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Airlie is your jumping off point for the Whitsundays. And the place to get mad drunk with your boatmates afterward. Other than that, it's really not so special.
Airlie Beach is a cardboard cutout village for tourists. Anyone who is interested in the real Australia should take some time out to visit any other small town that doesn't gain its capital from tourism or an indigenous settlement. That said, if partying, picking up, and getting pissed on an island is what it's all about for your trip -- go Airlie in a big way.
Disgruntled Aussie
Airlie Beach was the first place to encourage me to fill my undies with sand and bark at the moon. It's a must for sadomasochists.
What a awesome spot -- it doesn't get much better than Airlie for fun in the sun and parties all night.
It's like spring break. It's just one street and all you do is get smashed at night with all the clubs and bars. An absolute must is Whitehaven beach. Enjoy!
I visited Airlie in 2001. It was a great place, beautiful. You must go to Whitehaven beach! It is the most beautiful place I have ever been!
My friends and I stayed here for a week in August 2003, we had a blast. The 3 day Whitsunday catamaran trip was amazing!! All in all I would definitely recommend goin to Airlie beach for a good time with friends.
Lindsay from Canada
Great laugh, loads of happy memories from airlie.
Airlie beach is like is village purely built for backpackers! Relax by day, have a blast at night.
Terrence Rox
I think Airlie Beach is a wonderful place to relax and it has the most beautiful scenery.
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