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Kex Hostel Reviews

A great place to kick off your Iceland trip

This is a very comfortable high-volume hostel. They organize their dorms well, have a great kitchen, and a bar. They have many bathroom/shower options, one of which is a locker room style shower room. Water pressure is good and warm. They also have someone to help organize activities for you if you want to take part. The bar is open to the public so you get all sorts of people attending. It's a great place to meet people and socialize.

Age 31 | USA

Great atmosphere and customer service

I stayed a handful of hostels in Iceland -- and also checked out a couple of rival hostels in Reykjavik-- and Kex has, hands down, the best ambiance. The theme of the hostels is somewhat reminiscent of 50's Vegas. The hostel resides inside of a former cookie factor, hex, and hence the name. There are about three floors. The first floor has reception, a bar, a kitchen, and several lounges. The rooms are on the second and third floor. Each floor has two corridors -- one corridor having all the private dorms and the other corridor having all the mixed 6 bed or 10 bed dorms. Both the second and third floor have their own kitchens. Bathrooms and showers were never a problem when I stayed at Kex (note that they are both common and private showers albeit at different locations). The Reception staff is also very friendly and knowledgeable. They helped me locate a local camera store. They also helped me contact my tour agency Reykjavik Excursions, when the bus driver forgot to pick me and others up from Kex Hostel. They got Reykjavik Excursions to send us a private bus and give us complimentary Northern Lights tour for our troubles. Overall, definitely at the top of my hostel list.

Sunny M.
Age 25 | United States


They are fantastic.

Age 32 | Portugal

Professional hostel, amazing food.

I had a great stay at this hostel. The main thing that surprised me was how good the food was. I had some of the freshest, best fish I've ever tasted.

Age 24 | USA


Loved the focus on detail in every corner of this hostel!

Age 31 | Sweden

Great location & entertainment!

Kex is an excellent hostel. A great location, clean rooms and bathrooms, a nice bar/restaurant with a great view and evening jazz concerts make this an exceptional place to stay. The only reason I do not give them a highest rating is I do not like the fact that the linen rental and breakfast is extra. Online they appear to be a great value and they are, but once you add linen and breakfast you get a better comparison with their competitors offering all inclusive services and they are not the cheapest. So if you are on a tight budget just make sure to bring your own sleeping bag and self cater. I would stay there again.

Age 50 | USA

KEX Hostel is a fancy, vintage hostel built on the facilities of an old cookie factory facing the sea in Reykjavik. That should be already enough to attract a lot of people, but there are many other nice features to make this hostel a very pleasant place.

The Location

It is located facing the sea, only four hundred meters far from the new conference center and concert venue and three hundred meters away from Laugavegur, the street where you can find supermarkets, many different types of restaurants, and pubs. The main church is also within walking distance, around six hundred meters. Reykjavik is surprisingly spread around, despite its small population size. But the main attractions are all near this hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are spread among three different floors, and a wide range of room configurations is available, from single room up to fourteen people! Beds are new, mattresses are in good condition. Linen is given to you personally, so you know it's clean. There are lockers in every room, but you should bring your own lock. Lockers are tall but thin, so don't expect to put your trolley inside it.

Bathrooms are a downside of this hostel. Although there are even lockers in the bathrooms, and a reasonable amount of showers and toilets, showers are not isolated, so it's like a military facility. The idea seems to be in order to keep this vintage atmosphere, but during winter it might be difficult to keep the temperature of such a big room. Moreover, there is no space to stop shampoos, soaps and the like. This can be improved.

Common Spaces

A highlight of this hostel is the common spaces. There is a big pub/restaurant on the reception floor, which is also visited by locals, so it gets crowded almost every evening. There is a reasonable amount of food and drink options in the pub, and the atmosphere is unbeatable. Furthermore, there is a vintage workout place, which is really cool to see. And there is a vintage barber shop, which doesn't seem to be used often -- but it's there. Hundreds of books are in the living room, in several languages and about many different subjects. Travel guides are available, too. A big kitchen is available at the third floor, for those who prefer to cook their own food. Fridges, microwave oven, and all the accessories needed are provided.


The constant positive evaluations that this hostel gets are not by chance. A very sympathetic staff, a very good location, and an excellent cost-benefit ratio make this hostel one of the very best we have ever been in. And of course, the uniqueness and beauty of Iceland contribute for an unforgettable experience.

Vinicius Tragante

Kex Hostel is one of Reykjaviks newest hostels and probably one of the quirkiest hostels in the world -- they have spent a lot of time and effort making sure that every space has some interesting theme behind it.

The Location

Kex Hostel is well located to see everything Reykjavik has to offer. It is on a waterfront road so you can walk right out the front door and have marvelous views across the fjord. It is also really easy to get to and from both the domestic and international airport as the Hlemmur bus station is just around the corner and from here you can catch the 15 bus to either the domestic airport or the BSI terminal where you can catch the flybus to the International Airport or buses to the rest of Iceland. You can also get a pick-up for just a bit more from the Kex Hostel that will save you lugging your stuff.

Most of Reykjaviks sights are also accessible on foot from Kex so there is no need to spend money on buses. There is also quite a bit of parking around, so if you have a car it is a great place to stay.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Kex offers a range of different sized dorm rooms from four- to fourteen-bed as well as private quad, double, and single rooms with shared WC and double with ensuite. The big dorm is really spacious and spread out and the beds are quite comfortable. You will have to bring a sleeping bag or pay for linen though. The rooms also have school-style lockers that come with their own key, which is very handy but it seems that a lot of keys are missing as there were not enough available for everyone in the room. A keycard will give you access to your room as well as the rest of the floor. The rooms also have some interesting framed pictures on the walls as well.

The bathrooms cover the entire length of the building on one side, which means you never really have to wait for a toilet. There are fewer showers though with just two individual rooms with showers and two single-sex, communal shower rooms, which could make many people uncomfortable but will prepare you for the pre-showering at any Icelandic public pool. They also have a sort of prison vibe to them as the walls around the showers are concrete painted black. There are quite a few hooks in the showers, so you shouldnt have any problems keeping your towel dry, but you will be changing in front of everyone if you are in the communal shower.

Common Spaces

The common spaces in Kex have been well thought out and decorated. Upstairs on the accommodation level you have a big kitchen with a carousel theme (complete with horses hanging from the ceiling) with plenty of seating and microwave, oven, and stove top so it is really simple to cook your own meals. You also have a lounge space on this floor with super comfy leather couches.

On the lower level you have the bar and restaurant, which seems to have become a favorite with locals and is always full of people as well as being used frequently for many of Reykjaviks many festivals. It has a great-looking outdoor patio area here too. You also have another lounge area here as well as a gym room filled with boxing bags and gymnastic equipment.

These spaces mean you have the option of mingling with locals and travelers in the bar or you can retreat to the quieter spaces upstairs to cook or relax. Kex also offers free Wi-Fi, which is available in the common rooms, and luggage storage. And reception will also assist you with booking any tours or buses around Iceland.


Kex is a great hostel that has a room to suit every budget and is a great place to meet other travelers as well as locals. And it is worth a look just to see how much effort has gone in to decorating every space.


Kex Hostel Reviews from the Web

Superb location, very central and easy to access. The bar / restaurant has a nice chilled vibe & a good selection of drinks & pizzas. Staff are really helpful and can organise trips & transfers easily! Would definitely recommend :)


Nice place, would go again


The doors are horrible! Its hard to avoid noiseful closing and they squeeze awfully. Disturbs sleep in the dormitories badly. Could be taken care of easily with some oil and rubber.


Best service. I am highly recommend you.


Absolutely classic bustling European-style hostel in Reykjavik. Totally clean and everything was very functional. Stayed in an all-girls room and made friends in the common areas. The food and drink at the bar in the hostel is a decent deal and very convenient. Staff was friendly and kind. They had love music one night I was there. If you're sensitive to noise or need and early night I recommend earplugs (provided for free at the reception desk)


I liked the fact that reception was open 24/7. The restaurant and bar were pretty nice and the location is good. Pretty overpriced for a punk bed room, there was no privacy in the room and during the night someone was always coming or going so it was kinda hard to sleep.


Great Hostel ! Not too expansive to sleep, to buy food or drinks ! Really nice place to go during your vacation !


I was a solo female traveler, and KEX was a great place to land. The staff was super helpful, and every day, I saw someone cleaning the rooms, bathrooms, and other facilities. The key card access and lockers gave me a sense of security, as well.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and the ability to grab breakfast, pizza, and a drink down in the bar area. Breakfast, especially, was super convenient for my early morning excursions.

Overall, very much enjoyed my stay!


Just unique! When arriving you have the feeling that are getting into a dive: industrial building, black facade and airtight door. As soon as you enter, very cozy feeling, mixture of bohemian and intellectual. Decoration taken care of to the maximum in unique vintage style. A Dj mixing with vinyl record decks!

Several spaces to relax, cook, eat, read, play chess, have a drink;, sofas to chat and room to play darts and even a piano! A must to visit the bar, even if it isn't your accomodation.


The bathrooms were constantly dirty. No matter at what point in the day I went to use them there was always hair and soapy scum all over the floors. There was so much uncleaned hair in the shower drain that the water would rise up which is gross when you are sharing a shower with strangers.


Was a great Hostel. They need to figure out something for the doors in the rooms - they slam shut constantly every few minutes and it is very difficult to sleep.

Bar/Restaurant is awesome and so is the area, easy access to everything and only a 15 min walk to get hotdogs


Fabulous retro game room decor and attentive staff in the bar and kitchen. Friendly vibe among guests. Exceptionally clean and spacious showers/WC's and common areas. Great beer at good prices.


My friend and I had to book a private room at an obnoxious price (~$280/night) and guess what? The bathroom in our stank horribly! It started somewhere at night and we both were exhausted and only noticed when we woke up in the AM. I don't understand why this place is so highly rated. Their facilities are old and poorly maintained, it's a 10 minute walk from where the action is, and prices are crazy. Go check out the new HI-Loft hostel which is clean, modern and right in the middle of everything


A great place for a couple of days in the city!


Without a doubt the coolest-looking hostel I have ever seen. The bar space is especially awesome. It's a big and busy place, which has its downsides for security - there's always people coming and going, and it would be easy for an intruder to just tailgate into the guest floors. Also the bathrooms are shared by a lot of people, although they did a good job of trying to keep them clean. The men's showers were communal style (think gym class showers), not individual stalls.


Great location, friendly helpful staff, really good facilities (functioning kitchen, private bathrooms along the corridor)- that were clean. Felt safe on my own as a female in a 8beded mixed dorm. There was the option of a locker (bring little pad lock, hostel may sell them not sure) but I felt safe in leaving my things by my bed. Parking isnt included- but theres a small car park out front that only charges at set times. The hostel has a great atmosphere and decor. Would definitely recommend


Great staff, awesome location, cool environment. I only had a night here, but I will be back for longer when I return to really tour Iceland. Thank you!


My stay in the hostel was pleasant. I can recommend it to other travelers.


Coolest hostel I stayed in while in Iceland. Good drinks and music downstairs, they had a concert one of the nights I stayed. Serve good pizza at the bar but no other food. Shared showers, other hostels had private showers and toilets. The main negative is that the lockers didn't lock, you can ask for padlocks at reception to secure the lockers but they had none when I asked.


Everyone was super nice and happy to help and the events put on every day in the restaurant were a blast.



KEX. It's the Icelandic word for 'biscuit' and new social hostel in Reykjavik. What's not to love?

Housed in an old biscuit factory in the heart of Reykjavik, KEX is just steps from all the bars, clubs, and music venues that give this city its legendary reputation. It's also a painless distance from late-night munchies and a mind-boggling array of coffee houses, shops, and tourist attractions.

Of course, you might not even want to venture outside of the hostel with all its features, including a café and bar, lounge area, heated outdoor patio, tourist information desk and free Wi-Fi.

In addition to our dormitory rooms we offer three different double rooms.
The Double Plus has one double bed, a private bathroom, linens and towels and a fantastic seaside view.
The Double Standard has one double bed (of the most clever convertible design in case you get tired of being so close to your travel partner), shared bathrooms, linens and towels and - if you are lucky - the same fantastic view.
The Twin Private has two single beds, linens and towels and a better-than-average chance of making your friends back home quite jealous indeed.

Ladies - for your comfort and peace-of-mind, we offer female-only dorms. If you would prefer to reserve a bed in such a dorm, please make sure to do so directly from the reservation window. If none are available, you are welcome to contact us after booking to double-check.

Families - a few of our four-bed dorms are equipped with bunk beds which can be pushed together to form what we like to call a double bunk bed. This has Mom and Dad on the bottom and kids on top. Baby cribs are also available to families traveling with a diaper bag. Please be sure to contact us after booking in order to arrange for this type of room. Space is limited, and family rooms are reserved on a first-come basis.

Children under the age of 3 stay for free and children under 12 pay 50%. The same is true for many of the excursions which can be booked directly from the hostel reception.

Two guest kitchenettes facilities are also available. And with a variety of rooms for up to 200 guests, you'll have no problem meeting interesting new travel buddies from exotic places.

Our hostel just oozes personality and soul, just like our guests. Every piece of decor has a story to tell. Using salvaged materials and found objects from various sources, the design is an organic concept blending Iceland's past with a modern, international twist. The raw industrial spaces and vintage furnishings combine to give it a homey, eclectic feel.

With the affordable nightly rates, you´ll still have enough cash left over to enjoy a few pints of Viking beer or sample some local delicacies like hákarl‎ and brennivín.

We're located in the centre of Reykjavik with a view across the bay to Mt. Esja. The old factory that houses KEX is also home to studios of various artists, dancers, and fashion designers. We're within an easy walking distance to the city's interesting nightlife, restaurants, shopping streets, cultural attractions and other points of interest in the city centre. To reach those places a little further afield, the hostel is well connected to the city's public bus system.

Please note that children under 16 cannot stay in shared dorms. Children over 16 years of age can stay in shared dorms when travelling with a guardian.

Bed linen is not included in the online rates but is available for 1.100 ISK per person per stay.

Children under the age of 3 stay for free and children under 12 pay 50%. The same is true for many of the excursions which can be booked directly from the hostel reception. Please note that there is a mandatory linen fee of 1.100 ISK per person per stay.
Lockers are available to secure your valuables. Bring a lock or buy one from us.

Check-in is from 15:00
Reception is open 24/7

Location and Contact


• Most of you will be arriving from the International airport. Getting to KEX is a piece of cake.
• Both Airport express and Flybus takes you from Keflavík international Airport to the hostel via their Bus Terminal in central Reykjavík. The driver will advise you of any transfers you may need to make.
• If you are already in the city, there are also a number of city busses that stop just a few meters from the hostel’s entrance. The city’s main bus station, Hlemmur, is about a 2 minute walk from the hostel.



Address: Skúlagata 28, Reykjavík (Reykjavik), Capital Region, Iceland

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Website Kex Hostel Reykjavík
Phone Number: +354 561 6060
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Facilities and Amenities

Digital Nomads

Party Hostel

Solo Traveller

Luggage Storage


Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

Airport Pickup


Bike Rental

City Tours

Lockers in Lobby


24 Hour Security


Board Games

Book Collection/Exchange

Clothes Dryer

Concierge/Info Desk

Credit Card Payments

Entirely Non-Smoking


Gym/Fitness Room

Hair Dryers

Hot Showers



Lounge Area

Meeting/Banquet facilities

Movie Library/Rental

Swimming Pool

Wheelchair Accessible

Service Animals

Checkout: 10:00 (10 AM)

Maximum Stay: Unlimited

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: 24 Hours

Size: Very Large (100+ beds)


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