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48A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
-33.874021, 151.223665 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (2) 9357-2255
+61 (2) 9358-2205
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Bedbugs, dirty, cockroach
so many bedbugs, dirty, unclean, noisy. the hostal doesn't do much for cockroaches or bedbugs, the hostel's policy is as it goes "take the cash and forget about the rest." free bread, but old dated bread, if you like mildew. cheap free rice tastes like something from an old stock of rice from a few years ago. No 24 hour reception, wifi is super slow with a limit, a dirty place. sleep well with bedbugs and cockroaches, beds are old, my bed with my roommates were dirty plus some bed looked like they where urine stained. Dried blood stains on the bed sheets, bedbugs most likely drained the last person who slept on them. noisy place as well, kitchen is small, not enough stoves, old pots and pans.
Age 30, Holland
Poor and rude service, it's cheap for a reason.
Well after staying there for a few weeks I had enough, I agree with Mark, the kitchen needs a major facelift, like the stoves " oh my god only two work ''just." And the owner is real moody like he has pms or something. An example of him being weird, I am with my girl friend, well I get home to discover my blanket is gone, yeah we paid each to have a blanket as well he thinks other wise, it's just what ever suits him really, really if you are not Korean you got less rights.The kitchen again well you will have to wait ages to cook, it is dirty, the rooms smell, had bedbugs, some cockroaches yucky and when we first got there, we first stayed for 3 nights and yeah that way you can get the free shuttle bus, he will pay it, ha ha he had to pay the 12 bucks times two, he didn't like it, but hey no our fault, ah we should have gone after the 3rd night but yeah we just got here, looking for work like everybody else. Honestly people look else where near central or down the road in kings cross, not on the main street as it is crazy here. Word to the wise stay away from this place as it will save you a headache or two.
  Yeah the kitchen is over crowded, needs more stoves, pots & pans need replacing, when I was there I could hardly cook my meals, and the stoves that worked well let me tell you it took so long to cook, one microwave that takes a beating, people keep on putting metal pots, forks, and spoons in it, don't think it is to healthy to cook in. Well that was last year back in 2010, but I did stay there for a while so chances of a major change, well I think not, but yeah that's why it's cheap. The plus is free bread and rice, get in quick because people just gobble it up, the owner is cool but just don't piss him off, he's cool but respect goes both ways, he's fair, Cool guy. Rooms are fairly clean, friendly people, good vibe. try to get a room on the far side of the Hostel, as the street side is noisy on Friday and Saturday.
(new zealand)
  Ok rooms, but that's all. The bathroom was just scary! There was a leak in the pipe above out toilet, and water from the toilet above us was dripping in our heads while using it. No shower curtain, and no possibility of closing the bathroom window, so people in the building next door could see just about everything. We also had cockroaches in the bathroom. Funny thing! Behind the bed in my room (on the same floor as the reception) there was a door. I was of course wondering what was locked behind this door. One night after going to bed a man came in to our room, asking me to get out of bed, as he needed to get in this door. It turned out that this was where they kept the free rice! Wouldn't recommend this place to anyone!
  Bob, you're a Knob! This place is lovely. Yeah, standards aren't great in the rooms, but who can afford the f***ing Ritz when you're backpacking? People there are lovely and staff are cool! Hey, Corey! Wicked time!
Da 3 English girls
  Korean owned. The rooms are not air conditioned, they are unisex, and the washroom can be a little scary. Honestly though, it was the best time I'd had in Kings Cross. It had to be the cheapest hostel as well. Not sure what it is now, but in 2001 if you paid for the whole month it was just $75/week. Excellent value. They cooked delicious, complimentary rice each evening. The view from the rooftop patio was also quite spectacular.
Patrick Carleton
  This is the best hostel ever. The people here are so good! It's clean, the owner is great, and, well, everything is great. And we have been around, so we know. :)
Miss Finland
  This hostel was awesome in my book. It was the best time I've had in Sydney, plus it was really cheap, and better than most King's Cross hostels.!!
r.e.d. from Canada

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