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Overblaak 85-87, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands
51.912760, 4.466185 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0)10 436 57 63
+31 (0)10 436 55 69
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  The first thing that caught our attention before even entering the StayOkay hostel, was its spectacular architectural design. Just like many other buildings in the city of Rotterdam, there's an impressive new/modern look. Just from looking at the StayOkay from the outside, it looks like more than just a hostel building and a place with plenty to offer. There is free access to high speed internet/WiFi in the building. • The Location The StayOkay Rotterdam hostel is situated in the central area of the city, along the road called Overblaak 85-87. We always consider a hostel in a central location important because of the convenient access to cafe's, bars, restaurants and shopping. The views from inside the hostel are magnificent. For drivers, there's a public parking area called "Oude Haven" nearby the hostel. We think the area is vibrant and mainly safe, especially with the police who regulary parole the area. • Rooms and Bathrooms We stayed in a shared room of up to 4 beds. The prices range from €24 to €29 per night in shared rooms up to 4 beds, however if you was to choose a private room, the prices will rocket up to €69 to €186 per night. Generally though we think the price rates are worth it considering the very good quality of the StayOkay hostel. The beds are of high quality and the general look of the room is luxurious and well designed, we love the stylish looking side lights next to each bed. The rooms are comfortable, however one downside to point out is that it get's rather noisy from time to time, this gives off the impression that the walls are not soundproof. Another downside is that the lockers available can not be properly locked, so alternatively we decided to store our valuables in the luggage room. We are satisfied with the standards of the bathrooms, they look greatly designed and very clean, however no towels are provided here and so its essential to bring your own towels. • Food & Beverages We are overwhelmed with the large choice of food available at StayOkay. There's a full breakfast buffet and our favourite's are the tasty breads and delicious fresh fruits. The breakfast buffet is at no extra charge, however the lunch and dinner comes at an additional charge. We are having fun meeting new people at the hostel, we have had chats with the Spanish, Italians and French. People from all over the World come to this fantastic place. • Summary Overall we have been enjoying our stay, plenty of friendly people, friendly staff and a great atmosphere. We recommend the StayOkay in Rotterdam to travellers from around the World.
Too Much for Too Little
For some reason, a bed in the largest dorm of this hostel costs 40 euros a night. Not sure why it's so expensive, but it was double what you'll pay just about anywhere else. Ironically, the part I thought would be the coolest about this hostel, that it's in the cube houses, actually causes quite a few problems. The layout means that sound is reflected and amplified, so you can hear clearly the conversations in the hallway or next door. There is also no way to shutter the windows. This, combined with the extremely limited range of the wifi leads me to conclude that this place is not worth the money.
Age 20, American
Like most of the Stayokay chain of hostels, the Stayokay Rotterdam is everything you would hope for in a modern hostel -- clean, good facilities, and well-run -- with a few surprises. This is less of a destination hostel than some, meaning you'll probably be going out in the city to find entertainment. But the hostel will provide you with a safe, warm bed to come home to. A basic but ample breakfast is provided, with fresh flowers on the dining tables adding a cheery touch. Stayokay Rotterdam is popular with school groups, and the common areas such as the main floor lounge and the dining room do feel rather like hanging out in a high school cafeteria. They are kept very clean but very neutral. Likewise the dorm rooms are basic but well-designed. There is ample space between beds, several cupboards for your stuff (but no lockers, those are in the basement), and a table and chairs. The ensuite bathroom is handy and there are additional bathrooms down the hall. All are as clean as you would expect from a basic hotel. Perhaps the best thing about this hostel is its location. It is just down the street from the major museums, including the Netherlands Architecture Institute and the Boijmans van Beuningen art gallery. One block away is the De Heuvel park, a great place for a morning jog or a starting point for walking along the waterfront to see the Erasmusbrug and the Euromast.
Sarah Saunders
  Pretty good location — a bit of a hike if you're carrying your luggage from the station, but right near the museums. The dorm room I stayed in was a little short on space, but there were cubbies and spaces between beds, under beds, etc., to slide luggage. Nice, comfortable bunks, and no fear of rolling out of the top. Good breakfast, inexpensive meals available at dinnertime. Good showers. Reasonably friendly staff.
  Good place. It has a considerable breakfast, small rooms with nice big windows, and a bar downstairs. It could have a bit more charm, and also could be cheaper — but overall a nice place.
  I have stayed in many hostels in Europe and the USA, and this was one of the better ones. I loved this place. I stayed in an eight-bed female dorm — it was spacious, clean and well decorated. I was lucky and shared my room with a few great girls. An extensive buffet breakfast was included in the price, and the as-much-as-you-can-eat thing is great for backpackers on a budget. Cheap food and drink is available in the bar. Its a bit out of the town center but next to a metro station and in day time it's a pleasant walk through the museum park to the harbor area. Rotterdam proved to be a very interesting city with lots to see and do. I would love to return.
  Lovely. This hostel is safe enough and clean. It's in a quite okay location — very close to Museumpark. It has a very friendly staff and a nice bar/restaurant. :)
  The ever best-hostel I ever lived! The location is fine, it's just opposite the metro station. They provide a clean bedroom and bedsheets and a spacious, bright and tidy toilet, with a good shower! There are no lockers in-room and the room size is quite small. Breakfast and the restaurant are very nice too!

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