a back problem, from the damage i done to it there. There was no social life, we were told if we went drinking without permission from management we would lose our jobs and be kicked out, this happened to many people during my time there. The price of staying at this hotel is more expensive than many of the top hostels in sydney, and yet management would throw in extra charges wherever they could, just to make an extra dollar out of us! On numerous occasion i had items stolen at the hostel, and when i reported it, i was told it was my problem not theirs. Do yourselves a favour and find another hostel, maybe even another town (as ive heard the others in Bundy are much the same). Say no to slave labour!



Dont go here!!! they will rip you off!!!

well me and boyfriend arrived in feb, he got work straight away but i had to wait ONE MONTH! it seems to be that if your a couple only one of you will get work!the vans that you have to take to work are an absolute disgrace and not road worthy at all, the doors dont close properly, there are no seatbelts, one of them has no 3rd gear and another one cuts out every time you slow down and also rarely hav fuel! they are not safe! rent is $190 a week which is a complete rip off, the place is dirty and the units are full of bedbugs, there are cameras EVERYWHERE and you are always being watched! the owner ian is a pig! he seems to hate girls and treats you like dirt until rent day comes along and he will take your hard earned money off you with a smile! there is no drinking in the hostel and if he catches you he will ring the police, let them watch you pack your bags and kick you out on the street in the middle of the night (trust me it happened to us)! unbelievable! the only good thing about our experience here is the great friends we made here but i would strongly recommend people to STAY AWAY FROM HERE!!!!!!!



This is an embarassment

I cannot believe that they are allowed to get away with the way they use people here. they pay you barely enough to cover accommodation. cameras and rules everywhere. PA system and they call you for nothing they use the Asian for cheap labour and this is the message that they are sending out around the world. Come to Australia, stay in places with no hot water and share your bed with bedbugs and then be ripped off for the experience. Escaping asap. the only Dive experience at this place is the place itself!



W & D

Workers and Divers Backpackers in Bundaberg is quite an experience! That is if you are interested in experiencing a bedbug, cockroach, and rodent infestation? I have a feeling the majority of the hostels in Bundaberg will have some of the same problems but one thing W&D has that others may not, is terrible management. I'm still not sure which is worse, being disrespected and treated like a pawn to your face, or behind your back? Personally, I'd rather deal with the manager who has no common decency or social skills, over the manager with the smile on his face, pretending to care about you're concerns or requests. The hostel is mostly owned and controlled by one of the local farmers who you will be paying about $195/wk and in return, usually receiving just enough pay for another weeks rent. Its a cruel cycle and quite a popularity contest. I'd say the only thing this hostel HAD going for it was the backpackers BUT since staying a month, the management had demonstrated several acts of prejudice and segregation. They obviously favor asian workers and have no problems showing it. The diversity of the workers was what made W&D a fun place to be, but now they seem to be more focused on making money off of you with as little resistance as possible. The less english you speak, the less of a chance you have to realize whats really going on the better! My suggestion -- Do not go to Workers and Divers Backpackers Hostel!




I spend a really great time in Bundy. I left just 2 days ago and I already miss that place so much! The hostel it's pretty simple but you can find everything you need. the people who leave there make the hostel special! Management it's pretty cool as well! I would like to say thank you to every one especially to Joe a really nice and polite person! He always try all of his best to make comfortable and peaceful to everyone. I can't forget for all my life the awesome and wicked experience I had in this hostel! Thank you so much for everything you really make my life happy during I was there! I would like one day before leave the country to go back in a hostel for have another great time. I recommend Worker and Divers Hostel to everyone. You really will like it!



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Size: Medium (30-60 beds)