Å-Hamna Rorbuer & Hennumgården



Å Lofoten Islands, Å, Lofoten, Nordland, ノルウェー王国
+47 76 09 12 11
+47 76 09 11 14
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Cute cabin ruined by terrible service!
I stayed here with my partner over the winter low season. Unfortunately, the beautiful scenery and cute cabin was completely ruined by the poor service we experienced at these rorbuer. First of all, the owners did not clear the VERY icy, snowy and steep steps that led up to the hostel rooms, and it was incredibly dangerous. I think they think they can get away with it because there aren't many visitors in winter, but this is not good enough. I felt like I was going to break my neck! But that is just a small mistake compared to other poor service we experienced here. Owner also promised us a cabin at one price but only provided us a double room, and that we could only upgrade to a cabin at further cost. At first I thought that this was a mistake until I witnessed her doing it with another group of 3 -- the only other group that was there at the time -- she was out to trick them into staying in two cabins (these cabins comfortably sleep 6 or 7 and you definitely don't need two!) To make matters worse, these lovely tourists she was trying to persuade to hand over more money had just spent a long time out in the freezing temperatures as when they arrived she would not answer her phone, and left their accommodation dark and locked. If it were not for happening upon us they would have had no one to help them -- and I think this would often be the case in Lofoten. Essentially, the owner here is at best unhelpful and at worst, potentially crooked, and I certainly would NOT recommend staying here. Although the cabins themselves were cozy, there are other rorbuer on Lofoten that are without unhelpful owners, so try them out.
A complete pleasure!
We had a group of 15 stay in the rorbuer and the accommodations were the highlight of our trip. The owners were kind enough to pick us up from the ferry and made three trips to shuttle us all to the cabins, seeing as the bus connections don't match up with the ferry arrival. They also showed us where to buy food and gave us great recommendations on hiking and activities. Also, we knocked out our electricity by running too much at once. The owner came within 5 minutes to fix it and help us out. Fabulous service.
Avoid this Hotel!
The room was very expensive (130euros/night) for a low quality of services. Share toilets and showers but only one shower (men) for 12 rooms. The breakfast is a joke, it's a sandwich of yesterday with a small juice. It's noisy by night. So avoid it !

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