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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Kemijärvi - Hostel Kemijärvi" at Lohelankatu 1.)


Lohelankatu 1, Kemijarvi, Finland
66.717063, 27.409592 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+358 16 813253, 813341
+358 16 813342
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HI - Kemijärvi - Hostel Kemijärvi is part of a campsite complex right by a lake on the outskirts of Kemijarvi. The Location The bus station is about five hundred metres away on the outskirts of town, and the train station is a little under a kilometre away in the opposite direction (on the main road away from the town heading in the direction of Rovaniemi). The whole of Kemijarvi and its amenities are within walking distance. There are two large supermarkets right on the edge of town, facing the path for the hostel. Rooms and Bathrooms Dorm rooms are spotless and contain simple but comfortable bunk beds. Doors are locked by key and the outside door remains locked at all times. Bathrooms are likewise clean, and, although there is only one for men and one for women in the block, access shouldn't be a problem as this is an extremely quiet hostel, even in summer. Showers and toilets are spacious, and showers have a clothes hook (which is necessary as showers are not enclosed). Private rooms are an option, as are private ensuite cabins facing the lakeshore. Private cabins have their own small lake-facing porches. Common Spaces The hostel has an excellently equipped and clean kitchen with a seated eating area by the windows. There is also an adjoining television area with sofas and some magazines and books (mostly in Finnish) to read. There is no internet access (internet access is available in the town centre at the tourist office and the public library). The hostel has a very quiet atmosphere and is mainly used by middle-aged Finnish travelers on road trips. There is no curfew but it is quiet time after 10 p.m. The hostel has a small communal balcony area facing the lake which is nice to sit out on with a drink in the summer. It is important to bring insect repellent, as the mosquitoes in Lapland are vicious. Summary Kemijarvi hostel can be summarised as clean, quiet, and safe. It meets the usual standard you might expect of an HI hostel and, although nothing remarkable, it remains the best budget accommodation choice in the area for those who prefer not to sleep in a tent.
Laura Ferguson

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