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Distance to New Haven: 4.8 km / 3 miles
Adventure Hostels Family-Friendly Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
"Unusual but great for campers wanting to get out of the cold - We parked our tiny camper on the powered site on the grass but spent all our time in the hostel, not modern but interesting. Host was … More

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Distance to New Haven: 0.1 km / 0.1 miles
"…Stay a while and enjoy all of the secrets of the Catlins, its splendid wild coastline, deserted beaches, native sea lions live at our doorstep; fur seals, penguins and lots of native birdlife … More

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Distance to New Haven: 0 km / 0 miles
"…Tourist Flat 1 - family Unit sleeps from 2 to 5 guests, Tourist Flat 2 & 3 sleeps from 2 to 4 guests. Chalet cabins sleep from 2 to 4 guests, retro caravan & chalet awning, grassed powered sites … More

Hostel in Catlins, New Zealand

1 Hostel in Catlins available. Prices start from $9.00 for a dorm bed.

New Haven Catlin: Backpacker's Oasis

Welcome to New Haven Catlin, a hidden gem in New Zealand that whispers tales of adventure and invites backpackers to a haven untouched by time.

This guide is your passport to the heart of Catlin, tailored for budget-conscious wanderers seeking the perfect blend of nature, culture, and pocket-friendly accommodation.

Unveiling Timeless Landmarks

Discover the majestic McLean Falls, where the cascading water unveils the district's natural beauty.

Wander through the lush Catlins Forest Park, a sanctuary for native flora and fauna. In New Haven Catlin, landmarks aren't just places; they are portals to a world where nature reigns supreme and whispers stories of the past.

Enduring Transportation Connections

Embark on the Southern Scenic Route, an enduring road that weaves through Catlin's landscapes, connecting you to its timeless wonders.

Engage in the local shuttle services, a reliable mode of transportation operated with the spirit of hospitality. In Catlin, transportation isn't just a means; it's an exploration of the district's untamed beauty.

Reliable Amenities Await

Settle into the welcoming embrace of Catlins Mohua Park, a budget-friendly haven that mirrors the simplicity and warmth of the district.

Immerse in the local culinary scene at The Whistling Frog, where flavors tell stories of Catlin's culinary heritage. In New Haven Catlin, amenities aren't just conveniences; they are threads woven into the fabric of the district's hospitality.

Cultural Notes and Tips

Embrace the art of stargazing at the Catlins Observatory, where the Southern Hemisphere's celestial wonders unfold.

Pack layers to navigate Catlin's unpredictable weather, and venture into the wild with a spirit of exploration. Catlin's culture isn't a show; it's an invitation to immerse in the rhythms of nature and savor the simplicity of life.

Why Stay Here?

  • Nature's Symphony: Explore McLean Falls and Catlins Forest Park, where nature's beauty unfolds.
  • Southern Scenic Route: Journey through Catlin's landscapes on the enduring Southern Scenic Route.
  • Catlins Mohua Park: Find solace at Catlins Mohua Park, a budget-friendly haven echoing the district's warmth.
  • The Whistling Frog: Indulge in Catlin's culinary heritage at The Whistling Frog, a local culinary gem.
  • Catlins Observatory: Stargaze at Catlins Observatory, connecting with the celestial wonders of the Southern Hemisphere.

New Haven Catlin beckons backpackers to a realm where time stands still, and every landmark narrates a story of nature's grandeur.

Whether you're exploring McLean Falls, traversing the Southern Scenic Route, or stargazing at the Catlins Observatory, Catlin promises an immersion into the untamed beauty of New Zealand.

Your journey to Catlin isn't just a trip; it's an invitation to be part of a narrative where nature, culture, and budget-friendly hospitality intertwine.

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