Hostels near Francisco De Orellana Airport (OCC), Coca

Hostels near Francisco De Orellana Airport (OCC)

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Hotels in Coca

Yarina Eco Lodge

Free Breakfast
Distance to Francisco De Orellana Airport (OCC): 25 km / 16 miles
"…It offers rural accommodation on the banks of the Napo River and 25 km from Francisco de Orellana Airport. Yarina Eco Lodge is 1 hour by boat from the city of El Coca. The rooms of the … More

Hostels and Cheap Places to stay in Coca, Ecuador

There are no hostels in Coca listed. We list for you other cheap places to stay in Coca, Ecuador.

Francisco De Orellana Airport: Backpacker's Haven

Welcome to Francisco De Orellana Airport, a gateway to adventure and exploration in Coca. Discover why this district is the perfect spot for budget travelers and backpackers:

Efficient Transportation

Getting around Coca is easy and convenient:

  • Airport Accessibility: Stay near Francisco De Orellana Airport for quick access to incoming and outgoing flights, saving you time and hassle during your travels.
  • Public Transport: Explore the city and its surroundings with reliable bus and taxi services, providing convenient connections to Coca's top attractions and landmarks.

Timeless Landmarks

Immerse yourself in Coca's rich history and natural beauty:

  • Yasuni National Park: Explore the breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife of Yasuni National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its pristine rainforests and vibrant ecosystems.
  • Napo River: Embark on a river cruise along the Napo River, where you can spot exotic wildlife, visit indigenous communities, and experience the untouched beauty of the Amazon rainforest.

Essential Amenities

Rest and recharge with these essential amenities:

  • Hostel Accommodations: Choose from a variety of budget-friendly hostels near Francisco De Orellana Airport, offering comfortable lodging and a welcoming atmosphere for travelers from around the world.
  • Local Markets: Discover vibrant local markets brimming with fresh produce, handmade crafts, and traditional souvenirs, allowing you to immerse yourself in Coca's cultural and culinary scene.

Cultural Insights

Experience the unique culture and traditions of Coca:

  • Indigenous Communities: Learn about the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous communities in Coca, who have lived in harmony with the natural environment for centuries, preserving their customs and traditions.
  • Festivals and Celebrations: Participate in colorful festivals and celebrations that showcase Coca's vibrant culture and hospitality, offering a glimpse into the local way of life and fostering connections with the community.

Why Stay Here

Here's why Francisco De Orellana Airport is the ultimate base for your Coca adventure:

  • Convenience: Enjoy seamless travel with easy access to transportation hubs, ensuring stress-free arrivals and departures for your journey.
  • Exploration: Dive into Coca's timeless landmarks and natural wonders, immersing yourself in unforgettable experiences that will stay with you long after your trip.
  • Affordability: Stay within budget without sacrificing comfort, thanks to a range of budget-friendly hostel options near the airport.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey in Coca, where every moment promises excitement, discovery, and adventure!

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