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90-92 Marlborough Street, Dublin, Dublin Region, Irland
53.348290, -6.257459 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+353 18 78 38 84
+353 (0) 1 8747164
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I think there are better hostels around
If stayed two days in the shining hostel and I think it was too expensive for 15 euro a night. The rooms are ok, it's a hostel at least, but the rest was very dirty. I didn't use the shower, they had a towel lying in front of them. That's usually a good idea, but it didn't look like they are changing it very often. At the backyard was a lot of rubbish backs laying around. The kitchen where the breakfast was served also looked like not be cleaned so often. I was on their website later and can't say, that it really looks like that. Ok, it's close to the center and 15 euro a night isn't that expensive, the staff was alright, and the room wasn't that bad. But the rest was dirty and filthy and I didn't fell comfortable around there. I wouldn't sleep there again. I recommend to search another hostel. There are plenty in Dublin. I just wonder where the 5 stars reviews come from, it isn't five stars really.
  The Rainbow Hostel is a filthy commode. I stayed there for six nights in April and hated every moment of being in-house. The staff is unfriendly, the building was in shambles, the bathrooms are disgusting, and a good portion of the people staying there are dispicable bums. But there is one thing that I will never forget about this place -- or I should say two things because the smell of cigarettes and excrement in the bathroom is certainly something that will not soon pass. but the one thing that really stood out was the smell of the kitchen. There was an odor, coming from behind the fridge, that literally smelled like a dead rotting animal carcass. Now I can put up with a lot, but this smell was so rank, so vile and putrid that I could not bring myself to make a single meal at the hostel.
  One night in this sleazy place will make you feel as though you have spent a week soaking in rotten chicken broth.
  This place is a dive. If you poured a pint on your head you'd feel cleaner than you do after a visit to the Rainbow bathrooms. This is a place you book if there is absolutely nothing else available in central Dublin. (Worse luck for us, the famed friendly Kiwi receptionist wasn't around for our stay -- we were stuck with a cranky Aussie!)
  By far the worst hostel I have ever stayed at. Dirty, filthy and definitely something dodgy going on with some of the staff. I noticed on their website that they are doing renovations, I know other people who have stayed there and it seems these have been going on for three years! There is loads of other hostels in Dublin, do yourself a favour and stay in one of them. If you stay at the Rainbow Hostel you will regret it and it will ruin your impression of Dublin.
  It's more of a home for people trying to move/work in Ireland rather then a hostel. I'd say seventy percent of the people there have been there for multiple months and are not interested in meeting new people. They already have formed groups and I felt like an outsider even after trying to talk to them numerous times. The kiwi receptionist is the only thing worth mentioning.
  Where to start? This is not a very good hostel. I had read the reviews but decided to try it anyway. My mistake. Let's start with the bathrooms: they are terrible. There were four toilets and not one had a lid/seat that was attached. Then there was the cleanliness issue. The bathrooms were not clean. I tried not to look too close at the floor to determine what was there. The showers are pretty small and pathetic with a glass door. Not all of the sinks worked and there was water all over the entire floor. As for the rooms, well, there was an unpleasant smell. There were many flies circling around. There was no locker of any kind. I also happened to have inconsiderate people staying in the same room: coming back around 3 a.m., banging/knocking on the door because the keycard didn't work, turning on the lights and having a conversation. The kitchen and lounge area was pretty small as well. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Sure, it is cheap, but you can't even get a good night's sleep.
Jack - USA, RTW 2005
  We loved the Rainbow Hostel. From the minute I called to make a reservation the wonderful Kiwi receptionist helped me with absolutely everything. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed into the home of many wonderfully interesting people. They accepted us as if we had lived there our whole lives. I really want to compliment the hostel's Kiwi receptionist and give her five extra stars. She really is a wonderful person and truly brightens up the place. Keep up the good work.
The two Americans

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