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HI - Athens - Student & Travellers Inn Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Contrary to the impression that one might get from their website, this place is really nice and very well run. The location is amazing -- turn into the street from the main road and you'll see the Acropolis looming at the other end, with about a ten minute walk to the entrance.

The rooms are all very clean and neat; towels and bedding are provided. There's air conditioning in every room, an absolute must in the hot Greek summers (though it might even be powerful enough for you to wake up freezing in the middle of the night), and a pleasant courtyard with overhead fans and a big-screen TV. They even have their very own travel agent, who'll be happy to book you onto an expensive day trip or help you make arrangements to visit the islands.

The Plaka, the neighborhood where ST&I is situated, is a big tourist trap, but nice nonetheless. There's no shortage of restaurants near the hostel, nor of souvenir shops or convenience stores with cheap beer - the signs say not to bring outside food into the courtyard but nobody really seems to mind.

The big downside to this place is the price, but it's not entirely unreasonable given the location in the heart of the Plaka. Still, you would think there might be an included breakfast, for what you're paying, rather than an a la carte menu and a cook who might have to run across the street to buy bacon once in a while.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
October 2004
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Great location hostel itself was good, gave us everything we could ask for for a night. Particularly it had a great location close to syntagma square.  , age 20, Hong Kong ()
2   mmm check out cine paris but go sleep some place else Location is impeccable! unfortunately we were thrown into the overflow section at 28€ per night, bottom floor, no windows, dirrrrrrttty hairy bed sheets (nothing like in the pictures)... ohh yess, and there were cockroaches!! First time in my life I've ever had to deal with those, nearly had a heart attack, I even flicked one off of the bar tenders shoulder because he was frozen with fear ( hahah poor guy). Bathrooms.. GROSS! There is a nice bar, t.v. computers. The location is incredible, restaurants nearby are delicious and the nightlife is great-- super close to an outdoor movie theater "Cine Paris," a movie playing to the front of you, the acropolis is lit up to the left of you, the stars above you- its beautiful. verdict- check out cine paris but sleep some place else  , Canada ()
5   Very good This hostel was a little more expensive than the others in the area, but it's in a great location and the staff are friendly. I stayed here in April 2002 and again in June 2002. They have dorms, which are not segregated by gender -- which was kind of a relief after sharing with some luggage-laden bimbos previously. A lot of the rooms have balconies looking out over the street and private bathrooms (four people in a dorm sharing one bathroom). I met some great people here.  , Australia ()
1  Avoid this hostel. took the bus from the pink palace. my sisters and myself and some others choose to stay here. worst mistake ever. only thing good about this hostel is its location to the acropolis. our room was beyond disgusting. leaks, dirty sheets, just dirt on everything, bathroom on our floor was a toilet that didnt work, and a sink. to get in you had to straddle toilet just to get the door closed, bathroom was covered in filth. the hostel moved our room without our knowledge while we were out for the day. the next room was just as bad. people we met in the hostel, like us booked out early. travel agent in the hostel was never around and tried to over charge us insanely for a ticket to santorini.  , canadian ()
4  We stayed four nights in June, 2004. We had a comfortable double bed, clean sheets and towels, a private bathroom with a powerful shower and excellent air conditioning. We paid 55 euros for two per night. The furnishing was short on cupboards but what do we expect at this price in the middle of Plaka? HINT ABOUT SYSTEM: As guests check out so the room number is put on the cleaners' sheet for action. If you stay more than one night then you need to tell reception that you require a cleaner. This way you get clean bins, towels and sheets every day. It's better than some quite expensive hotels. The only gripe: I have never before seen so many ill-mannered young people gathered together in one place, several nationalities though largely French and American. In our experience, the hostel was of a higher standard than its guests.  ()
4  Very helpful staff, especially the travel desk staff, who offered trips and tickets to the islands. Not the cleanest rooms, but livable. Breakfast was good, and the location was great. Don't take the walking tour, it is totally unprofessional.  ()
4  The location is wonderful. Plaka is really charming. If the noise from the restaurants bother you, you can always use earplugs, although it's not really that loud. And it's within walking distance of most attractions. The place is very clean, except for the bathrooms — but that is always a problem. I saw them cleaning the bathrooms a few times a day, but you can't expect it to be home-clean when there are so many people using it. The only thing I missed were hooks to hang clothes on while in the shower. And there are no lockers in the rooms. This is the hostel that I'd definitely choose again when travelling to Athens.  ()
5  My friend and I stayed here about four weeks ago and it is probably one of the best hostels we've stayed at in our 12 weeks of travelling. It's clean and the beds are so comfy. The only downsides were: —The price. It was a bit expensive but well worth it. —The bathroom had no light for the first couple of days of our stay. You have to get out of the courtyard at midnight. Otherwise, the beer is cheap, the location is ace and the people are really friendly. There's cheaper Internet down the road and the breakfast is a rip off. Walk 100m down the road to a little place that sells gyros for 1.50 euros each. Yum.  ()

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