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Dawson City is cool with their crooked sidewalks and dirt streets and wicked saloons -- that sour toe is truly something to behold. But, hey, twenty-four hours of sun! Who needs power?
Dawson City is a cool place! And the sourtoe is wicked -- and so disgusting I did it twice! I will try to make it up there again this summer -- a fun place.
It was fun.
Anonymoudaye buckle
It's a neat little place and great to meet other travellers. Have been here two weeks now and was here during the Music Festival and had a blast. Did lots of hiking and biking around town and was a few days up on the Dempster and the Tombstone Park hiking. What a great country! Only wanted to pass through at first but it's now my "holiday vacation" place of choice.
......and do do the TOE. The weirdest thing under the sun. There actually is a saloon in town where you put a human pickled toe into your drink. Its the "sourtoe cocktail" and I think the saloon is called the Downtown. When I was there was somehow talked into "doing it" - brbrbrbr...! Try to find a greeting card with the toe - bought one and its now framed in my kitchen acting as a food surpressant....if that is the word!
And when in Dawson City one absolutely has to go up the Dempster Highway and hike through the Tombstone Park, even if only for a day. It's one of the most mind-boggling places in the world, especially during fall colors from mid-August to early September Another great trip is the Top of the World Highway to as far as the Alaska border and down to the Yukon River village of Fortymile. In August, the views and its great blueberry picking along the highway are magnificent.
mardy & pat
Yes, Dawson City is a heck of a place. If you like truly amazing music in a great setting Dawson City is the place to be. But also do not forget to get a look at the Gold fields around Dawson City-- they are the reason why Dawson is on the map. Best would be to rent a bike and not take a tour because then one can stop to watch gold mining operations from the road...seems like a messy business but that "yellow" stuff has got to come from somewhere. And hike up to the Midnight Dome! There is a road up too, but the hike is way better with great views all the way.
I love Dawson City. Its so far away from everything but when arriving it feels right at home. Its small with only maybe 2000 people but full of stuff to do and with more bars and saloons than any other place with only that few people. especially the music festival in mid July is worth the trip (make sure you have a bed reserved at the hostel but if you tent the hostel always has space) and there are great hiking and mountain biking trips. And 24 hour daylight is really amazing. I read most books by Jack London and Dawson City seems as it must have been when he was here. Early September must be the nicest time because then its dark again at night but I also could see great Northern Light....and also the Fall colours and both together are magic watching it from the viewing deck of the hostel.
Diego from France
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