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HI - Stayokay Amsterdam Stadsdoelen Hostel is a good option for travelers in Amsterdam. It isn't the cheapest hostel out there, but it is comfortable and includes a good breakfast. The staff are friendly and helpful.

The Location

The hostel has a great location. It's in the city center area, making many of Amsterdam's biggest attractions very accessible. The building is on a quiet canal street but is minutes away from several high-traffic pedestrian areas. It is about a twenty-five-minute walk from the Centraal train station and takes maybe eight or so minutes via tram. There are a few coffee shops, bars/restaurants, and shops very close by.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are standard hostel rooms, with several bunk beds, however they have very few outlets for charging electronics. The beds are pretty comfortable, but the guests must make their own, as the linens are given out upon check-in. Private rooms are available, and the dorms seemed to have either sixteen or twenty beds. There are no lockers or any type of storage inside the rooms themselves. There are large cabinets right outside the room door, each marked with a room and bed number to correspond with a guest's bed. They do not include locks; if a guest doesn't have one, locks are sold at reception. Out in this storage hallway, several outlets can be found.

The unisex bathroom is located on a different floor and is reminiscent of a community-style college dorm, with several rows of bathroom stalls, showers, and sinks. There are more than enough toilets and shower stalls, so waiting doesn't seem to be an issue. The showers have soap dishes, two hooks, and a tiny bench/shelf to hold belongings. The shower pressure isn't the best, but the temperature is good and they are easy to work.

Common Spaces

There are two tables and four couches in the reception area of the hostel. Guests can be found there at all times of the day -- charging phones, planning their days, or asking reception for help. There is also a small TV room with two couches and a foosball table. Both spaces have the potential to be great spots to meet fellow travelers. There are no drugs allowed on the premises, and consuming alcohol is limited to the reception are and the TV room. There is a mouse residing in the TV room that may scurry across the floor from time to time, but it is harmless and will hide from people.

There is a breakfast included and it is great as far as hostel breakfasts go. It included several types of breads, spreads, two kinds of cereal, slices of meat and cheese, apples, a variety of tea, a nice coffee maker, as well as orange and apple juice. The breakfast room is probably the most attractive part of the hostel, as it overlooks the canal, but is closed and locked once breakfast ends.


Overall, this is a good hostel. The rooms hold a fairly large number of guests, so the quality of sleep completely depends on how loud other guests are. The lack of outlets is a minor annoyance but there are plenty of outlets in other parts of the hostel. The bathroom appearance could use an update but it is clean and gets the job done. There is a free walking tour that picks up right from the hostel every morning and reception sells tickets to a few museums and attractions at slightly discounted prices.
by Haley
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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16 bed dorm, first half
16 bed dorm, other half
View out window + radiators
Reception Lobby
Breakfast Room
Toilet Stall
Shower Stall


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Stayokay Amsterdam Stadsdoelen Hostel" at Kloveniersburgwal 97.)


Kloveniersburgwal 97, Centrum, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.368986, 4.897480 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0)20 624 68 32
+31 (0)20 639 10 35
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Great hostel, honestly couldn't find any major faults about it. Staff are all very welcoming and help as much as possible. Other guests were also mostly respectful of your own personal space and sleeping hours. Location was excellent for seeing the red light district but also easy access to the more laid back museum quarter/vondel park.
Good for such a large hostel
Massive. Brilliant free breakfast -- definitely worth getting up for, was one of the best in the hostels we stayed in round Europe. Plentiful information available in the form of leaflets in the lobby area -- go on the ultimate party pub crawl, you won't regret it. Beds were alright, toilet facilities fine for the large number of guests, cleanliness didn't seem a problem. All-in-all we didn't spend much time in the hostel -- its location is very good so we were out enjoying all Amsterdam has to offer! don't endure the hour or so's trek to see the famous windmill. It's just a windmill. Really not worth the walk.
I think that if you plan to visit Amsterdam, it doesn't really matter where you stay since you will be quite busy trying out the coffee shops. So while this hostel wasn't really clean or up to HI standards, it didn't matter to us, in our ''state of being." If you plan to party, this hostel is fine. If you are in amsterdam for a more serious trip, find another place.
Safe but too big
It's just too big and the social factor suffers as a result. Dorms are huge which pretty much gaurantees you will get at least one snorer. The beds are so-so and the bathrooms could be a lot cleaner than they are. Its average clean, not what you would call "clean" but not "dirty" either, although the lockers are huge (which is good) and it is very safe (which can sometimes be a concern in A'dam). The bar is ok but no one goes there, although the barchick is/was pretty good. You don't need to be hanging around in the hostel bar in A'dam anyway, the city is crazy. Not the best place for a single traveler though because it really does lack that social element, I wouldn't stay here again.
HI - Stayokay Amsterdam Stadsdoelen Hostel is a large hostel with a institutional feel to it. Some of the staff can be unfriendly, and even talking to them usually involves waiting in line for at least ten minutes. Amsterdam is a popular city with the backpacking crowd, so this place is often packed full, especially in the summer. They are helpful in helping find things to do around the city and provide some discounts on museum admission and other activities. The Location The best thing about this hostel is the location! An easy walk from the train station and just a couple of minutes away from the red light district. It overlooks the canals and is a very safe, peaceful area, just outside of the noisy tourist zone -- very close to everything. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are huge, with lots of beds. The mattresses leave a lot to be desired, and the sheets and blankets have definitely seen better days. The rooms and the hallways are continuously filthy with dust and dirt, and the state of the bathrooms is appalling -- the trash cans are not emptied even when they are overflowing, leading to a problem with cockroaches and other bugs crawling all over them and all over the bathroom. Vomit covering the bathrooms is also standard for this hostel, and none of the staff bothers to do anything about it. They do provide gigantic lockers in the hallways outside of the rooms, which is necessary with all of the creepy people milling about. Common Spaces There isn't much community here. The bar downstairs can get busy, but overall it's not a great place to meet people, though they do have cheap beer, TVs, pool table, and friendly bartenders. Summary Staying at this hostel feels like staying at a creepy mental institution, not to mention that it smells funky, and is dirty beyond any normal standards, But for the price it might be hard to get anything better in such a central location, especially if you plan on staying away from the hostel as much as possible.
Andi Villasenor
This place accommodates the masses
This hostel is meant to accommodate lots of people. I stayed in a 20 person room. The bathroom is huge, with about six showers and six sinks and six toilets per bathroom. They were also coed, which was kinda cool. The best thing about this place was the locker. I think I could have gotten in without a problem. Nothing about this place is too personal, since there are so many people staying there. I would venture to guess that there are 100 guests. I could still sleep well even in the 20 person room. I'm going to describe the things I feel are most important when considering a place to stay: 1. Location: Ok. I had the hardest time finding this place even after staying there a couple nights. The nearest tram is about three blocks, so it takes a while to get there. 2. Price: Ok. I booked this place for $35USD per night thru hostelz.com in shoulder season 3. Food: Good. Free breakfast..had some meat and cheese. Bar/dining room has food you can order at a reasonable price. I liked the setting 4. Curfew: Good. None! 5. Internet: Ok. Rate wasn't that good. You can view hostelling international site for free.
Kelvin Pan
Solidly satisfactory
Stayokay was a great hostel, the best of the two I've stayed at in Amsterdam (see my review of Aivengo Youth Hostel). Two friends, my sister and I all stayed there for three nights in June 2007. I'll start with the bad and end with the good. The Bad: There wasn't much to complain about. We did have to climb 4 flights of stairs to get to our room, but that's pretty standard for Amsterdam. The community-style bathrooms were a little cramped, but definitely clean and adequate. The internet in the lobby was quite expensive, but that's fine if you're paying for convenience. Sometimes, dealing with the lockers became frustrating, but I wasn't used to lockers at the time. The Good: The staff spoke great English and was super friendly. The location was fabulous, outside of the super-touristy areas yet central. Plenty of bike parking (but where isn't there?). The room was huge, light, and airy, and even though we shared with 14 other people, it somehow felt private. Beautiful views from the rooms and the (FREE!) breakfast room. I loved the TV room, which was downstairs and less frequented, but a nice casual place to meet people if you aren't into partying (though that was also offered, in the bar). Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at Stayokay stadsdoelen. It was a great experience in a great city.
Stayokay was a decent hostel, but it was lacking in any sort of social atmosphere. The showers were mouldy and did not drain properly, but at least they were hot. We had a twelve-person dorm, and the whole place has a very institutional feel. One afternoon, our room even had its own pet, a decent sized mouse running around. That alone probably says something about overall cleanliness of the place. Breakfast was very good for being included in the price, but you have to get up pretty early (ends at 9:30).

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