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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "STF Stockholm - Jumbo Hostel" at Jumbovägen 4.)


Jumbovägen 4, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden
59.639937, 17.938580 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+46 (0)8-593 604 00
+46 (0)8-593 604 11
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Very nice. Clean and helpful staff
I really enjoyed staying at Jumbo Hostel. It was more than I expected -- Elevator, clean, beautiful, modern amenities, very helpful staff. Except that there is nothing much to do outside, it's close to airport with free shuttle bus, it's perfect place to stay. I loved my stay on my final day at Stockholm. Price was reasonable and clean all throughout and secure. Highly recommended!
Small rooms / bathrooms
I rated Jumbo Hostel as average for two reasons. First the rooms are small (but the beds are comfortable). Second the bathroom is even smaller, is really like taking a shower in a airplane toilet. The staff is great and the breakfast starts at 3 a.m.
Jumbo Hostel is a very different hostel! Rather than a building, it is an old 747 jumbo jet that has been converted recently into a hostel. It will also be a very different sort of hostel experience! The Location The hostel is easy to spot on the way into Stockholm Arlanda airport and is located on a small hill near the long term parking. There is a free airport bus that stops very near the hostel, and there are also bus stops for the regular public buses which travel to Marsta station (connection with the commuter train to central Stockholm). From Stockholm city centre to the hostel will take about an hour by public transport. To walk from the airport terminals will take about fifteen minutes. The hostel is nonsmoking, and like many hostels in Scandinavia, is a shoeless hostel. Entry to the hostel is up a staircase which leads to one of the cabin doors. The reception is bright and modern, and also serves as part of the cafe. Most of the bedrooms are along a long corridor, but there is a cockpit suite upstairs, as well as a small lounge in the former business class section. Lighting throughout the hostel is good, and the whole hostel has a nice modern feel. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorm rooms are small, with two bunks. Matresses and beds are very good, and towels are provided. Dorm rooms have TV and a small heater, but the problem is size. If there are four people in the room with bags, then space will be a problem, as there is nowhere in the room for backpacks, and you cannot put them under the beds. The rooms are more like compartments on a train, so will feel crowded with three or four people in them. There are no lockers in the rooms, but the rooms do have a keycard lock for security. Bathrooms are modern and very clean, with excellent hot showers. They are based on former aircraft bathrooms, and there are a few small touches behind, like signs asking you to leave the bathroom clean for the next passenger. Lighting and ventilation in the bathrooms is good, and there are a few hooks for hanging clothes. There appear to be enough bathrooms for the number of guests. Common Spaces There is a small lounge with about ten ex-business class seats upstairs, including a TV. Apart from this, the only other area to sit is in the small cafe downstairs, but if the hostel is full then it will be a problem because of the lack of seats. Sitting in the dorm rooms is not practical because of their size, and the only place to sit is on the beds, again not practical. As the cafe is also open to the public (many of whom are curious about the hostel) then seating may be a problem in the hostel if it becomes more popular. It is not a social hostel, more a place just to sleep before/after a flight. With the location so near the terminals (fifteen minutes walk or a free bus trip) then it is great for early morning flights but it is not a fun hostel. A good point is that there is free Wi-Fi, and this is even possible in the dorm rooms. There is a computer with tourist information about Stockholm near the bathrooms. One very negative point about the hostel is the (included) breakfast, which is an airline-style plastic box breakfast, but with extra rolls. The breakfast really lets this hostel down, as airline breakfasts are rarely good and they could have done much better than a plastic box breakfast. Breakfast is available early if needed, so again good if you need to catch an early flight. The cafe also sells food and drinks during the day and a small selection of souvenirs. Summary If you can manage with a small dorm room (but with comfortable beds) and can manage without a kitchen or large lounge, then it is a good place to stay, but it is certainly not a place to stay for a long time or to have a fun time. Jumbo Hostel is the sort of place to only sleep and to only stay for one night. Given the relatively high price of a dorm bed, it appears to be overpriced.
(New Zealand)

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