About Hostelz.com

Why did you create this site?

Hostelz.com was started way back in 2002 because we saw a need for a better hostels guide website that really gives you all the information you need to find the best hostels. Over the past 12 years this site has grown to become the largest and most complete hostels database on the web (actually, it's now the only real worldwide hostels guide online). We're based in Austin, Texas (USA).

Some of what this site offers includes free complete listings for all hostels worldwide including direct contact information, quick searching, genuine unbiased reviews, original hostel photographs, comments from other backpackers, and a reservation system that searches for the best prices and availability across all of the major booking systems. And we keep all of our pages clean and simple with no pop-ups or banner ads so it's fast and easy to find the information you want.

By working with all of the major hostel booking systems, we are able to combine all of their data with our own database of hostel information and exclusive reviews, along with online booking price comparison, giving you all the information you need to find all the best hostels on one website. There is no reason to ever look anywhere else for hostel information.

We don't spend a ton of money on advertising like the hostel booking sites do. We just rely on word of mouth from travelers to spread the word. Once they discover Hostelz.com, most people never go back to using any other hostel website.

What makes this site different than the other hostel websites?

A lot of things. Here's a list of some of the major differences that put Hostelz.com in a completely different league than any other online hostels guide.

We could keep going, but those are at least some of the major points. And we're not done yet. We're working on many more neat new features that will be going live on the site this year. So stick around, it only gets better.

How much can I save by using Hostelz.com's price comparison system?

On average 10.6%, as much as 50%-60% on many bookings depending on the hostel. See the complete price comparison study.

Why stay in a hostel?

A hostel (also called a youth hostel) is like a hotel except at a hostel you can get a bed in a dormitory room which you share with other travelers. Of course this means that you can stay for less money than you would pay at a hotel for private room. But there's more to the hostel experience than that. Hostels are primarily used by young travelers, including many people who are traveling alone. So a hostel is also a great place to meet other young backpackers to swap travel stories or hang out. Modern hostels now usually also give you the option to stay in inexpensive private rooms.

The atmosphere of a hostel can vary greatly. Some are big social hang outs with pool tables and a bar, and some are quaint little homey places run by a sweet old lady. The reviews and descriptions on this site will help you to find the ones that fit what you're looking for.

How does the online reservation system work?

We have partnerships with all of the major hostel booking websites. So when you search for available beds on Hostelz.com, our system checks each hostel booking website to find the best price and availability for the dates you requested. Because hostels put only a portion of their available beds in each online booking system, the same hostel may have available beds in one booking system but not another, and at a completely different price. So when you use Hostelz.com, you're guaranteed to always get the best availability at the best price.

When you make your booking, you complete the booking process on the Hostelz.com website, and we instantly process your booking through whichever booking system is being used for that booking. The process is similar to how travel websites like Expedia or Travelocity let you make airline bookings for various airlines. And there is no extra charge for using Hostelz.com, you always pay the lowest price available when you book through Hostelz.com.

How do you guys make money?

Unlike some hostel guides, we don't accept payments of any kind from hostels to be listed or reviewed on this site. All listings are completely free, and of course the site is free to use. So how do we make money? We get a percent back from the booking companies for hostel beds that are booked through our site. This is done with no added cost to the customer. That helps pay for running and maintaining Hostelz.com, so that's why if you use our site to find a hostel, we appreciate it if you also use our site to make your reservation.

How can I help spread the word about Hostelz.com?

Because we're primarily an information resource, we can't pay for tons of advertising like the booking websites do. We rely on word of mouth and support from travel blogs and the online community to get the word out. If you have a website or blog and you like Hostelz.com, please link to us. We appreciate any help we can get to let people know about our site.

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How can I add a new hostel to your site?

Use this form to add a hostel. There are no fees of any kind to list a hostel, all listings on this site are completely free.

Legal Stuff

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