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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Bowden Court" at 24 Ladbroke Road, Shepherds Bush.)


24 Ladbroke Road, Shepherds Bush, Notting Hill, London, Greater London, England
51.509515, -0.201007 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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020 7727 5665
+44 (0)207 229 2534
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Really bad!
I stayed for three months whilst I was looking for a job. One day one of the cleaners came into my room and cleaned out one of my drawers -- for some reason they thought I was leaving. Believe it or not, but i didnt get the stuff back! They were useless! Your payment includes the food, but dont eat there! Maybe have breakfast, but that's only because they haven't cooked it. The staff are useless. I had bedbugs! But they never cleaned the room enough to get rid of them. In the end I left because it was so bad! To any long term residents, you can get a shared flat/house for at least £100 per week, a lot cheaper than Bowden.
Zero customer service
We thought we were getting a good deal because this place had private rooms for so cheap, but there is absolutely no customer service. Also, it seems that they have no one working at the desk for great swaths of time in the evening. When we were leaving, we had left our luggage in the luggage storage room for a couple of hours, and had come back to get it. After waiting for 15 minutes, a woman who worked at the desk had come by, but it turned out she wasn't on-duty, so she refused to take 60 seconds to let us have the luggage room key so we could leave. We ended up having to wait for a grand total of 45 minutes just to get out our luggage. Also, the food is terrible, the showers are mildewy, and I didn't find a single toilet in the place that flushed.
Terrible hospitality and facility
Cheap price, but cheaper service. The landlord and managers are extremely unfriendly. The facilities are extremely old and ill-maintained. For foreigners, please don't argue with the fact that your passport will be kept by a stranger security guy, just for a necessary "deposit." Also be aware for this guy to disturb you for the noise just because you are talking about traveling plans in your room. If you don't obey them, you will be either kicked out of the hotel, or sleeplessly arguing with them forever.
No hospitality at all
Unfriendly attitude and no hospitality spirit at all. The only things they care are saving cost and making money. Terrible place to stay. Breakfast is terrible and the dining time is making no sense from 7:15 to 8:15 a.m.
  I went to Bowden Court for ten days. Showers are a little dirty at times, but it's an ok hostel, I'd stay there again.
  I stayed in this place for two weeks. The least you can say is that this is not what you expect to get for the expensive price you pay. The bedrooms were small, smelly, and noisy. The showers and toilets were in bad condition. To take a shower you have to push a button every 20 seconds for water to drop out. Now, if you thought that you've got a good deal because you're getting two meals a day...well, you're very wrong. The breakfast (if you can call that a breakfast) is like an army one (and you've got only 45 minutes to get it). The evening meal is horrible, bad food, bad service. The "best" is actually on weekends. You get breakfast at 10:00 and lunch at 12:00; well, that leaves you really hungry. To sum up, just don't go there. Don't listen to the lies they will tell you by phone. DO NOT GO!!
  You can live at Bowden Court, but you have to know that you have to live with cockroaches. It's very dirty. Beds are very uncomfortable. The food is horrible. The manager is an incompetent and unpolite. I had lived 4 months there and you can stay, but you have to know how.
  I've been there for almost one year. I've got a lot of friends from different countries. The accommodation is good, good atmosphere but the food has no good seasoning.
Valter Santos, Brazil

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