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Salerno is a great base for exploring the Amalfi coast. Accommodation is fairly reasonable. It is a small town, but the shopping really is fantastic and the small streets lined with restaurants, cafes, and a moutainous background give you an awesome vibe. On the beach at night (the end of town away from the main train station) there are bonfires, music, and things like beach volleyball. There is also a kind of "boardwalk" (well a sidewalk) along the water that gets kind of lively at night. Vendors set up their stands and kids are playing and they roast corn on the cob (very strange for Italians but it's good) and it's just a fun place to meet young people if that's what you want.
Salerno is definitely less dangerous than Naples. I duly recommend it to use it as a base for touring around the area (1 day in Pompei, 1 day on the Amalfi Coast, 1 day in Capri). Salerno has nothing really special to offer, but is quieter than Naples and from the train station to the hostel is a nice walk. From Salerno Harbour leaves boats to the Amalfi coast and Capri (2 different boats leaving from 2 different parts of the harbour). The train to Pompei is a 20 minute journey.
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