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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Billabong Backpackers Resort" at 381 Beaufort Street.)


381 Beaufort Street, Northbridge, パース (Perth City), Western Australia, オーストラリア
-31.941435, 115.867273 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 9328-7720
+61 (8) 9328-7721
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Enjoyable place to stay
On arrival my room (4 bed dorm) was very clean as there was only one other person in it already. The bathroom looked newly refurbished and freshly cleaned. Only downfall here was that whenever anyone showered water puddled in the area next to the shower. This would usually disappear overnight. The room itself was fairly spacious and had enough lockers for if the room were full. There were only 4 plugs available for the entire room. As it was winter the heater was using one of these plugs but luckily the room only had a max of three people while I was there. The hostel offered free breakfast every morning. This consisted of a selection of cereals and bread with jams, peanut butter and butter. The kitchen was very big with several hobs, ovens, microwaves and kettles available to use. There were lots of pots, pans and cooking utensils hanging around the kitchen to use as well. Adjacent to the kitchen was the food storage area that had lots of shelves and fridges for everyone to use. The kitchens were cleaned once a day at around 10pm so they were nice and clean for breakfast but sometimes got dirty by the time a few people had cooked their evening meals. The dining area was spacious and didn't seem over crowded even during main meal times. I stayed at the end of July though so the winter season is always less busy. The laundry room was really big with loads of washers and dryers to use. Prices were reasonable too and slightly cheaper than other hostels I'd stayed in around Australia. I went on a week long tour and was able to leave my large luggage in the storage room for free even though I wasn't returning to stay at the hostel again. Overall I would stay here again.
Age 22, United Kingdom
Below Average
Very noisy location on busy road. Inadequate heating on cooling for rooms. Uncomfortable noisy bed due to age. Old mattresses and pillows. Many staff are just plain rude to guests and should not be working in a customer service role. Noisy water pipes for showers and toilet which can wake you up from a joining rooms as well as rooms above. Too many beds squeezed in rooms making them cramped and uncomfortable. Would not recommend staying at the billabong.
Age 34, Germany
Fooled by star rating and supposed airport pickup
Generally quite tidy and staff pleasant and helpful. Very noisy with main road and traffic lights just outside. Whole place could do with a big spruce up. Beds not made up -- only bottom sheet and duvet, no towels. Tried to organise an airport pickup a month or so early, phone on arrival! Don't think anyone ever gets picked up (even if you are staying a week!). Just a ploy to suck in the punters! Will pay extra in future for some peace and quiet. (at a three-star hotel!)

Response from the accommodation: The Billabong has just completed renovations and the rooms and property looks great. We try and pick up as many people as we can but sometimes its just not possible. For anyone staying a week i would be more than happy to refund a taxi. Also our rules are quite strict on noise. No noise after 11pm and those guests that disturb our good guests are asked to leave.
Really rude and unpleasant staff
I stayed there for six nights in march and i found the staff to be absolutely rude. They are not helpful in any way. I was so happy when i left the place. You have to turn in your key in order to borrow a pot or something else that you might need in the kitchen, and the same goes for the laundry room. It is just insane rules and the whole place made me feel just like if i was in some sort of prison! If you want to sleep this hostel is not a good idea because there is loud music and parties around the pool till late night. The facilities in this place is pretty good but it just does not help when the staff is so rude and awful!
It was one of the worse ever lodging experiences in my life. I just came back from Perth, staying at this resort. They do not provide any transportation from the airport at all! We were told to get a cab as well. The person kept telling us to do whatever i liked. I think he was Warren. Another lady at the reception was also very unpleasant. If you're an Asian, I suggest you don't stay there. I have this feeling the staff there discriminates asians. I mean for goodness sake, we speak perfectly or better English than them. The lady looked at us as if we were speaking chinese to her! It's insane. Everything there needs to be paid. The only thing free there was their toilet rolls! Their beds were extremely dirty. It's far from the CBD area and the staff there do not know a single thing about getting around Perth! All they said was to check it out ourselves! Beware of your belongings! The staff there could enter as and when they like into your room without your consent! For you westerners, sure you'll feel great there. Seriously, i'd rather you guys to spend more on a better place than this Billabong place.

Response from the accommodation: This is just not the case. At no time would the staff disriminate against any race. As all backpackers hostels should be it does not matter what race or religion our guests are. We are open to everyone. We actualy love it when Asian people stay as they are lovley to deal with. We are only a 5 minute bus ride or a 20 minute walk to the city but to make up for that we are located on the Beaufort Street cafe strip with amazing bars, restaurants and cafes all 2 minutes walk away. Since this time the Billabong has had a complete renovation and is the best plase to stay in Perth. Come and see for yourself and we know you will not be dissapointed.
  Good facilities and nice pool area outside to socialise and meet people. When i first arrived it was good but the staff are possibly the rudest people you'll come across -- Warren especially is a f***ing idiot with an attitude problem, Tony at night is a bit of a headcase, and they are getting more and more anal about rules, long-termers, stopping people have fun.
  Booked this as the free airport pick up made the overall package very competitive. However, when we rang from the airport we were given an off pat -- get a taxi. On arrival the reception staff said they were unable to pick up when they are busy. As he then continued they were always busy, we took it that a airport pick up was a rare event. Indeed while we where there we never saw or heard of anyone getting an airport pick up or drop off. When we asked about a drop off we were advised to get a taxi again. So our taxis cost us $60. Don't book this place if you're counting on airport transportation, it is very unlikely to happen. We had booked a twin bed room and were put in a room with two double bunk beds. The bathroom was a bit dirty and grotty. Three nights in our five-night stay we were woken up by noisy people returning after 1 a.m., on one occasion three times. The kitchen was pretty good, spacious with plenty of cooking facilities and ample fridge space. The pool area tables were usually dirty, whatever time of day you used them. The food available in the small café and vending machines were competitively priced. The location of the resort was poor, a good fifteen-minute walk from the Central Business District. Quite a task bringing back your water and shopping in 42 degree heat.
NH Anorak
  This hostel is big, clean, and has lots of facilities. But the noise! Last night I was awakened at 3 a.m. by a group of screaming imbeciles outside. They had just arrived home from their night out and stood making a racket about who had shagged whom and who had seen whose tits (seriously) for absolutely ages. There is twenty-four-hour reception but no one did anything. Then when they came inside they started to play the piano and the guitar. So if you like to sleep don't come here. If you like to make other people miserable and are inconsiderate it is the place for you. It's a shame because it is a really good set-up apart from this.

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