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The Miami Hostel is a medium-sized hostel with a pretty chilled vibe. Unusually for a hostel, at check in, you are given a brand new soap to keep and a towel for the duration of your stay. The twenty-four-hour reception desk is very generous with their towels. When we mentioned that we were going to the beach, we were lent more towels for free and didn't have to leave bond money or ID for them. For a fee, you can sign up here for tours or club night out.

The Location

From the street, this hostel is represented by just one door but there is a clear sign above it. The hostel is right next to The MB Liquor Store, which has a more noticeable frontage. It is easy to find, as it's on Alton Road and Eighth Street -- both roads are long and therefore shown on all the maps of South Beach. There are a few businesses further along the street like Ross, Walgreens, and Burger King.

It is located about eight blocks from the beach. The walk takes maybe fifteen minutes and is a straight and easy route. For a reasonable price, the "S" bus travels from the downtown bus station on the mainland, stops right outside the hostel, and then on to other popular parts of South Beach, like Lincoln Road. The Miami Beach Airport Flyer bus comes from the airport and stops a few streets away (beware, it does not accept cents).

Rooms and Bathrooms

This hostel offers mixed and female dorms for six, eight, ten, or twelve people. We have knowledge of the ten-bed dorm, which is quite spacious but does not provide any furniture besides beds and a long mirror. The lockers are not large enough to store big cases and you must use your own padlock. There are two lights -- one for each half of the room.

There is a ceiling fan, which can make the nearest upper bunks feel very cold. The fan can be turned off if you are able to find the switch (it looks like a light switch on the wall). The pillows and mattresses make a noise when you move because they are covered in plastic.

This room has only one bathroom, which is not enough. This contains one large shower, a toilet, sink, and free hairdryer. The toilet seat moves as you sit down and there are no public bathrooms elsewhere in the hostel. (There is a Publix supermarket just down the street with public toilets, which can prove useful.) It would be nice to have some shelves in the bathroom. We find that the towel rail is constantly in use to dry out bikinis! On the plus side, it is kept pretty clean, considering so many people are using it.

Common Spaces

A lot of the socialising takes place in an outdoor area, to which the ground floor dorms open out on. This is also a smoking area! This often means you have to get through a crowd to reach your room and the noise and smell of smoke can reach through your bedroom door. Wi-Fi in the room is weak but fine outside it. There is no "comfy lounge," but there is a breakfast room with lots of tables and chairs, television, and three free computers. The hot tub is generally covered up and you must shower before you use it. If you are feeling competitive, there is a foosball table as well as pool.

The clean kitchen is modern and fitted with microwave and oven. It is possible to cook your own meals as it is closed for only an hour per day. It only seems to be equipped with paper plates and plastic cutlery but you get used to it. In the morning, you can pick up a free breakfast at reception provided in a paper bag! This contains a bagel and a helping of jam, butter, and cheese spread; it's delicious, but maybe not enough for a big guy. The free Saturday BBQ has a long queue and there is no vegetarian option.


This hostel is very sociable and fine for a few days. It is not terrible but not amazing. We found it unsettling when a member of staff used our room as a short cut. They opened a door at the back of the room and walked all the way through to the other door to exit. It's not very respectful. The rooms could use some little improvements. Perhaps a smaller or upper floor dorm would be a better choice if you are a guest. As there are so many other options in South Beach, we would probably try a different one next time.
by Charli Staff Reviewer
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Street Entrance - front of hostel.
Social area, fusball, reception
10 bed dorm


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Miami Hostel" at 810 Alton Road, #10.)


810 Alton Road, #10, Miami Beach (Coral Gables), Florida, USA
25.778514, -80.141225 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 305 535 0089
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Rude and mean manager!
I was expecting to have a good time at the place and go out with lots of people, but it turned into a pain and even resentment. I couldn't sleep in the bed-ridden bed they provided me so I stayed up the whole night in the lounge. In the morning I asked the staff to switch rooms, and it turned into me getting kicked out of the hostel. No reason. They just discriminated against me. It was Memorial Day weekend so I was stranded a little. I don't recommend this place to travelers with money or style, cause he taints it the entire stay.
Age 34
Room bookings were not guaranteed together
When we checked in, the guy at the front wasn't very nice or welcoming. Also we booked a room together (2 of us) and we were put in separate rooms. If I had known this then I wouldn't have booked at this hostel. It's honestly ridiculous and I've never experienced this at a hostel before -- and I have traveled and stayed in hostels for many years in many countries. The rooms were clean but worn down, and the lobby and street noise were interruptive to our sleep. I would not stay here again and I don't recommend that others do. The one thing I will say is that there was a different guy checking us out and he was helpful, and he booked us a taxi at 5am and was friendly to us.
Age 27, Canada
Relaxed Party-Hostel
the miami hostel is nice and clean and good value for your stay in miami. People who work there are nice and helpful, the breakfast is a toasted bagel with cream cheese and jam + coffee or ice tea. Kitchen is very well equipped. They have free rental of beach towels, are right next to a liquor store, a laundry self service and a wholefoods. They have a free all you can eat barbecue on saturdays and daily club tours if you want. We didn't go to clubs and didn't find it noisy at night except for when the people come home. For girls i would recommend to stay in a girls-only dorm.
Age 26, Germany
Great socializing setup
This place is a fantastic spot for anyone wanting to come and meet a few people. We stayed for 3 nights and had great sleeps in the dorm while not far outside we're plenty of travelers drinking away with tunes on, cheap to drink too because they allow outside alcohol in from the liquor store next door!! Shower wasn't amazing and the plastic sheets are an interesting choice -- I'm sure to keep the place clean when it gets crazy which I'm sure it does at times! Kitchen is fantastic for cooking too however breakfast was just a bagel ...
Matt & Brooke
Age 24, Australian
Great Hostel
This is my 3rd visit to Miami and I have always stayed at miami Hostel. The staff is nice and informative, the other guest are usually really cool and the place is pretty clean and quiet after midnight. I highly recommend this place.
Fun atmosphere & cool location, not so great for sleep
This is an affordable party hostel -- the festivities can go pretty late. As long as you are cool with that, you should be happy with it. Rooms are dark and Spartan. My set of roommates changed frequently. bathroom was worn out. the sink was quite loose from the wall- that got fixed up on my final day at the hostel. key cards seemed to be unreliable, with 50% odds of working, or needing to be reprogrammed again at front desk. Lockers are small -- there are two per bed, which can be used for valuables as majority of modest sized luggage won't fit. some beds/pillows had plastic sheets which make a lot of noise. First set of sheets I was issued had some stains. Environment is worn out, but maids do clean up daily. Was around low end of what I can tolerate for cleanliness(with some forgiveness when factoring for low price). location is walking distance to south beach venues, but immediate neighborhood is lower income residential. a few times, I felt a bit wary of surroundings, but didn't hear any horror stories. Free breakfast ration of a bagel with various options for spreads. complimentary coffee and iced tea at all hours is nice. bar area allows folks to drink their own beverages in lounge atmosphere at all hours. YouTube based songs tend to be piped in from the office. pool table is a popular part of bar. the foosball table is in rough shape and not level(tilted and has hills/valleys). If both foos & pool are playing, space gets tight. each night a trip to a local club/bar is arranged with an up front cover fee, typically going at 11pm. They operate with a small recurring handful of places. The cover charge seems to be more than bars require (commission for organizer?). desk staff was consistently friendly and professional. beach towels and linens are free to use -- they don't nickel and dime guests, where some other hostels in this price range sometimes do. I found that I wasn't able to get much sleep during my three day stay, due to late night music in the common area outside room, very late drunk arrivals bumbling to their beds, and very early checkouts in mornings. If partying and low price for a basic crash pad are more important factors, a higher rating makes more sense. things which would boost my rating -- clean & quiet fabric bed linens -- get rid of the plastics; noise mitigation from courtyard/better scheduling of room changes to avoid too many very early morning checkouts.
Best hostel i ever stayed at!
awesome hostel! u get everything u want and even more for a very small price! the staff is very friendly, dorms are clean, good location, free breakfast, nice hostel-bar, free towels for the beach and JACUZZI! u pay almost nothing.
Perfect hostel
The Miami Hostel is one of the best hostels iv'e ever been in. Its 10 mins walking from the beach, and everything you need youll find around. The staff is friendly and great people. The hostel is always clean, the kitchen is useful, the breakfast is great and everything is fairly priced. Hope to be there again.

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