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The Review

Be Mar Hostel is located in the heart of Barcelona within easy walking distance of several metro stations and Barcelona's most famous street, Las Ramblas. The good points about this hostel are its very friendly staff, its location, and the fact that it is kept sparklingly clean. On the downside, accommodations are very spartan.

The Location

The neighborhood, popularly referred to as the Gothic Area, consists mainly of narrow streets, narrower than alleys in more modern neighborhoods, that can be difficult to navigate, but which are full of interesting things to see and reasonably priced hole-in-the wall fast food restaurants, many of the run by English-speaking immigrants. This is a crowded area of town, so conditions within the hostel are also a quite crowded. As you approach the hostel, look carefully for the number 80, because the hostel presents a narrow profile to the street and is easy to overlook.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dormitory rooms are very basic with steel bunk beds that are a bit too short for anyone who does not stand less than six feet (or just under two meters) tall. There are free lockers for each hosteler that are opened by a magnetic card, which also unlocks the room door and the front door to the hostel. The bunks, the lockers, and perhaps one chair are the only room furnishings. Lacking are shelves for personal items and sufficient hooks to hang clothing. If you wear glasses, for example, there is no place to put them when you go to sleep except inside your locker. Some dorms are are equipped with a toilet and shower, but they are poorly maintained. In our dorm, the shower head was broken, making it unusable. However, toilets, showers, and dorms are meticulously cleaned each day.

Security is good inside the hostel, but keep a close eye on your belongings when you go outside. Sit on a park bench with your backpack at you feet and turn your gaze away for an instant, and you are likely to find your backpack gone when your gaze returns to it.

Common Spaces

There are several enclosed patios suitable for smoking and drying clothes. The entrance to the hostel leads directly into the common area, which also serves as the reception and breakfast areas. The price of lodging includes a basic continental breakfast consisting of cereal with milk, supermarket packaged bread, jam, butter, orange juice, and coffee or tea. There is also a small kitchen in the hostel. The common area contains the three internet computers (there is also free Wi-Fi throughout the building), three tables with chairs, and three sofas. Some hostelers stand just outside the main entrance to smoke, which means that every time the door opens, cigarette smoke drifts in. However, in general, Barcelona is not a friendly city to nonsmokers. Smoking is generally prohibited indoors, but you cannot walk the streets without breathing secondhand cigarette smoke.


If you are looking for an inexpensive, secure, and well-located place to stay with a very friendly staff, this is the place. However, be aware that the accommodations are very basic. Also, because of its location, the hostel tends to attract party-goers, so also be prepared for loud people returning to your dorm in the wee hours of the morning in a very intoxicated state.
by Jack Quinn Staff Reviewer
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The hostel facade
The kitchen
One of the 2 small patios
A dorm bathroom
A dorm shower


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Barcelona Be Mar Hostel" at Carrer de Sant Pau 80.)


Carrer de Sant Pau 80, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.377365, 2.170155 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+34 93 324 85 30
+34 93 324 85 31
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74% Guest Reviews

Cheap and the staff were very helpful/ friendly!
Stayed for a week. It's very basic but also in a central location and for as good a price as you'll find. All the staff seemed very nice and I would recommend the hostel. I will use it again.
Age 25, scottish
Lovely hostel
i stays in this hotel trice a year very cheap place to stay if your touring barcelona. the dorms are quite big and cleans every day, the showers are big enough as well. staff are very helpful and friendly. kitchen is small but it does the job, as i eat out. anyway in barcelona theres plenty to do there, theres the big long beach 15 mins walk away so its perfect, plenty of restaurants at night like the hard rock cafe just mins away from hostel. great food there at a cheap cost. i would recommend this hostel in barcelona. overall i give this hostel 9/10 as the staff are very friendly and hostel is very clean.
Worst stay of my life
This hostel is right in the middle of the red light district -- you walk past pimps, prostitutes, and drug dealers to get to it or to Las Ramblas. Although the rooms are clean, they are uncomfortably small and stank. On our way home on the first night, the man at the reception would not let us in and me and three friends were attacked right outside the hostel door and I had my bag stolen. After eventually getting inside screaming for the police, the man at reception refused to and told us we would have to walk to the nearest police station if we wanted to -- we were far too scared and shaken up to even step outside again as it was such a rough area. He also refused to change our room even though the attacker had run off with our room key which had the room number written on it. We now believe the man at reception may have had something to do with the attacker. Do not stay here, it is unsafe.
Do not stay here
Rude man at the coounter
I stayed in this place September 2007. The guy running this place was one of the most rudest people I ever met. The one night I was there all of a sudden in the middle of the night this loud racket starts. It was the fan on the air conditioner motor. It kept going for a couple hours making all kinds of racket. Everyone woke up. I asked to be moved to another room as I could not sleep in this loud racket. He said no way I will just give you your money back and find another place know there was not a place to be had as there was some sort of festival going on. Plus this was 2 a.m.! He was not even apologetic for the racket. The beds are terrible especially if you are on the top bunk. they are made of steel, there is a steel/tin barrier between you and the next bunk. It was very loud if you bumped into this wall, you would always wake people up if you did. He would never let me move to a bottom bunk even when the place was vacant. He was so rude. The place is not is a great area. Not so good for a single girl traveler in my opinion.
Very new and clean hostel with air conditioning located a few blocks from Las Ramblas. Each bed has a small area surrounded by a curtain for a little bit of privacy and a big locker for your stuff. There is a small common area with some tables, and a couple small courtyard areas. The atmosphere is generally low-key and quiet. The guests are a mix of nationalities. The showers stalls have doors but there is only a push button for the shower, with no temperature control (it's only sightly warm). The sinks have no hot water for shaving or washing clothes and there are no power outlets in the rooms. Despite those minor negative points, this is probably one of the nicest hostels in Barcelona. Breakfast with juice, coffee, cereal, and bread from 7:30 to 9:30. Sheets cost extra. Arrive early to get a bed in the high season or reserve a bed ahead of time.
  Perfect! I was there in august 2006. I went to different places in Europe and Barcelona Mar was the best one! Very clean, the beds are very confortable, the rooms are clean, bathroom too. The breakfast is simple but very good. And it's a perfect place to meet people because the place it's good to stay and they offer some types of tours around the best Barcelona's tapas bar and clubs. So, if you're looking for a cheap and wonderful place to stay in Barcelona, you should choose Barcelona Mar Hostel!
  Stayed early Aug '06. Clean and tidy hostel with a (busy) kitchen and (poor) free breakfast. Facilities were fine if at times crowded (get your timing right for hot water), internet was free and usable. Area the hostel's in is fine given the proximity to LaRambla, but would advise against late-night wandering alone. Common room exists but is somewhat minimal so would advise against for solo travellers looking to meet up with people. Decent hostel that's certainly worth the price for air-conditioning in a spanish summer.
Phil (Oz)
  While this hostel had a great atmosphere, it was unbearably hot. We were in a "private" room, rather than a dorm, and shared a common area (including bathroom and kitchen) with four other rooms. Our room had no window, no air conditioning, and no fan. In July in Spain this is pretty unacceptable, especially as this place was the most expensive hostel we stayed at and it claimed to have air conditioning in the rooms. Our room was up four or five long flights of stairs, which was a nightmare if you forgot something and had to go back up them. Having said all this, it was in a central location, and the free breakfast and internet were good.
Greg and Vashti

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