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I loved Naples -- it's a very beautiful city. There are some of the most handsome guys in Europe.
i do not understand how anyone can fail to fall in love with the most beautiful city in the world. It might not have the class of Florence or the cleanliness of, well, any other city in the world, but the people have such big personalities, are so welcoming, and are so incredibly fun (which to more timid people might be frustrating and seem seedy). The views of the volcanoes, the beaches, the many castles are fantastic, the music and food (try the street pizza and sfogliatelle) are part of the best cuisine in the world. The nights out, either on the sea, Capri, restaurants or clubbing, are fantastic. And the criminality? If you look after yourself nothing will happen to you! You'll never see such a stereotypical "mamma mia spaghetti bolognese!" kind of city -- it's amazing. You'll love it!
Don't believe those who say Naples is not worth seeing -- it' s one of the most charming cities in Europe. Don't miss it!
I love Napoli, with all its chaos and dirt, beauty, fast pace, toughness, and heartfulness.
Go there for the experience of seeing a different side of Italy. But it's not for tourists looking for relaxation and glamour. It is a good place for basing yourself to see Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. I wouldn't suggest Naples for single women travellers with little travelling experience.
Naples was very seedy and dirty. If you're going to stay on the Amalfi Coast, pick a different city. It was expensive and I did not feel very safe there. When I return to Italy I do not plan on going back here.
I spent several days in Naples, and thought it charming and with fantastic food. It was more earthy and simple than the bigger tourist destinations, but with lots of zip and flavor. Yes, the men were forward, but there were also some very helpful people who gave me directions and tips while I was exploring.
Naples is a scary city. Watch out for guys on mopeds. They WILL steal your bags. I've seen it happen in front of me. Hold on tight to your bags. Even if you travel in groups, be very careful!
Naples is dirty, it is seedy, and the men are relentless! I would not recommend Napels, especially if you have limited travel time. AND BE CAREFUL OF THIEVES.
Courtney from Atlanta
The train stations are not so bad and the whole city is excellent. Very cheap too, well worth going.
If you are travelling on your own, do ALL you can to avoid staying close to the station - it is an extremely seedy area. The rest of Naples is beautifully chaotic, and feels much safer. Great food and great people.
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