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We were in Kanchanaburi in May of '08. We had a wonderful time with the wonderful people. Have fun! We did.
For getting around air-con taxis are a far better option than the (initially fun) tuk tuks. Metered taxis deliver a much cheaper fare (tuk tuks will extract as much money as they think youre good for), and you avoid the thick exhaust fumes. However by night a tuk tuk will take you around Bangkok for an hour sightseeing and it's great (less traffic and smog by night). Pay no more than 150 baht (despite the fact they may ask for 500!).
I had the best time of my life in Chiang Khong! Don't miss it! Go to the Bamboo Riverside Guesthouse for AMAZING quesaldillas and then on to the Tee Pee Bar ("like a rat hole - you can't miss it.") For music and entertainment all night on guitar. Sing along and bring a guitar if you have one! Just watch out for the dogs on your way back to your hostel!
Hua Hin is a nice town and beach. It is a good place to stop over if you are going between Bangkok and the South or going back North. You can get between North and South Thailand avoiding Bangkok going through Kanchanaburi and Hua Hin.
Chiang Mai … Try a village trek, easily arranged through many hostels. However, if you are heading to neighbouring Laos, wait till then.
Surat Thani … Beware of your rucksacks on the journey over to Koh Samui. They climb into the luggage compartment on the bus and steal everything whilst the bus is moving then jump out the other end.
Ko Samui … I don't know how to describe this island -- tropical paradise, beach lovers' utopia, or scuba divers' heaven? I guess it's all that and more! Chewang (beach) was a bit too crowded for me, so after staying for a night I shifted to Lamai (beach), which is less crowded, more serene and placid for the senses. I managed to find a cottage as close as possible to the beach for less than $20 and I guess that is cheap considering the fact that I visited in February, the peak tourist season for all of Thailand. A word of caution though -- the locals tend to rip you off. I hopped in on a tuk-tuk for less than a kilometer and when I got off the driver demanded an exorbitant sum and forced me into paying up. On another occasion while visiting this waterfall I fell off my bicycle and bruised myself. The locals, realising that I couldn't ride, offered to drop me back to my cottage in their pick-up for a price! There's always a devil or two in paradise, isn't there? And yes, there…

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