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Outstanding opportunity to enjoy the real Costa Rica in a small town.

This is a lovely, rustic place to see the real Costa Rica away from the tourist areas. Elena Ross, an experienced expat hostess, has seven acres of jungle complete with an enchanted bamboo forest bordering a creek that flows into the Rio Naranja. The surroundings feature beautiful native flowers and a green pastures. You will see monkeys in the trees and hear the sounds of crickets and birds. The rooms are clean and comfortable with a private or shared bath. A complete kitchen is available. This is an authentic off-the-beaten-path opportunity to experience the foothills of Costa Rica ten miles east of Quepos. The air is a little cooler here and very pleasant.


Age 70, USA


I had the opportunity to visit this amazing place just a couple of months ago. It was just great to see nature everywhere and even as a tico visitor and knowing that we are used to nature, Finca Amanecer is a beautiful and cheap place to go and stay with friends, family or just by yourself. Elena, the owner, really makes you feel that you are at home and makes you feel comfortable. It is far away from the city but that keeps the tourist away from the pollution the danger that comes along with cities!


Age 22, Costa Rica

Great for Bikers and Backpackers

Londres is a very small community near Quepos. If you are looking for a cheap beach resort type place this is not it. If you want to live like a local; sit on the patio; watch the birds; and get a camping-like experience with a flush toilet, hot shower, and prepared meals this may be for you. I stayed for a couple of months because I wanted to get back to basics. The Finca has Internet service but no TV or phone outside of VoIP. This not a hotbed of happenings although many interesting people drop by for chats and drinks. If you only have a week or two for your vacation and want to pack in a lot of action, try a more centrally located spot. If you want to experience Costa Rica as the people living there experience it, take some time and sit a spell. If you are thinking of retiring to Costa Rica, Elena is a very valuable resource. She will give you the scoop on the good and bad aspects of living in paradise. I gave a 3 star rating because the experience will be what you make it.


Age 62, USA

Do not go here ...

Unless you would like to be taken advantage of and watch as someone tries to manipulate your money away from you. Especially to volunteers, You really, really, really (I can't type enough really's) should not go here. Go to some other place in Costa Rica and support local people who are not attempting to steal money from unsuspecting retirees.



Very basic, good if you want that

Beautiful area but 15 miles from the beach down a pot hole gravel road, bus ride is awful. The river would be the main attraction but only Sept - January before it gets very low. Little town 5 minutes down the road has 2 little stores for basics. Can't imagine why anyone would want to stay at this place unless you are hiding out and don't mind basic, want to study insects or flora, or want to get lost in the jungle.



Not worth it

I spend two nights there but i wasn't too impressed. The lady owning the place provides with information you don't need like "Don't go out to the bars by yourself or everyone's gonna think your a prostitute," not with the information you do actually need, for example that there is no bus going to Quepos at 8 a.m. on Sundays (I even asked about it). So I ended up waiting for the bus for almost an hour till one of the locals told me that there was no bus going, took a taxi into town, and arrived quite late at Manuel Antonio National Park. Too late to get in. So this what I've taken the bus from San Jose for? Twelve hours for nothing. Thanks!


(South Africa)

Quite an experience

I stayed here and wasn't too impressed. The lady owning the place provides you with lots of information you do not need (comments like "Don't go to the pubs alone or the locals will think you're a prostitute" -- well, I've been living in Costa Rica for a few months, I've also been out alone and never been taken for a prostitute) but doesn't give you the information you would consider necessary, for instance that there is no bus going to Quepos at 8am on Sundays even though we talked about it the day before. I ended up waiting for the bus for half an hour until one of the locals told me, then paid for a taxi into town and when I arrived at Manuel Antonio NP it's been too late to get in since they only allow a certain number of people in at the time and there were another 200 lined up already. So that was what I came for all the way from San Jose, a 6 hour bus ride one way. Thanks a lot! One more advice, bring some extra cash since prices tend to be higher than what you booked it for online.


(South Africa)

Really nice locals and close to activities

Actually I enjoyed talking to the locals and even went to a dance party with other backpackers (where we had great fun and felt welcome) and a fabulous live band. It's not far away from activities like waterfall rapelling, horse back riding, and zip-lining. The bus trip takes 40-50 min. and buses run 3-4 times a day (not at 8 AM Saturdays though!!) but again I enjoy being with locals and seeing how they live when I travel so for me staying in Londres was a nice change.

Armin Wahl


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