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Sandy Hostel is a no-frills hostel located in an apartment building in the heart of Rome. It is a good hostel if you are looking for somewhere just to sleep at the end of a long day of sightseeing, but beyond that doesn't offer many extras.

The Location

The hostel is located on Via Cavour, which is a main road running right through the downtown of Rome. It can be reached easily on foot from the Termini Station in about ten minutes. It is also just a ten-minute walk to the Colosseum and Roman Forum. If you buy a public transport pass, Cavour Station is just a few minutes down Cavour Street from the hostel. The hostel is somewhat inconveniently located on the fourth floor, which means you have to walk up the stairs after a long day, or take the option of paying to use the lift -- we did, and we never regretted spending the money!

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms are nothing special, but are clean and provide the necessities. Bunk beds are a bit creaky; the rooms offer a few fans and windows that open to allow airflow. The room can get kind of hot, but at night with the fans and window open, it is comfortable. The rooms have individual lockers, which is nice but they are plastic and seem quite flimsy. If someone wanted to get into them, we're not sure it would be too difficult. Other than that the rooms feel secure as there are locks at the entrance to the building, the apartment door, and the dorm room door. The bathrooms are reasonably clean but did not have hot water when we visited.

Common Spaces

There are no common spaces at this hostel, which makes it very difficult to meet anyone other than your bunk mates. As mentioned earlier, this hostel is good for a bed but not good as far as meeting people or having a place to hang out and have a drink. There is a table with a kettle and a microwave but no cutlery or plates or anything, so it's not ideal to make food. There is also a fridge. The Wi-Fi is free but is pretty dreadful anywhere other than right near reception.


This hostel satisfies the most basic requirements, so if you're looking for a place just to sleep after a long day, then it is fine. Rome is so amazing that any hostel is not going to be a place where much time is spent.


An ok place to crash for a night ... Not in summer

What you need to know first: if you stay here during Roman summer, you will be staying in one hot hell hole. There is no Air Conditioning, and it feels. During the night, it gets slightly more fresh, but only a little. Second: Sandy Hostel is something like big apartment on the top floor, with narrow winding stairs. Do not drag your things upstairs. Leave them below, take from administration the key to elevator and two 5 cent coins to pay for the use (hostel's administrator will explain how to use it), and you can get them up easily. This elevator really comes in handy, I even used it to get downstairs. There is a lockout. Kitchen: there is no kitchen. To boil the water, I had to borrow the kettle from stuff, and they seemed surprised that I would even want one. There is coffee making machine for everyone and one refrigerator in the corridor. The Rooms: are very small. I stayed in tiny room with two bunk beds.

Beds: Aren't very good. These are bunk beds, which is fine by me, but and if you aren't careful, you'll be hitting your head when getting up or lying down. Beds are so small that you can't sit up on the bed. They were reasonably clean. Not awfully comfortable to lie in, but passable. Stuff: I've seen two guys. One seemed very bored to be there, and not very friendly, another one was more lively and I heard him talk loudly to other guests. They weren't rude, so no complaints. However, they just seem ill-suited for running hostel -- the whole thing had "stereotypical bachelor" feel to it. Some small and cheap improvements, like bracket in the shower, would make the hostel much more pleasant. Which brings us to below: Cleanliness: Bathrooms/rooms were cleaned daily by stuff, although there was certain dingy feel to everything, nevertheless. One time I had to use their "public" toilet and it was dirty, wet, and overall disgusting. I got an impression that owner uses this toilet themselves -- well, it about says it all. It was very noisy during the day. Well, hostels aren't mean to be slept in during the day, so I can't really complain. Internet: now, for internet connection, they have nice notebook. Fun: I don't think there is a common room at all, although I wasn't looking for it. You certainly won't be spending much time in your tiny room. Location: is very good. It is on Via Cavour, between Coliseum and Termini Station, very close to San Pietro in Vincoli, Santa Maria Maggiore, and you can get to Coliseum on foot. A lot of beautiful buildings in walking distance. Via Cavour is big touristy street, without special charm, but not bad. Metro Cavour is close to hostel. Overall: My impression was marked by the fact that right before that, I was staying in wonderful hostel in Venezia. Still, Sandy Hostel was the worst of the three hostels I've stayed in before, and lack of Air Conditioning together with small room made a LOT of difference in horrible heat of July. Great location. I don't have high standards and wasn't expecting a hotel, but I just didn't like it there. Well, I wasn't robbed, there were no bedbugs and toilets worked. Conclusion: It is an ok place to crash for couple of nights, or better, for one night, during colder seasons.



This place was dirty i was worried about sleeping in the beds. The bathrooms were disgusting. You get your own key and can keep it and there is no wifi but 1 computer you can use with internet. There was no curfew and they had a luggage room which was nice but my boyfriend and i traveled together and always stayed in our own bed but in the same room and this hostel made us sleep on different floors. IT WAS SO HOT I COULDNT SLEEP!! Be aware though it was the only hostel left with availability because i was there end of july and got off the train in rome and walked to hostels trying to find vacancy. Don't stay here if you can.


Sandy Hostel is in the heart of Ancient Rome and gets a lot of traffic from young travelers. From the moment you walk in the door you can tell this hostel has been filled with worldly individuals from the pictures on the walls to the important phrases written in almost twenty languages. The atmosphere here is very welcoming as well.

The Location

This hostel is located about five minutes from the train station and a ten-minute walk from the metro station. The Coliseum and majority of ancient Rome is also only ten minutes by foot. Although this hostel is located on a very busy main road it is still hard to find if you do not know what you are looking for. There is no sign on the outside of this hostel, just a doorbell with the street address on it so make sure to pay attention as you are trying to find it. There are several restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, tourist shops, and groceries located within very shot walking distance. There is no parking garage but there is some street parking available.

Rooms and Bathrooms

This hostel offer only dorm-style rooms with bunk beds. The sheets are provided free and the beds are really comfortable. There are also two large dressers in each room that can be locked if you bring your own lock with you. Each room has its own bathroom but neither towels nor soap are provided. You can rent a towel if you would like. The bathroom is very small but the water pressure is pretty strong and it keeps its heat after multiple people use it. The whole look and ambiance of the room is very dull and there are no decorations, which is different from the halls of this hostel.

Common Spaces

There is really no common area here. There is one very small room that has a computer that you may use free, but it is also where the luggage is stored -- making this room pretty uncomfortable to stay in for long periods of time. Also, since there is no common area it is fairly difficult to talk to fellow travelers. The hall is usually empty but it is filled with facts about Rome and useful information in every language imaginable. If you are looking to make friends and stay up all night with friends this is probably not the best option. There is no curfew or quiet hour but the hostel does get very quiet fairly early in the evening. The biggest trouble is that you have to climb four floors of stairs or pay a very small fee to ride the elevator to where the hostel is.


This is a great hostel that has a very friendly atmosphere. There are very few opportunities for making friends but the location is unbelievable. Also note that there is no breakfast.

Victoria Pfordresher
United States

Worst hostel Ive ever stayed at

Do not stay here. The location is the only thing this place has going for it. I think the staff are all potheads. One (dirty) bathroom for the whole place. When I arrived, no toilet paper and the toilet barely worked. Two days later, it broke late at night. The next day I went out to the beach and when I returned at 6 p.m., it still wasn't fixed! So the hallway smelled like sh!t for the remainder of my stay. I dont think it even occurred to them to fix it. They gave me the wrong key to my room so I got locked out. They have signs all over about keeping quiet at night, then they party and blast music until the early hours of the morning. I could go on and on and on about how bad this place is and come up with a great list of problems, but I dont have that kind of time. Just trust me -- avoid this place. I hope it gets shut down. No one should have to pay so much money for such filth.



Do not stay at this hotel. Bathrooms are filthy, shower courtain looks as it has never been washed, they don't even have a little rack to place your shampoo or soap, so you have to put them on the mucus-like floor where you think something alive will arise from beneath.

Dorms are co-ed and smell like hell. Staff is careless and not so smart.

It was my worst experience ever in a hostel, after many years of backpacking.

Paulina Silva

I spent a week in Rome in December 2005. I decided to try Sandy Hostel for 4

nights and their sister Bella Roma for 3 (see my other review).

I flew with Easyjet into Rome Ciampino, a small airport about 12km south of the

city centre. Sit on the right of the plane and you'll get great views of the

city and St Peter's as you approach to land. This airport's future was probably

in doubt before the advent of the low cost airlines and is now busy with Ryanair

and Easyjet flights. However, this means it does not have a direct rail link to

the city centre, the metro line A which runs north-west to south-east stops about

4km to the north-east of the airfield.

Don't be tempted to take Easyjet's coach transfer to the "Termini" central

railway station. You see a big sign for this as soon as you enter the arrivals

lounge. It costs 15 return or 8 single. All you need to do is step outside

the terminal and take an orange bus run by "Cotral" to the end of metro line A

and the stop called "Anagnina". These buses run every 40 minutes and cost just

1. They alternate between a direct service (about 20 mins to Anagnina) and one

that goes via the adjacent town of Ciampino (about 30 mins to Anagnina). If you

happen to get a bus that goes via Ciampino, you could get off here and take the

overground train into Termini railway station instead. However, this means you

might just have to get back on the metro there, so don't bother. It is clear

when you have reached Anagnina, as it is a large bus station and you will see the

red "M" for the metro. Go down the steps and buy the 1 ticket which lasts for

75 minutes from the point of validation (stick it in the ticket machine as you go

through the barrier). So, total cost to anywhere in Rome, 2 Euros compared to

Easyjet's 8 Euros for the central station.

For Sandy Hostel, the metro from Anagnina to Termini will take about 25 mins, so

allow about 1.5 hours total from the Airport, allowing for waiting time for the


When you get off the Metro at "Termini" go upstairs and find the last platform

number 24. Now with the tracks behind you walk straight out and into the middle

of the adjacent bus station. You should now see Via Cavour (Cavour Street) on

your left. Walk down Via Cavour on the left side 7 blocks, about 500m. The

entrance to Sandy Hostel is unsignposted and is a set of black doors just after a

Hotel entrance and before a shop selling American Indian clothing ! The buzzer

is on the right. Press it and they will let you in. You walk up a stone

staircase all the way to the top. The hostel is on the 4th floor.

The staff were friendly when I arrived. One of two Greek girls took my money and

gave me a free map of the city and suggested some places to go. Inside the

Hostel is very small, essentially just about 7 rooms off a narrow corridor, a

flat conversion.

Although some rooms have a shower and toilet inside, most don't and there are

just 2 shower and toilet rooms. However, this didn't seem to be a problem in the

mornings and I rarely had to wait. The dorm rooms have 3 bunks in and adequate

lockers (bring your own padlock). The mattresses were quite thin but comfortable.

Clean sheets and a pillow case are provided and there are 3 blankets which you

can use. The windows are double glazed and fitted with shutters so the sound and

light insulation is good during the night.

However, the biggest issue is the lack of any heating in the room. As this was

December it got quite cold in the night, so don't forget your pyjamas! I would

have been very cold without mine. One of my days in Rome was non-stop rain and

so I was cold when I returned to the hostel. The only way to get warm was to

have a shower. Happily, the showers have gas combination boilers and provide

ample hot water any time of the day. The next biggest issue for some will be the

complete lack of any kitchen facility for cooking or drinking. The male cleaner

was actually living permanently in my room and cooked there from time to time on

his own portable electric stove.

What would really improve this hostel would be if they converted the first room

on the left as you enter (this is on its own) into a kitchen and lounge area.

This would enable you to get to know some people and have some refreshments. As

it was, a few sat in the corridor which barely wide enough for 2 chairs making

sandwiches on fold out tables. HOwever, one advantage of this was that it was

quite quiet at night because there was no real opportunity for people to speak to

one another (unlike Bella Roma - see my other review).

On the plus point, the hostel has many cafes and Internet cafes close by. I used

the one that is literaly right next door. Internet access starts at 50 Euro

cents for 15 mins. The location is typical for a city centre close to a station,

a little bit scummy and full of hotels and hostels, but I loved it and would

recommend it. The hostel is only 5 mins walk to the Station one way and 5 mins

to the Colosseum the other.

If you go to the Chinese restaurant next door or the Pizza Esquilino opposite, be

sure to agree the service charge before you go in. I got 5 Euros added onto an

18 Euro bill (28%) at the latter. Also, be careful in the many pizza and pastry

bars if they invite you to sit down - they will charge you extra. This happened

in "Big Bens" also just around the corner.

All in all, I liked this hostel and would recomment it. Especially, given the

price - I paid only 11 Euros a night (7.50) by booking using - if I

had booked direct with the hostel it would have been 14 euros. At this price and

in this location you can't complain. If travelling alone, I will return.

Rich D, England, UK

Email origin.sandyhostelreview@ NOSPAMPLEASE

Rich D

My friend and I stayed at countless hostels on our trip, and this one was so nasty! I would never recommend it to anyone. They may SAY there's Internet and no lockout, but the guy laughed at us when we said we wanted to use the computer. The blankets were damp and dirty, and thrown in a ball on the floor. The lockers had half-eaten food and garbage in them. Not to mention the building itself looked abandoned. If we hadn't put a deposit down online, we would have left.


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The Sandy Hostel is recommended by the most famous guide books.Central located. The international atmosphere and our english speaking staff, make our hostels in Rome a haven for backpackers from all over the world.

Reervations must be paid in full with cash on check in - credit cards will not be accepted. Tavellers must check in before 2.30pm to secure reservation.

short review removed:
A small hostel with a few rooms located a kilometer from the train station and 2 blocks from a metro stop. It's four floors up and there's no lift/elevator. It's definitely a bit of a climb. And if you like French people you'll love this hostel. It's been overrun with the French ever since it got a mention in a French guidebook. There isn't a common area.
As far as cleanliness, the rooms are nice but the bathrooms aren't so great. There are two bathrooms and during busy times you have to wait to use them. There are lockers in the rooms (you supply the lock) but there are more beds than lockers so you may not be able to get one. Smoking is allowed in the hall so the whole place can get a little smoky sometimes.

Location and Contact




Address: Via Cavour 136, Near Termini, Rome, Lazio, Italy

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Website Sandy Hostel Rome (if you know the URL of their website, let us know and we'll add it)
Phone Number: +39 064884585
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Facilities and Amenities




Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

Luggage Storage

Concierge/Info Desk


Entirely Non-Smoking

Hair Dryers

Hot Showers

Credit Card Payments

Checkout: 10:00 (10 AM)

Curfew: No Curfew

Maximum Stay: 7 nights

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: 7 AM - Midnight (07:00-24:00)

Size: Small (less than 30 beds)


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