Wheems Bothy


Wheems, Eastside, South Ronaldsay, Orkney, Vereinigtes Königreich
+44 (0) 1856 831537
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Excellent, private, and quirky
We stayed here for two nights and easily would have stayed longer. The owner was friendly and we had the place to ourselves. the showers were toasty hot and the rooms comfy. recommended for people looking for quiet, relaxed, home feeling accommodation.
vixs and brye
  I travelled in the U.K. for three months, staying at a variety of places and this was by far the worst hostel I have ever encountered. The hostel is basically a single room, one corner of which is a small kitchenette with a couch and a dining table, with mattresses on the floor of the other corner comprising the sleeping part. I would estimate that there are about ten beds. I was travelling with three other people and we were originally booked to stay three nights at the hostel. Upon arrival we were met by the farm owner's son, who was living there, and were told that it would be eight pounds a night, which we paid in advance. After our money had been taken we were informed that no meat was to be cooked on the premises, that all showers must be limited to two minutes each as there wasn't enough hot water, and that we had to feed fifty pence coins into the heater for it to work. This was around April and it was quite cold, so we were annoyed that we hadn't been told this before we'd paid for our beds. The kitchenette was filthy and sleeping in the same room that we'd eaten in was unpleasant. We weren't expecting the Ritz but given the high quality of the other hostels we had stayed in in the U.K., we were surprised that this one could survive! The final straw came when I woke up early in the morning and saw the owner's son peering down at me through a crack in the curtain that was drawn across my bunk -- as soon as I woke my friends up, we collected our things and moved across town to another hostel. Zero stars -- I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

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