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Olympos, Antalya, Turkey
36.391993, 30.470023 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+90 (0242) 892 12 50
+90 (0242) 892 11 10
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Perfect Place
Well, i am staying at Kadir's rigth now. It seems like many things happened here in summer time. Now me and bunch of travelers, sitting by the old school heater and enjoying the moment. Place is quite amazing, rooms are very nice and clean. Staff here is very friendly . Nature is great. you shold try in winter time.
Kelly Newman
I had stayed in Kadir's Tree House for 3 nights in the month of July of 2011 and I have to say it was quite disappointing. I would never recommend this place to anybody however Olympus is quite beautiful area , beach is beautiful and history in the area is quite amazing. In Olympus I had found more comfortable, safer and cheaper places to stay then Kadir's Tree House during my navigation in the area. Here is why I would not recommend Kadir's Tree House. 1. Night life -- Before we made the reservation, we were told there is a disco bar in Kadir's Tree House however all the fun was until 10 pm. All lights in the resort turned off at 10 pm and you are literally force to go to sleep or maybe take a walk on the Olympus Way where it leads you to the beach. All lights except the light in your room was turned off by staff. We were told that they are turning off all the lights because of some orders received by Olympus Military??? I was confused if I was in a Military base or a vocation resort. 2. Room Conditions -- When we were in Kadir's Tree House, Our sheets got never changed, beds never made and bath towers ... well there was no tower in the room so you have to bring your own tower or need to buy from a nearby store in overpriced. if you want to take shower bring your shampoo as well. Hot water in the shower was also interesting as hot water was either gradually getting hot or cold, never stayed in same temperature so one of my hand was on the shower knob and other hand on the shampoo trying to adjust water temperate. No housekeeper visited the room during our stay. In the third night of my stay, I had multiple insect bites where I had to get it treated. One of inspect bite was about 4 mm in diameter in my leg which I had no idea what type of insect could do that. It has been tree months and the scar is still there. 3. Distance to Beach -- Kadir's Tree House is the longest distance to the Olympus beach. It is about 30 minutes walk or you have to wait for free shuttle which works twice per day and they are not % accurate. Walking is nice but sometime I am too lazy to walk for 30 minutes and had to wait for shuttle and time to time, I had to wait for hours. 4. Safety -- When I was in Kadir's Tree House, steps to go to tree houses were already cracked and some of them was broken. I was feeling not safe while I was trying to go to my room up to tree and apparently there is not a regular maintenance guy kept in the resort because broken pieces on the steps where still there. I was careful not to step on cracked pieces while I was going up. If someone steps on one of the weak spots by accident, they could fall all the way down and got seriously insured and there is no doctor available in the resort. 5. Privacy -- I heard that the Kadir's Tree House once got flooded and at another time, it burned down. So, they re-build tree houses in an inexpensive way where you can clearly hear guests conversations, laughing, footsteps, even their snores during sleep. If you expect privacy in your room, well don't expect that in Kadir's Tree House. 6. Fishing Trip -- Kadir himself offers a fishing trip to his guest with $30 per trip and it takes about 6-8 hours. This is where I got to know Kadir better and how he treats his guests. Kadir is a control freak. talks smacks, a fat, old guy. He decides whom you should have chat in the boat and what you should do and what you should not. He even tells you where you should stay in the boat and how you should talk. I understand there should be some regulations in the boat for people's safety but when it comes to control peoples freedom for simple stuff like talking with people, walking in the boat etc., that is where he should stop. Remember, this was a paid trip. We were total of 8 people in this fishing trip, and I felt about very stressful for entire trip about controlling my behaviors. He was acting crazy and crazy people are not predictable. One of the guest told me that, we should do what he says, otherwise, he might throw us to sea. That was scary so I pretty much shut my mouth, and stay in one location of the boat for entire fishing trip. Many people in the boat got sick and many of us cough one fish or none in so called fishing highly populated fishing area which took 2 hours to get there and 2 hours to come back. Kadir's Fishing Trip was total waste of time, money and absolutely demoralizing.
Verry wooden! both noisy and tranquil at same time. Great place
I kind of stayed here for 3 nights 19-21st September 2009 and had a blast. My first night was the last night of Ramadan so the Turks were in a rocking mood and the all wooden upstairs nightclub moved -- literally! almost impossible for a blind person like myself to navigate what with the open spaces and uneven surfaces, it was a challenge, attempting to find my way from treehouse, toilets, and back again!! However, with friendly, helpful people in abundance, this problem was soon overcome. Waking up in the early hours to a clean cold air and finding yourself surrounded by the picture and sound of beauty is breathtaking and magical. The treehouses are unique and if you happen to get one to yourself like I did, then there are opportunities for so many happenings!! Nightlife, volleyball, or relaxation, whatever your fancy. Rock climbing to watersports, it is all available. And what with the night excursion up 800 metres, 240 feet hike up to the Olympus flames of magic and a pebbled beach stretching into the warming Med Sea at the end of an interesting if somewhat challenging walk surrounded by mountains and ruins to occupy one in the day, what else is there to do, but come stay and fall in love!
Tony Giles
A Traveler's Mecca!
Kadir's is a place so awesome that you almost can't describe it! I stayed there for only one night in August 2005 but would love to go back there for longer! They have the most friendly staff (a few Aussies too) who really make you feel welcome from the start. Meals are included which are buffet style -- really great food. The bungalows are big and airy and the reception offered to hold onto a few valuables we had. There's heaps of activities to do from here - if you get the chance you have to do a Blue Cruise to Fethiye! The bars are great -- cheap Efes and heaps of people from around the world to chat to.
  it definitely is the best. it burned down at the beginning of 2007 but the owner and many helpers managed to rebuild it entirely. it is very unique, absolutely clean and pretty rooms and bathrooms, and friendly staff who helps with everything you want. Kadirs is relaxed and the decor is gorgeous.
  I had a Blast. Great place to meet people and have a great time. You also get to relax and not worry about a thing in the world.
Abdul A. Sen
  I stayed here in 2004 April with five friends and I can say that this place is more than somewhere for accommodation. This place is in the middle of nature and has a great atmosphere with friendly staff. The best part of Kadir's Tree House was drinking beer at "Happy Hour." There is a bar called Bull, and we enjoyed the music there. Food was great, breakfast and dinner was included in the price and we could eat till we were full. The only negative comment I can give is that this place is a little far from sea. You have to take a 15-minute walk. I stayed in another place in Olympos and I can say Kadir's is the best one there.

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