Why should you use Hostelz.com for finding hostels?

Hostelz.com is the one hostel website that combines everything you need in one site.

Hostels and Rating Scores from all the Hostel Booking Websites

Each hostel booking website only lists a portion of the hostels that are out there. We combine information from all of them on one website. You no longer have to search tons of websites when looking the right hostel for you.

Thousands More Hostels that aren't on Any of the Booking Websites

There are thousands of great hostels that don't use the booking websites. Hostelz.com is the only worldwide hostel guide that lists ALL hostels (for free). We list phone numbers and websites for the hostels so you can contact them directly (none of the hostel booking websites would do that!).

Guest Ratings and Reviews with Real Photos

We have the most genuine and reliable reviews from guests, and also our own full length, detailed reviews with photos taken by the reviewer to show what the hostel *really* looks like on an average day. We also combine ratings from all of the reviews and from other websites to calculate the ultimate Overall Combined Score for each hostel.

Instant Price Comparison

We show you the prices in all of the booking systems at once so that you can make your booking on whichever site has the lowest price. Because prices vary between the booking sites, you can often save 20% or more off the price of the same bed or room. So you know you'll always get the hostel you want at the cheapest price when you use Hostelz.com.

Find that Last Available Bed After the Other Websites Say it's Sold Out

Hostels only put a portion of their beds in each booking system. When you use Hostelz.com, we search all of the booking sites, so you'll always be able to find that last available bed at the hostel you want if you use Hostelz.com.

Better Search Filters to Find the Perfect Hostel for You

There are many kinds of hostels. You might be looking for a party hostel where you can stay up all night having a good time, or you might be looking for a friendly but quiet place to rest. Hostelz.com makes it easy to find the right hostel for you with "suitable for" search options to let you filter your search results with choices including "partying", "quiet rest", "seniors", and "business travelers." The website also lets users search for other kinds of specific features, such as hostels that accept pets, or hostels that have a bar or swimming pool.

The only hostels website you'll ever need. Period.

Hostelz.com is completely different than all those hostel booking websites you used to have to use to search for hostels. We designed it to be a real information resource that gives you all the information you need to find the perfect hostel for you at the best price available.

Now that you have discovered Hostelz.com, there really is no reason you would ever need to use another hostel website ever again.

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