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Kalgoorlie isn't that bad, go visit! Kalgoorlie is a great place! I have been here for two months and like it.
I currently reside in Kalgoorlie, and I can honestly say it's a terrible place -- I've been here one year too long (only been here for a year). It's great if you want to spend your time drinking with people who think they're better than everyone because they work in a mine. Don't come here!
Kal residen
I hate Kalgoorlie -- it's so dull, full of greedy morons, and the money is poor compared to the north of Australia, but all the kiwis think it great.
I moved from Perth to Kalgoorlie more than two years ago. I agree that it isn't really a place you'd want to come for a holiday but I am pretty offended that people call us rednecks as most of us are the furthest thing from it. I'm from inner city Perth and most of the people I know and are friends with are from places other than Kalgoorlie in the first place. In fact 5% of our population is from New Zealand and another large proportion from South Africa. We are not rednecks -- it's just a few who give us a bad name.
I find that others that come to the town and slag it off have no real understanding about this town. I am twenty-something from Perth who came with my boyfriend to this town to "get ahead." The money is excellent and housing reasonably cheap compared to Perth.
Perth girl living in Kal
Kalgoorlie -- well what can we say? It's a small town that parties ten times harder than any other. Living it up trailer trash style is the way to go. There are four boys to every girl -- we are not going anywhere too soon! Grab yourself a Kalgoorlie miner, and you can then wave goodbye to any intentions you may ever acclaimed of entering the workforce.
I hate Kalgoorlie! It's the pits! It is a place full of greedy miners whose goal in life is a five-metre wide plasma TV, three beer fridges, and three enormous 4WDs parked on the driveway! All they live for is now and they are some of the most arrogant morons on the planet!
Kalgoorlie Realist!
Go to Kalgoorlie and let it all hang out. I ran naked passed the three brothels and came very near to being busted by the cops. Work is easy to find, and the night life is amazing. Keep your Kalgoorlie storeys to yourself as the real world might have a problem with it.
The runner
Kalgoorlie is a great place to visit, but hard to work in. You will have the time of your life if you do not take yourself too seriously. If you’re just passing through and thinking of spending a few weeks there watch your drinking because you will drink your travel money.
There's a bakery which opens about 4 in the morning on the other side of the tracks of the train station and the town. If you get in to town at a weird hour it's a couple of streets from the train station and a life saver. Passing through and want an ice-cream? Gelare's Jamaican choc rocks. Gelare is on the main Street in front of the Tourist Info Centre. P.S. Kal is famous for two things, gold mining in which tonnes of cyanide are mixed to sleuce the gold from the ore, and the town's brothels as all of the rednecks that work on the mines sites ... you know.
Crazy Trevor
Kalgoorlie is a place you'll either love or hate. I loved it. It was my home for only 3 months but will always be a part of me.
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