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Dweersstraat 26, City Centre, Bruges (Brugge), West-Flanders, Belgium
51.205936, 3.219375 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+32 (0)50 340 232
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Worst service of my life
I travel the world and stay from hostels to 5 stars, my traveling average is 2x a month at least and this was by far my worst experience ever in a hotel. I decided to stay at this place as it seemed nice and it had "mostly" good reviews (it also had some really bad reviews in between that I only saw after!). I put my arrival time at 11 am when doing the reservation and due to many issues on the road my family and I could only arrive at 7pm. We met the owner at the reception, which is inside the restaurant and he immediately started shouting at us (yes, shouting!), saying that we should never do this to a hotel (meaning, arriving later than the check in!) and they tried to call me 3x and he wouldn't want to hear I had issues on the road and that my mobile clearly didn't have signal because I didn't receive any calls. He kept shouting and saying the same thing at least 10x times and I calmly answered that he was ruining my first day of the year (it was 1st January 2015) and we had issues enough on the road. I tried to tell him for the 10th time I had many issues on the road and for the 10th time he answered he didn't care. He kept saying I was wrong and shouting at me and family, the whole restaurant was staring at us without understanding what was the issue. I mentioned I would leave him a bad review and his answer was "I don't care!". I do wish I had recorded because it was surreal. I don't recommend this place to anyone. Mainly if you come with a loved one, this is definitely not a romantic place and the owner doesn't seem stable if he does this to guests without any tact or care. The hotel itself is ok, bedrooms are fine but we had a broken bed in our room, it wasn't too broken but my brother couldn't stretch his legs until the end of the bed, as we only stayed 1 night (thankfully) this wasn't a huge deal. Toilets weren't clean as it's shared with the restaurant, so by the end of the evening, it was quite disgusting, wifi almost nonexistent and totally nonexistent depending on the room you are, again, as we only stayed for 1 night, this wasn't as huge deal as the attitude of the owner.
Age 30, Brazilian
Hotel Gran Kaffee De Passage - Passage Youth is in a great location, just off the biggest shopping street in Bruges. The Location We found it so easily walking from the bus station to the center of town while using only a tiny map. The exterior of the hostel is adorable, but the signs to the reception desk are a little confusing. Passage's restaurant is separate from its hostel/hotel next door, and you have to walk through the skinny alley in between to get to the reception area. Rooms and Bathrooms We had originally gotten a reservation for one night in a dorm-style, bunk bed room for four people. They told us they could give us a private room, which we weren't expecting, so that was lucky for us. Even nicer was that they gave us a spacious room with two double beds and our own bathroom with lots of blankets and towels. We all paid the same price we would have for those bunk beds, so we were very surprised but incredibly happy. Common Spaces Just past our room is a lounge area with couches and magazine on a table. We didn't spend any time there, but it looks cozy. There is also a place for storage near the reception desk. It's basically an open bookshelf where people throw their backpacks and bags. It doesn't look too safe, but there are a lot of bags thrown on that shelf, so we figured it is ok. One of the best parts about staying at Passage is that the restaurant has such delicious food! We had dinner there, and our friends shared the mussels and fries while we had the pork ribs. They were the best pork ribs we've ever had. The atmosphere is cozy with dim candle lighting -- it's very romantic, actually. And if you tell them that you're a guest at the hostel/hotel, you get a free beer with your entree. Summary We really enjoyed our time at Passage. Our only complaint about the hostel is that there is a sewage-like smell in the hallways, but that disappears as soon as you step into your room. They also offer a breakfast for a small price, but we got waffles somewhere else for the same price.
Jimmye Ahn
Hotel Gran Kaffee De Passage is a really wonderful hostel. taying here guarantees a fantastic experience, not to mention being an extreme value-for-money. The charming, quaint, and resortlike atmosphere of Bruges makes this a perfect place indeed to spend several nights in. The hostel is located about a ten- to fifteen-minute walk away from the Bruges train station. From the train station, getting to the hostel is relatively straightforward. Simply turn left at the station entrance and follow the main road down towards the left till you come to a cluster of quaint cafes and shops. The hostel is down the second street to the right. The staff at the hostel is very friendly and welcoming, always ready with information and jokes. The reception counter provides for free a very informative map of Bruges, so be sure to ask for it. The rooms are located on the first, second, and third levels of the hostel. The stairs are somewhat narrow, making going up and down the stairs with a backpack a bit difficult, but definitely manageable. The dormitories available range from four to seven bedders, and the key to the room is provided in return for the deposition of some official form of ID, such as an ID card or driving license. Though simple, the rooms are tastefully and cheerfully decorated, each equipped with a sink. The rooms are very clean and well maintained and some rooms offer a view over the rooftops of Bruges. The toilets and showers are also clean and well lighted. Hot showers are available through a very good heating system, and there is adequate water pressure supplying the showers. One drawback of the hostel bathrooms is the curious lack of any hooks to hang clothes and towels though. Mention must be made of the truly excellent bar and restaurant at the ground floor of the hostel. The cosy and rustic atmosphere of the restaurant makes it an excellent place for dinner. The food is extremely delicious, especially the Belgian mussels in white beer and the Flemish stew. Prices are reasonable and a free beer is also provided with each dinner order. Breakfast is not included in the price, which is a good thing considering all the cafes and delicious food to be had all around Bruges. The central location of the hostel makes it easy to access all of Bruges' most famous landmarks and tourist spots on foot, with everything within a maximum of fifteen to twenty minutes walk away. The capital city of Brussels is also only an hour's train ride away. This hostel is recommended for anyone planning to spend a few days in the picturesque town of Bruges.
Sharon Poh
  We stayed here in April for the Tour of Flanders and really enjoyed the Passage. The location was great, right off the main shopping street. The rooms were clean and a good size. The restaurant was a good value and the ribs were excellent. It could use a common room though. I would stay here again if I went back to Bruges.
  We visited the hostel together with friends from Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Finland, and Denmark. Most of us agreed it was a nice place to stay. It's not the most fancy place in Bruges, but what do you expect for €12 a night? The bathrooms were alright by me. Breakfast was a bit poor, but the good restaurant made up for it. Definitely coming back to visit the hotel.
  My friend and I got stuck staying here after arriving in Bruges fairly late in the evening and not having many other options. The cost is definitely cheap (about twelve euros when we were there in September 2003). But be warned that the dorms are mixed-sex, which we were not informed of and didn't realize until we opened the door to our assigned dorm and found some guy laying on one of the beds. The bathrooms are absolutely disgusting — very dark and dingy. And the water smells AWFUL.
  This is a decent hostel. There is a really nice restaurant downstairs. It's really nice in the sense that it is cool, not fancy and over-priced. The only downside of the restaurant is that it is the only social place in the hostel and it opens at 5 and tends to fill up with people who are there for the restaurant. So there's no real lounging area if you don't want to always buy dinner. The rooms are fairly nice too, with comfy beds and good showers. It is also really central in the city, a little ways from the train station but close to everything else. I would stay there again.
  Horrible place. The rooms were dirty, the washroom was gross, and the bar is right underneath. There's no privacy. There are bed bugs. It's not near the station--about a 25 minute walk away. And, it's got expensive internet.

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