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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Taipei Hostel" at 6 Floor, Lane 5, 11 Lin Shen North.)


6 Floor, Lane 5, 11 Lin Shen North, Taipei, Northern Taiwan, Taïwan
25.045282, 121.524362 (accuracy not guaranteed)
2 2395 2950
2 2395 2952
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Sloppy, careless upkeep, with attitude to match
We stayed there one night when we arrived in Taipei. We made arrangements to come back there when we came back to Taipei. We then traveled the country. When we came back the manager pretended that we hadnt made arrangements to stay again (and shes a bad liar!). We had been explicit, going so far as to writing down when we'd be coming back and making sure she had a room for us. Upon arrival She informed us that her "regulars" were coming back for the weekend and that if we wanted to stay we'd have to sleep in the dorm. Her attitude was such that she thought we were convinced her place was the best we could do. Well, my advice to everyone is to learn the Chinese characters for hotel and go looking on the other side of the train station. We found a hotel for the same price as the hostel and had our own washroom and cable TV. The service at Taipei hostel is shoddy at best. I saw one American male who got upset about someone going into his room while he was actually in it. The manager handed him his money and kicked him out for complaining without even looking him in the eye. When we left and told her where were going and how much it cost she looked as if shed been found out and said she was sorry and whatnot. Too little too late. I think you'll find that as more people travel to Taiwan places like this are going to have to pull up their socks when they can't count on tourists' ignorance to get them by.
  Taipei Hostel is better than other places but does it mean it's good hostel? Not really. Staff is not always very friendly, especially the maid from Philippines and the Taiwanese manager. It seems clean but if you have a look under the beds in the dormitory you'll notice lots of dust. Place is sometimes overcrowded, with maybe up to fifty people using common facilities made for ten or twenty. And it's noisy as hell, both because of the dogs outside but also people staying there (staying in dorm one is a terrible experience) who are usually loud and behave like they are alone in the world, regardless of the others. Oh, they have a cat too, so if you have allergies or want to eat your food quietly without having to fight with a fierce creature, don't go there. My conclusion, go somewhere else unless you really don't have the choice. And if you decide to go there and book a single or double room, be prepared to maybe sleep in a dormitory as they sometimes, not to say often, don't respect reservations.

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