Hostels near Gaspé (Michel-Pouliot) Airport (YGP), Gaspé

Hostels near Gaspé (Michel-Pouliot) Airport (YGP)

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Hostels in Gaspé

Distance to Gaspé (Michel-Pouliot) Airport (YGP): 14.3 km / 9 miles
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2095 boul de Grande-Grève More

Hotels in Gaspé

Auberge Griffon Aventure

Distance to Gaspé (Michel-Pouliot) Airport (YGP): 21.7 km / 13 miles
"…Occasionally in the bar as well they have special guest musicians play concerts and this is a really quaint and intimate setting with which to have a band. Summary Auberge Griffon Aventure … More

Hostel in Gaspé, Canada

1 Hostel in Gaspé available. Prices start from $9 for a dorm bed.

Gaspé Airport: Backpacker's Oasis

Welcome to Gaspé (Michel-Pouliot) Airport, a hidden gem for budget travelers and backpackers!

Efficient Transportation

Getting around from Gaspé Airport is easy with these reliable options:

  • Shuttle Services: Take advantage of convenient shuttle services connecting the airport to downtown Gaspé and nearby attractions, offering budget-friendly transportation for travelers.
  • Rental Cars: Rent a car from one of the reputable agencies at the airport to explore the scenic beauty of Gaspé Peninsula at your own pace.

Timeless Landmarks

Discover the timeless beauty of Gaspé with these iconic landmarks:

  • Forillon National Park: Explore the rugged coastline, stunning cliffs, and diverse wildlife of Forillon National Park, a natural paradise offering endless opportunities for outdoor adventures.
  • Percé Rock: Marvel at the majestic Percé Rock, a towering limestone formation rising from the sea, and take a boat tour to admire its impressive natural arch.

Convenient Amenities

Enjoy a comfortable stay near Gaspé Airport with these essential amenities:

  • Accommodation: Choose from a variety of budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses located within a short distance from the airport, providing cozy stays and friendly atmospheres for travelers.
  • Local Dining: Indulge in delicious local cuisine at nearby restaurants and cafes, savoring fresh seafood dishes and regional specialties unique to the Gaspé Peninsula.

Enriching Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of Gaspé with these timeless experiences:

  • First Nations Heritage: Learn about the fascinating Indigenous history and traditions of the Mi'kmaq and Gaspésie First Nations, preserving their cultural legacy through art, music, and storytelling.
  • Maritime Heritage: Explore Gaspé's maritime heritage at local museums and historic sites, uncovering the region's seafaring past and the legacy of famous explorers like Jacques Cartier.

Why Stay Here

Discover why Gaspé Airport is the perfect base for budget travelers and backpackers:

  • Scenic Beauty: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural landscapes of Gaspé Peninsula, from rugged coastlines to pristine forests, providing endless opportunities for outdoor adventures and exploration.
  • Cultural Immersion: Experience the rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality of Gaspé's local communities, gaining insights into Indigenous traditions, maritime history, and regional cuisine.
  • Convenient Access: Stay near the airport for easy access to transportation and key attractions, allowing you to maximize your time and budget while exploring the beauty of Gaspé.

Embark on an unforgettable journey from Gaspé Airport, where every moment is filled with adventure, discovery, and the spirit of exploration!

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