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This is a large and prominent hostel that is located directly inside Jaffa Gate. It is an excellent location. The hostel has two floors, the first of which is the second story of the building. The roof of the hostel also offers additional rooms, as well as the option to rent a mattress or tent on the roof itself and sleep under the Jerusalem stars. It is a simple yet quite large hostel, considering it is inside the Old City. Each floor is comprised of a large common area, which includes several seating areas, a communal kitchen and fridge, and a TV. On the first floor there is internet access which is available for 10 sheckles/hour, as well as a public bookshelf and a dining table. The dorm-style rooms all open onto this main room.

The rooms house about 6-8 each, and many have bathrooms in the room. Communal bathrooms are also available. The showers in the bathrooms are typical of the middle east – a showerhead mounted on the wall without a basin or a tub.

The atmosphere is home-like, and the building has an aura of age. Some of the furniture is run-down and well worn, but nothing is dirty. The atmosphere is delightfully consistent with the adjacent buildings – the beginning of the suq. There are stained glass windows and light fixtures.

The outstanding feature of this hostel is its view. Because of its prime location, every window in the hostel has a stunning view of either the wall of the Old City and the street below, or the rooftops of the Old City. Seemingly every room opens onto a balcony. The best area, by far, is the roof, where there are separate rooms with an incredible panoramic view of the entire Old City as well as the Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, etc. Every landmark is visible!

This is an average quality hostel in a stellar location. The downside of being directly inside Jaffa gate is that the morning traffic and din of the street can be heard with the windows open. Higher rooms are better both in terms of view and in terms of the noise. On the other hand, for for price, one can't go too far wrong.
by Katherine Ball Staff Reviewer
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1 David Street, Old City, Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
31.785700, 35.200700 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+972 2 6286618
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Warning this place is a slum.
This is my actual experience. I have been a building inspector for over 40 years. Warning, unless you are brain-dead, you should NOT stay in this "slum." One of the worst hostels that I stayed at, in Jerusalem. And I have pictures to prove most of the following. With "lead" based paint peeling off the ceiling and walls in large chunks. And staying in that dorm for 2 weeks made my nose caked up with blood by every morning. Owner, and others smoke directly under the "No Smoking" sign inside the lobby 12 hours per night, 6 days a week. And most of the days also. the "Stink" fills the entire 1st floor. Electrical wiring is more than dangerous, and outlets are falling out of the walls. Shared "kitchen" is a health hazard, and refrigerator does NOT work. NO HEATING, NO air conditioning, and NO fans what-so-ever in dorms and most rooms, except "private" rooms. 8 people, or more, have to use 1 shower / toilet. When the toilet overflowed and "we" told office personal this fact they just laughed and 8 of us could not use for another 3 days. The mattresses, pillows and sheets, should have been burned (or quarantined) at least 5 years ago. When in the main 8 person dorm, the TV is to loud, most of the night. About their "secured" luggage room on the falsified description, the "door" was wide open for two weeks. Buckling 2nd floor is covered with carpets, and deteriorated ceiling is covered with sheets. Major cracks from floors in most all of the building, including ceilings show unsafe foundation system. FACT -- This place should have be condemned years ago.
It has a great position, but that's the only advantage of this place. Luckily we only stayed here for one night! The place is really dirty, our room was mouldy all around, the bathroom was so dirty, there was water all around.
Good position
The hostel is in a good position to see the most important places in Jerusalem. The rooms are not so bad, very basic; the cleaning of the room is not every day. The breakfast is good and you can take tea or coffee free all day long and there's also internet free for the guest.
I am a soldier who was at this hostel in 2011 when my friends and i were in Jerusalem at the vacation. We didn't expect much, being a soldier, i am accustomed to lower standards in accommodation, but this was the lowest point in all my history of any arrangements, whatsoever. Seriously, folks, dont go ever even near this hostel!!
One of the worst hostels around
it is cheap and well located. But the beds are terrible and staff seem useless, and tried to trick us with the price too. The breakfast is terrible especially for a 20 shekel price tag and the showers are shocking. I was told it was bad before going, but it surprised me how terrible it was. Don't go. If you do, it's quite easy to stay for more nights than you paid as the staff have no idea who has paid and which bed they're in.
(Almost) perfect
Best price, great location, beautiful view of the Old City (especially sunrise and sunset), friendly staff, breakfast and wireless internet included. No curfew, and it is one of the few Old City hostels that do not forbid alcohol on the premises. Now for the dirty: There was a serious mosquito infestation, and possibly bedbugs as well. The furniture in the common areas are very dirty and dusty. I'd recommend staying there, just be sure to put on bug repellent before bed! And if you use the money changers right outside, make sure they give you the correct rate and count how much they give you.
(United States)
I would'nt recommend that place.Too dirty.
I stayed one week. I used to stay in cheap places and to travel a lot. The place is well situated but really too dirty. The room wasn't done properly, hair in the sinks, cockroach, and other bugs -- no hygiene at all. The breakfast! Nescafé, water not enough hot, I saw that the food was prepared by a young girl in a dirty kitchen without elementary hygiene precaution the evening before. No curtains at the window, door lock deficient, I couldnt find a place in another hotel so I stayed there. I can not recommend that place
Terrible! how do people like it?
Why on earth do people like this place?? I stayed for a few days and while some of the guys behind the desk are ok, the guy who seems to run the place is incredibly rude and unfriendly. The en-suite bathroom was filthy, with the drain clogged by the accumulated hair of many many guests. There were bedbugs. Oh, and my bed had only half a frame -- they had nailed a piece of plywood on to the frame, which was very uncomfortable. Hostels like this shouldn't exist, and I winced seeing an elderly couple take the room as i was preparing to leave. The owners obviously don't give a damn about the comfort of their guests, and thus charge big money and deliver so little. It's the type of place that would close very quickly if it didnt have so much passing trade. Truly awful.

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