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Interlaken is the place to be if you're into extreme sports. It's the ideal base for hiking up the Alps or trips to Jungfraujoch and the surrounding valleys such as Lauterbrunnen. I was lucky enough to be in town for the two-hundredth Unspunnen festival -- a unique cultural experience. Come to Interlaken with plenty of adrenaline -- and cash! It's very expensive, as is the country as a whole.
Interlaken is the bomb.
My friend and I enjoyed a gondola ride up one of the mountains to a beautiful hotel where we ate lunch and hiked around the forest area. We enjoyed nice October weather and had a great time with the Oktoberfest tents and its people.
Interlaken is a really nice place specially in summer. Like other touristy area, Interlaken has various bars, cafes, and branded stores. But if you are looking for natural-real Swiss thing, try to catch some of the small villages surrounding it. Leissigen (4 minutes by regional train from Interlaken) is a worth place to see. Dont worry, almost everyone can speak English.
The best thing about Interlaken is it's vicinity to some of the most beautiful mountain senery around. Spend some time meandering in town maybe catch a great dinner at one of the many restaurants then get out of town and go explore those beautiful Alps. Interlaken is your bigger town in the mountains, offering what the smaller mountain towns don't.
Switzerland is a place that is not to be missed. Absolutely one of the most beautiful on the planet. Interlaken is the town to visit as most others are boring shopping malls. This place has everything for a really nice rest in between big cities as well as some of the most amazing outdoor activites you could imagine.
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