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The Courtyard
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The Courtyard
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Crew House" at 1 Avenue Saint Roch.)


1 Avenue Saint Roch, アンティーブ, French Riviera, フランス共和国
43.583177, 7.122901 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+33 (0) 628 586 626
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Rude, rude, rude!!
I stayed here for a week and that was all that i could handle. I stayed in the townhouse, which is £50 more expensive than the crew house, although i dont really know why. All the job board got given only to the crew house and barely any came up to the townhouse. Probably because they are too lazy to walk up 2 blocks. The owners are so rude, i wouldnt even speak to my worst enemy the way that they speak to people. They are not helpful in the slightest and give the impression that they are doing you such a massive favour by letting you stay there when they do nothing to help you. The townhouse is run by the dictatorship of a guy called renald, he is miserable and throws peoples things away when they leave anything around! I accidentally left my toothbrush in the bathroom after a shower and found it in the bin. He has no respect for anyone. When you get to the crew house you sign a contract. But that contract is apparently invalid for people staying at the townhouse, because when we have guests over( which in the contract says we can till 10PM) they get shouted at by the dictator and thrown out. Its a hostile environment which, whilst your looking for your first job in the industry, isnt where you want to start out. When i pay £200 a week to stay in a dirty hostel i dont expect to be treated like that.
Age 21, Britain
Stay was good, but nothing else to compare with.
In terms of crew house's this is the only one I've stayed at, however I've stayed in hundreds of hostels. Yacht crew occasionally came in looking for crew, so thats good. Staff were good, but got the feeling some were irritated at times, understandable, I guess. Place was pretty clean, nothing major to report. Beds were good, maybe could have used an extra blank some nights. Only thing I could not stand was other guest's late night partying and disruptive entree when going to their dorm rooms. Happen a few times, nice people but when drinking another side shined. However that's what you get when you stay at almost any hostel, I find. The owners are pretty good about controlling it but they have lives too so they cant be there 24/7.
Age 100, Canadian
They are awful, they have bedbugs and girl could not get on a yacht because of that. They took all our deposits and are evil disrespectful people. They are rude and would highly disagree with anyone staying here. WORST CREW HOUSE EVER!!!!!

Response from the accommodation: The person posting this was Daniel Forsythe who is english not south african. He actually never stayed in the Crewhouse but in another house we have in Antibes and both he, and his friend, did not receive their key deposit when they checked out because they had lost the keys provided. And yes, sorry to say, we did have a girl who had problems with bed bugs so we immediately called in a specialist company to deal with this.
Martin power
Age 22, South African
The Crew House is the best place to stay in order to find a job, and the reason you will never want to leave Antibes. Come here willing to have the time of your life, meet some incredible people, and clean up after yourself! Martin and Virginie are both great, jobs are posted on the notice board and I got my first day work through Martin. Centrally located, all the facilities you could need, excellent Friday night barbecues, always a good crowd of people -- I still visited every weekend I could get off once I found work. Be good to Martin and he will be good to you, and don't come expecting a hotel. There will be noise and craziness and cooking clubs and movie marathons, and there will be people motivating you to keep looking, giving advice to newbies, dragging you out dock walking and helping you think up a week's menu when you get last minute daywork. I came here looking for work and found a family along the way. I'll definitely be coming back!
Age 19, South Africa
I love this Place!
I stayed here in 2011 and had the best experience ever! The owners are very helpful and made me feel like family! The facilities are great and the location is super. Being able to sit outside is a big plus ... and to have a barbeque with all your new friends is amazing! This year the renovations that they have done are awesome! I cant wait to go back!
(south africa)
Wicked place
I stayed at the crew house for 2 weeks, great place cool people, friendly atmosphere and the owner is also very helpful to the people looking for a job with the yachting industry. I do recommend The crew house.
Home from Home ...
Having arrived in Antibes with no more than 50 euros in my pocket i had no where to go nor had enough money for a hotel. I came across "the crew house" where i was humbly accepted and, without hesitation made room for. This is without a doubt, the server of the yachting industry in Antibes or even France. i real to the point owner who helps everyone and anyone in need. show your willing to work and you will be helped. show that you have character and are determined. Great atmosphere and any kind of person will fit in, as everybody is there to help. Once again thank you Crew House for a Lovely Experience.
(South Africa)
I stayed at the crew house for a week and then decided I just could not take it anymore! There was never ever HOT WATER! The kitchen, rooms, bathrooms, floors were DISGUSTING!!! Some People won't mind staying at this crew hous -- that is because some people don't mind living in thier own filth. If you are a clean person, RUN BITCHES RUN! Fun to party, but thats about it and not the place you want to find a job in. The OWNERS ARE VERY VERY RUDE! DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT, THEY MIGHT STEAL YOUR MONEY -- and thats not a joke, they wouldn't give us all our money back and charged us extra evn though we were out on time. I made friends and moved across the street -- worked out cheaper and HOT WATER! This crew house = DEATH SMELL!
No Name
(South Africa)

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