Hostels near Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS), Dakar

Hostels near Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS)

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Hostels in Dakar

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Distance to Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS): 42.3 km / 26 miles
Party Hostel Youth Hostel
"…Dakar International House offers comfortable private and shared rooms. There is a room with private bathroom. All rooms have toiletries and Wi-Fi access. Dakar International House policies and … More
Distance to Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS): 42.7 km / 27 miles
Female Solo Traveller Solo Traveller
"…On the ground floor you will also find the dining room and a comfortable living room, for all our kind guests, with TV, DVX player, wi-fi. A wonderful inner court decorated by trees and flowers is … More

Annexe Kingz Plaza

Free Breakfast
Distance to Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS): 43.3 km / 27 miles
Party Hostel
"…Free breakfast is available to all rooms except dorms. Breakfast is served every morning between 8.00am and 11h.00 am at Kingz Plaza Restaurant." …"…Dakar. Senegal Annexe Kingz Plaza is … More
Distance to Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS): 43.8 km / 27 miles
Digital Nomads Family-Friendly Hostel Older travelers (+50) Quiet Rest Solo Traveller
"…NOTE: WE ALSO OFFER THIS SERVICE FOR OTHER HOTELS/HOMESTAYS IN THE DAKAR AREA FOR €25. Dakar Airport can be absolute BEDLAM in the late night hours! There are no police at the arrivals gates and … More

Hotels in Dakar

Distance to Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS): 42.6 km / 26 miles
Cité Djily Mbaye n° 265 More

Campsites in Dakar

Surfcamp NGor Island

Free Breakfast
Distance to Blaise Diagne International Airport (DSS): 48.6 km / 30 miles
"…Your bedroom is cleaned by a maid every day and we have a laundry service available. The camp does not have main electricity but we do have a solar/wind turbine system with full lighting, fans, … More

Hostels in Dakar, Senegal

4 hostels available. Prices start from $12.00 for a dorm bed.

Neighborhoods in Dakar

Looking for a specific district? Here you go:

Blaise Diagne Airport: Backpacker's Haven

Welcome to Blaise Diagne International Airport, the gateway to Dakar's hidden gems. Discover why budget travelers and backpackers flock to this district:

Effortless Connectivity

Explore the seamless transportation options from Blaise Diagne Airport:

  • Strategic Location: Stay near the airport for quick access to Dakar's attractions, saving time and money on transportation.
  • Reliable Services: Enjoy reliable taxi services and public buses, ensuring hassle-free travel within the city and beyond.

Timeless Landmarks

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Dakar's landmarks near the airport:

  • Lac Rose (Pink Lake): Experience the surreal beauty of Lac Rose, where the water's high salt content creates a stunning pink hue, offering a unique backdrop for photography and relaxation.
  • Goree Island: Delve into history at Goree Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its role in the transatlantic slave trade, featuring historic landmarks, museums, and vibrant cultural performances.

Essential Amenities

Discover essential amenities near Blaise Diagne Airport:

  • Comfortable Hostels: Find budget-friendly hostels in the vicinity, providing backpackers with cozy accommodations and a vibrant community atmosphere.
  • Local Eateries: Sample authentic Senegalese cuisine at nearby restaurants, savoring traditional dishes like thieboudienne (fish and rice) and yassa (marinated chicken or fish).

Cultural Delights

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Dakar:

  • Artistic Expressions: Explore local art galleries and markets, showcasing vibrant paintings, sculptures, and textiles created by talented Senegalese artists.
  • Musical Rhythms: Experience the pulsating rhythms of Senegalese music through live performances and dance classes, offering insights into the country's diverse musical traditions.

Why Choose Blaise Diagne Airport

Uncover the reasons to stay near Blaise Diagne Airport:

  • Convenience: Benefit from convenient access to transportation hubs and major attractions, maximizing your time exploring Dakar's cultural and natural wonders.
  • Affordability: Enjoy affordable accommodations and dining options near the airport, allowing you to stretch your travel budget without compromising on comfort or experiences.
  • Authenticity: Immerse yourself in the authentic charm of Dakar's neighborhoods, where vibrant markets, lively music, and warm hospitality await your discovery.

Ready to embark on your Dakar adventure? Secure your stay near Blaise Diagne Airport and prepare for an unforgettable journey filled with cultural immersion and exploration!

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