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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Beaches Backpackers - Hervey Bay" at 195 Torquay Terrace.)


195 Torquay Terrace, Hervey Bay, Queensland, オーストラリア
-25.287018, 152.861238 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 4124-1322, 1-800-655-501
+61 (7) 4124-2727
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Good, friendly staff
I have stayed in this hostel for few days and join their 4WD Fraser Island Safari. The staff are friendly and willing to help me to solve my problems. I was arrived at around 9 p.m. at the first day, which I have not booked the 4WD Fraser Island Safari, the staff try to offer me options for the joining it at the next day or later. Their 3D/2N Fraser Safari was limited to eleven people, which is not a large group which our team can have a fair talk, and we can have a discount in their bar after we backed from Fraser Island. I have stayed in two different rooms, one has own bathroom and the other has nil but the common bathroom is nearby.
(Hong Kong)
Poorly managed
We were there for two nights because we bought a Whitsunday and Fraser Island package from them. The Beaches Hostel in Hervey Bay was terrible. The staff were unfriendly and the room we had smelt so bad. There was no air conditioning and the windows didn't open so we were so hot all night, it was cooler to sleep outside. When we returned from Fraser Island we were told we had to pay $180 more then what we already paid. They said it was because they made a mistake on our payment, but the travel agent we booked through said we got a deal. They didn't show us any proof that we owed money. We had kept our luggage in storage before we went to the Island and they wouldn't give us our stuff back until we paid the money that they made a mistake on, so we were forced to pay it. If you do go to this hostel don't deal with a girl named Holly because she will rip you off!! Don't go to this hostel!
Robyn and Mike
  This is the absolute greatest hostel in Australia! Fraser Island was amazing and the hostel puts it together so well. From getting us at the bus station, putting together our group to the parties at the hostel. It was all top-notch! It's weird, this town is so small, yet the Beaches bar is so crazy, it doesn't quite add up. Here's to the staff Sean, Reef and Ledner, you guys are too much!
  This hostel is quite nice. We stayed here before and after our Fraser Island trip and they were very well organized. The rooms were ok; we had a dorm with en suite, and the beds were quite comfortable. The bar is really good, and has great deals on cheap drinks. Staff were friendly. There's not much to do in Hervey Bay really, it's just somewhere to stay before and after Fraser Island — which of course was fantastic! I would recommend this hostel — mostly for the bar.
Naomi Dunnings
  I stayed at Beaches for two nights - one night before my Fraser trip and one after. I loved it!! It had great rooms, with en suite bathrooms. It was very, very clean. The staff were very helpful with all my questions. The pool and bar are great - lots of fun! The best part of the hostel was the kitchen. It was super clean. I really enjoyed my stay at Beaches!
  I loved Beaches, loved the staff, the bar is just sensational and the table dancing kicks!!! I did Fraser Island with its beaches as well. It rained the whole time we were there, so it was good to have the Base Camp, showers, and SHELTER from the wet!!! I would love to go back and do it all again when the sun is shining!!
  This is the worst hostel by far I've ever stayed in! On the bed sheets there was dried blood and cum stains! The mattress wasn't even a proper mattress, the curtains were littered with burn marks, and everything looked like it was bought from a charity shop. Not to mention the seals in the room were broken and we found a lizard in our room.
  I stayed at this hostel on my way up the East Coast - I loved it, loved it, loved it!!! The staff are so friendly and the Bar kicks! I did Fraser with its beaches and stayed at Base camp - it was so nice not to have to pack up camp each night, and hot showers are a good thing when you are cold and wet!

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