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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Federal Backpackers" at 221 Bourbong Street.)


221 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
-24.866736, 152.345309 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 4153-3711
+61 (7) 4151-0266
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Shit hole
very pricy for what it is -- 220 dollars pp per week for a double room (i think there's just one in the hostel), 210 dollars for a dorm. dirty (found a cockroach, some kind of rat poo). old. small kitchen, people don't even try to keep it clean. 90+ people in the hostel, loud specially in the week end. 4 showers 2 toilets for girls, 3 showers and 3 toilets for guys. not hygienic. hard to get a room like everywhere else in Bundy, hard to get a job as you are on a long waiting list. wifi -- have to ask for a ticket with a code. but nice staff, owners too; good location.
Age 28, UK
I come to Bundaberg and I stay in federal hostel. I pay 190 dollars for stay in the bad room. really cold. they dont find a job to me. Restroom really really bad.
Age 23, italy
Federal family ... best family ever!!
If heading to federal, do not expect the ritz. But do expect memories that will last a lifetime, good and bad. I arrived already knowing that it had a reputation for not being the cleanest so this i was prepared for. after getting over the intial shock of the tv room, which i actually came to appreciate as you could read everyones survival stories so you knew you could make it too!! (which sadly has been painted over now). I was on the waiting list two weeks and had a full time job throughout my stay, rent is the same as any other hostel. I did have a shock with the mouse that was in our room but looking back its a story and a half. The federal family are one of a kind and you get so close to each other its crazy always in the beer garden, at the park or at the local club on a saturday night. Its crazy how quickly this place becomes home and i am a girly girl who likes clean as did many of the girls there at the time, but the dirt and hard work just made us all that much closer. So in all honestly id say this hostel isnt for the faint hearted but if you can stand a little dirt its totally worth it and you will 100% meet amazing people.
Age 26, British
Discraceful. They lure you with work and make you live like a dog.
Overall its a wiast of time coming to bundburge, they lure you with prospects of work but when you get there its a sh*t hole. They charge a large amount of money to stay, then if your lucky put you on the work roster. Even if you get lucky enough to get full time work in the farm and its real hard work, you have to deal with days off because of rain or something. You can expect when full time on farm work to get between 300 and 400 a week pay. give and take this and that. then you have to pay your backpackers out of that, So as you can see you can save nothing.
Leave fast!
Horrible! dirty and bedbugs in all the beds!
A worldy experience
well where to begin. Fedral backpackers is probably the best place in Bundy! it was one of my favorite times spent in Australia. Its old, dirty, small kitchen and a hardly working tv. But heck who cares about all this! the beer garden is amazing the staff are wonderful work is available and most of all the wonderful people u will meet here! i love Federal Backpackers, will never forget it and all the memories made here, so do the right thing, GO TO FEDERAL!
What a dump
when i first arrived in federal i thought holy sh*t where am i?? and then i realised it was as bad as it looks!! the kitchen is never clean, some nights you finish work at half eight and by the time you get home you cant get your food out of the fridge as its locked at nine o clock every night!! I was woken one night by a mouse in my bed and when we eventually left we found the mouse in one of our bags!!! this place is disgusting and i highly recommend that nobody go here!! the place needs to be shut down!! the people there are lovely and you make friends but you can do that anywhere!! the staff are all ignorant f**ks that dont feel like they need to answer questions as if your troubling them!!
'The Bundaberg Trap'
What a waste of $1000. Basically we spoke to Belinda about 5 times over 3 months and she told us that the beginning of march to april would be the time when it got busy and there would be loads of work. The last time I spoke to her before we flew to Brisbane and then got the 7 hour greyhound there Belinda said she had 'a few people on hold', this was a total lie. When we actually got there and checked in we had a little look around and there were the work sheets from each day pinned up on the wall from the past weeks. We could see that there was a lot more than a few people on hold. The particular day we got there 23 people were working and 28 people were on hold, to me that is a lot more than just a few. I looked over the past weeks and it was exactly the same each day so you could easily analyse the statistical data. Basically they get your there and get you enough work to pay your rent and a little money for food which is clearly 'the Bundaberg trap'. There is no way of saving to do any more traveling because these guys control who gets the work and how often you work, You are just working to stay in the filthy hole, reinvest it into a run down hostel and pay the high lives of the people who run it. We wasted between $800 - $1000 because there was two of us and after 3 hours we got the Greyhound back down the same night. I just hope this helps because its horrible to have to work to save up enough to go somewhere and it being a total waste.

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