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I'm writing now from Chihuahua, from its music festival, with venues of Foreigner and Toto. Quite a Mexican city, not something the average tourist wants, but definitely worth it for someone who came to meet the true Mexico and Mexicans. Men wear cowboy clothes and colourful boots -- Indians are everywhere. I would suggest the Pancho Villa museum -- Pancho Villa had twenty-five official spouses, quite funny coming from a very Catholic country. I actually liked this place, and always felt safe everywhere I would go. Of course, women should not enter these men bars called "cantina." These are no pubs, but it's also part of the real Mexico.
Reading a well-known Autralian guide about Mexico, coming from a visit to the U.S., I was planning to stay only one night in Chihuahua and its only hostel. This was my first time in Mexico, and I was not sure about what I could expect, between great food and sulfurous reputation. I actually found Chihuahua to be a great buffer. My stomach got used to the local food, I still found all the amenities I was expecting, and I found that the local people were amazingly friendly and proud of their land. They were curious about you but would never approach you unless you do the first step. Well, four days later, I am still here, as I needed to organize my trip through Mexico. I am leaving Chihuahua now, but I built enough self-confidence and safety to continue my journey to the rest of the country.
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