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I lived in Valencia for two years. Rat and rabbit may have been used by few but was never used by a majority -- and I emphasize a few very strongly. Seafood paella is used by everyone in Valencia. But most of the time it's not just seafood -- they will combine chicken as well.
Valencia's such a awesome place -- very laidback and relaxed, it's perfect for the slacker-party people because they have late lunches, long siestas, and great well-into-the-night nightlife. Notice that on the way to the city area from the airport it's all very urban, but once you get to the Plaza de L'Ajuntament area it's all distinctively Spanish architecture. Check out the beach. I'm from an island country (Singapore), yet i was so totally blown by the Mediterranean Sea -- clear blue and endless horizon! Best trip of my life!
Hola, I had a wonderfull experience there. Restaurants, bars, discos, tourism, everything was excellent during my trip. A bit difficult to find accomodation there for my short-stay but finally did the job. Great! Have fun.
Valencia City
Valencia is a beautiful city - if you're a contemporary art fan, a must-visit is the IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno) - also, don't be put off by the colour of 'arroz negro' (black paella - it's squid ink), it's delicious.
I'm an American student who lives in Valencia this Spring. The best area to get a taste of the city is the old part, called Barrio Carmen. Nightlife is strong here, and so is the local spirit. Paella is a favorite of the locals, but Italian food is the most popular with our crowd. Definitely hit up a creperia for a chocolate crepe and a cafe con leche, or an horno for a napoleatana con chocolate.
You know... the traditional paella was made with rat and chicken -vomitive- now is done with rabbit and chicken, in Spain the rabbits are not pets. Seafood paella is only for tourists and in Valencia usually eat the paella at lunch.
Pamela Kostikovak
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