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City Centre Backpackers

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Great! What people need to realize is that the hostel's old owners are gone. This would mean a completely revamped hostel. I stayed there for five weeks and gotta say it was a great experience. Extremely clean (entire hostel is cleaned practically every day) and spacious with several "hostel amenities," such as a widescreen TV with hundreds of films to watch, a ping pong/pool table, board games, soda machine, air conditioning in all rooms. There are locks at the hostel entrance and at every dorm's door, so it always felt safe there. Great place if you're looking for farm work too; you are hired for $20/hour at every farm, which is great if you're looking to save some money. The hostel, which is a "working hostel," takes care of finding a job and setting it all up for you. All you need to do is complete some quick paperwork. If you get employed full-time -- which many do -- you can save up money for your next adventure really quickly here. It is hard work though, so be prepared! Greatest of people here too and many nights were spent at the beer garden right across the street. In fact, you will find that most things are just a few minutes' walk away. The location is perfect, right in the center of the city (City Centre, duh!). If you arrive with the train, it is literally the first thing you see when walking out of the train station! Overall a really great place. I loved it. If I ever came back to Bundaberg, I wouldn't hesitate a second to come back here. Really, if you're planning to stay in Bundaberg, just check the place out and give it a chance. Speak to the staff (they're super friendly), check out the premise, and interact with some of the other backpackers. You won't be disappointed!  ()
5   Excellent After 2 weeks in a bad working hostel in Bundaberg, I found the city centre. Michael and all the staff were very welcome with me and gave only the best jobs. All jobs are hourly pay. City centre is the best place for make friends, your 2 visa days and money.  , age 28, belgian ()
1   Worst hotel ever Keep away from this hostel, we spent 1 week at this place. 10h of work in a week and then, noting. Owners are really aggressive, violent with backpackers (he punch in the face one of the guy), take some stuff from the people who live there, the place is always dirty ... Sh*tty place, stay away from this horrible hostel.  , England ()
3   Not so bad as many people say We were there in 1998 for 3 months. Bob and Emma where maybe a bit grumpy but they offered us a job as hostel cleaners when we were out of job. "Clean the hostel for free staying." We got a free 2-dorm room and they gave once a week a free sausage-sizzle for all the guests. We had a wonderful time in this hostel and met great people!  , age 40, The Netherlands ()
1   House of horrors Stayed at this hostel and have to say what disgusting people tell u nothing but lies all they time. they place is swarming with rats and cockroaches Reece drives around in his little porche that his mammy and daddy bought him with the proceeds of coning and abusing backpackers. he thinks he's the man, but really he's just a pig and as for his parents I could write a book on them two con artists. they're not fit to mind a cat, let alone a hostel. it's really beyond me how them people manage to get permission to run that dump. stay away.  , England ()
1   I want to save you!! Do not stay in this hostel. I lived in Bundaberg for 4 months, the first 6 weeks i stayed here. I personally had work for 3-4 days a week, and I generally got on with the owners and the people that work there. That does not mean i trust any of them. There are better hostels in Bundy, I would NEVER recommend this one. Probably my worst hostel in my entire time in Australia.  , England ()
4   You make it what it is!!!!! myself and 4 friends -- 2 girls and 2 boys -- arrived in bundaberg, not having a clue what was going to be ahead of us. the 1st night there we had no place to go, so we ended up staying in another hostle, it was the worst night of our lives!!!! words could not express how rotten it was. so the next morning we signed into city center. your in a regional area, to do farm work, which every knows isnt going to be easy to a)get and b) to do when you get it. if you are going to bundaberg, expecting a beautiful hostel, with state of the art facilities ... well get the grey hound to turn you back around!!!! city center isnt the best hostel in the world, its not the cleanest but trust me a hostel is a hostel ... its the experience and what you make of it that is the most important. its a working hostel, and youre the owners workers as well as the farmers employees. the owners are strict, sometimes can come across as being rude, we had run ins with them all, for being loud, but i mean you get that where ever you go. bob is bob, hes cranky, he calls you a c**t a hundred times a day, he drives like a crazy man, but he was part of the experience. i NEVER had a problem with emma. she is the nicest ever. really helpful, its a stressful job, so ya sometimes she was snappy but i mean so would i if i had 100 people a day asking me questions ... but never had a problem with her. i mean my experience may be different to all those above but as i said its what you make of it. stick it out and complain all the time and you will have the worst time ever, or take it as it is, a once in a life time thing and have fun. you meet the best people from every corner of the world and make some of the best friends. the banter is unreal if you want to get to know people. i had the best 3 months here. fair enough work is had to get but i mean its not like they have the work and are just not giving it to you. its just the way it works out. but i do understand that people here havent enjoyed it. but i am friends with people now who are back at the same hostel for the 2nd or 3rd time. so i mean the only thing you can do is give it a go. the drinking in the hostel thing is good cause farmers know which hostels allow drinking and have pubs under them ran by the owners and those hostels dont get good full time work. so its for your own benefit. the weather is good there and a bbq, drinks and all the friends you make down the park is the best banter in the world.  , ireland ()
1   SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!!!!! Arrived here with my brother and stayed here for a few weeks was promised work by Reece, the owners son! Ian and Jan are the 'owners' of this hostel and they are the most rudest, disgusting people I have ever met! Not to mention Emma their receptionist who has a massive chip on her shoulder and in general is rough! Then you have Bob, the 'noise police' who lives in the hostel and walks around telling everyone to 'Shut the f**k up' -- comes in and turns down the tv so you can't hear it and proceeds to call everyone 'a**hole's! They operate on a favoutism basis, they have never heard of 1st come, 1st served here. They give all the pernament poistions to the people who are solely here to earn money and not to gain their 2nd year visa. The 1st morning I awoke I had being bitten by bedbugs and I went and told Ian and he got his back up and accused me of bringing the bedbugs to their hostel. I moved rooms from Number 5 to number 12. Both myself and a girl living in the room got absolutely eaten alive and we went and complained to Ian about this. He stormed into my room on the sunday morning and let a roar out of him to wake me up. He bulled around the room and sprayed my bed, and when I asked him to spray the girl's bed (she has limited english) he screamed at me about this being 'coincedential'!!!??? God only knows what the physco was on about! The couches in the tv room are also full of bedbugs! I had being getting only 4 hours a day working on a sweet potatoe farm, on sunday I went to check the work list and I seen I was put on standby I went into Emma in reception to ask her why, to which she exclaimed that I had being fired off the farm. I told her 'I dont believe that' and Emma roared in my face 'ARE U CALLING ME A LIAR'. Clearly she is not the smartiest woman in the world as that is not actually what I said! I knew that after I had complained about the bedbugs that I would not be getting any further work. I also knew that my farmer had not fired me as I had done nothing, only my work. I went to speak to Ian the following evening and I asked what the farmer had said and Ian stood and told me bare faced lie's that the farmer had said I was 'a slow worker' -- please!! So I called Ian's bluff and pretended that I had rang the farmer and that he didn't know what Ian was talking about. So Ian obviously sh*ting himself rang the farmer at reception and I spoke to my farmer and he denied all knowledge and told me 'no I have not fired you, I don't know what Ian is speaking about'. It was hilarious!!! The face on Ian was priceless. Ian then grabbed the phone off me and said to the farmer, 'but you told me this' and the farmer kept saying NO I DIDN'T!! Ian you are a total idiot!!!!! During this convo at reception I was verbally attacked by Ian and his wife Jan the 'lady' of the house, (but really a feral dog that likes to tut and roll her eyes) I was told to F**K OFF, GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE, and Ian also told me that if I was a bloke he would punch me! I had friends there treated the same. One girl got badly sunburnt on her back the 1st day of work but proceeded to work a further 2 days but her back came out in blisters, she asked for 2 days off to recover. She NEVER recieved anymore work from Ian, Jan or Emma, but she was encouraged to pay for another weeks rent in the promise of getting work -- she NEVER did! A lad I worked with on the farm fell sick on the farm one day and was vomiting everywhere. The farmers rang the hostel to ask them to pick him up but Ian wanted to charge him $20 to pick him up. DISGRACEFUL!!! Kindly the farmer drove him home, however, Ian fired him off the farm because he fell sick!!?? They charge you $6 a day for the bus also -- total scam! They have 3 bed bunk beds, smallest beds in the world -- you cannot even sit on the beds or you will whack your head off the bar! The kitchen is a small, dirty hole and is a breeding ground for coakroaches and Gecko's. They will lie to you and tell you there will be work next week so that you stay on and pay more rent. Avoid this place all together all the rooms are full of bedbugs and Ian is in a deep state of denial!!! Ian claims to read all these reviews. Ian also has a spiral book where people have written comments on it. it's a spiral book Ian you d**k, you can rip all the bad comments out of it. Ian is immensely proud of this spiral book. I got great pleasure in calling Ian's bluff and him falling for the trap. AVOID THIS PLACE ATALL COSTS!!!!  , Irish ()

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