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Banérgatan 56, Stockholm, Sweden
59.340042, 18.097617 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+46 8 660 75 15
+46 8 665 40 39
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Very good value for money
I heard a lot of good and bad things about this hostel before I came. But the main thing to report is that I left very happy. I received very good value for money. It is very cheap, it is very central, and it is very quiet. Yes it was hot. I was there the summer of 2006 and that was a hot summer! I think it is a great idea to use a school as a hostel during the summer. I agree that they lack some services like a kitchen. Also the showers, they are clean and ok, but yes, you need to cross a small distance over the school yard. I felt safe and secure. I recommend this to all people who are on a budget and can live a little bit simple.
Backpackers Inn Stockholm is an HI affiliated hostel open in the summer only. It's located in a modern school building. It is the cheapest hostel in Stockholm, but the price does not included linen or many facilities. The beds are comfortable bunk beds put into the classrooms. You must bring sheets or hire them for 40sek. You are allowed to use a sleeping bag as long as you have sheets for the bottom. Breakfast is not included, but it's available for 25sek or 50sek for a large breakfast. There is a lock out from 11am to 4pm. The few facilities available include laundry, coin operated internet for 1sek/min, luggage room, microwave, fridge, and freezer. The location is in a quiet residential area. There is a shopping centre nearby with two supermarkets, so you can buy microwave meals. It's quiet far from the central train station, about 3kms. To get there with your luggage you most definitely will need to get the subway, which is not covered by a rail pass and is expensive. Take the T-bahn two stops from central on the red line towards Ropsten. Get off at Karlaplan and exit the station in the direction your train was headed. After the ticket gates, go right and up. On the street walk one block away from the station and you should see a sign pointing to the hostel entry. One journey costs 30sek and a 24 hour ticket costs 95sek. If you are the type of person who prefers to walk around cities and you would not normally buy a 24 hour train ticket, then the cost of the metro is so high you might as well pay more for your hostel and stay in a more central hostel instead. The building is modern and tidy. But there are no locks for the room doors and security is a bit lax. There are plenty of clean toilets scattered about, but the showers are lacking. You have to walk outside and across the quadrangle a couple of hundred meters to an entirely separate building where you will find a few showers without private cubicles. There are four showers in one room for men and four in another for women. If you don't like communal showers this is not the place for you. The showers are also only available from 6am to 11pm. In short, STF Vandrarhem Backpackers Inn is cheap and not horrible, but it doesn't have much going for it. If you desparate then go for it, but otherwise you might be happier in a more central hostel with more facilities where you can cook proper food and are not forced to buy an expensive train ticket to get there.
Tessha Mearing
  Since this is an elementary school, you have to: —Cross the playground to reach the collective showers, —Sleep in a classroom (may induce nightmares), —Use miniature toilet cabins. It's situated in a (relatively) residential area. It has nice and helpful staff.
  This hostel is an old school. The beds are small, but the service is great.
  This is not a hostel, it's a school...they just put beds into the classrooms. When we stayed there, it was far too hot and there were few windows to open. A further minus is that the beds are small. If you like taking your shower in the changing room of the gymnasium, then you should go to this hostel. By the way, the staff are very friendly. Reception is always open, and it's not too far from the city center.

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