Hostels near Frank Pais International Airport (HOG), Holguín

Hostels near Frank Pais International Airport (HOG)

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Hostels in Holguín

Distance to Frank Pais International Airport (HOG): 12.7 km / 8 miles
"…Two blocks away of the “Marqueta” square. The dorm has four beds, one of them is separate of the other three by a door, but they have a common access. The bathroom and the kitchen are … More

Hostel in Holguín, Cuba

1 Hostel in Holguín available. Prices start from $10.00 for a dorm bed.

Discovering Frank Pais International Airport District

Welcome to Frank Pais International Airport District, a gateway to adventure and exploration in Holguin. 

Getting Around

Explore the enduring transportation options available in Frank Pais International Airport District:

  • Local Buses: Hop on the reliable local buses connecting the airport to downtown Holguin and other key destinations, offering a budget-friendly way to explore the area.
  • Taxis: Opt for taxis for a convenient and hassle-free journey to your hostel or guesthouse, especially if you're arriving late at night or carrying heavy luggage.
  • Bicycle Rentals: Embrace the laid-back vibe of Holguin and rent a bicycle to discover the district's hidden gems and scenic spots at your own pace.

Explore and Experience

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and timeless landmarks of Frank Pais International Airport District:

  • Parque Calixto Garcia: Take a leisurely stroll through Parque Calixto Garcia, a bustling square in the heart of Holguin, where locals gather and events unfold, offering a glimpse into everyday life in the city.
  • La Loma de la Cruz: Hike up La Loma de la Cruz, Holguin's iconic hill crowned by a towering cross, and enjoy panoramic views of the cityscape below, a perfect spot for sunrise or sunset photography.
  • Casa de la Musica: Dance the night away at Casa de la Musica, a vibrant venue showcasing live Cuban music and dance performances, where locals and tourists come together to enjoy the rhythms of salsa and son.

Cultural Insights

Delve into the rich cultural heritage and timeless traditions of Holguin with these insider tips:

  • Tobacco Farm Visit: Embark on a tour of a local tobacco farm and learn about the traditional art of cigar rolling, a cherished Cuban tradition passed down through generations.
  • Rum Tasting Experience: Indulge in a rum tasting experience and savor the flavors of Cuba's famous spirit, discovering the nuances of different rum varieties and their significance in Cuban culture.
  • Street Art Exploration: Wander through the streets of Holguin and admire the vibrant murals adorning buildings, reflecting the city's creative spirit and artistic expression.

Why Stay Here

Uncover the reasons why Frank Pais International Airport District is the perfect choice for budget travelers and backpackers:

  • Convenient access to Frank Pais International Airport, ideal for travelers arriving or departing from Holguin.
  • Affordable accommodation options, including hostels and guesthouses offering basic amenities and a welcoming atmosphere for solo travelers and groups.
  • Authentic Cuban experiences, from exploring historic landmarks to immersing yourself in the local culture, providing memorable insights into life in Holguin.

In Summary

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Frank Pais International Airport District and discover the timeless allure of Holguin. Whether you're exploring cultural landmarks or savoring local flavors, this district invites you to experience the essence of Cuba's vibrant spirit.

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