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On this page we list every single city with hostels and other budget accommodations. helps you to find your Chile hostel and compare its prices on the major booking sites such as Hostelworld, Hostelsclub and So you can sleep on a budget and save money while backpacking Chile.

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We list every single hostel in Chile and the world. In total, we have 68 cities in Chile for you. Please note that not all cities actually have a hostel to stay in. Below you can filter for cities with hostels and with no hostels-type accommodation, but guesthouses and budget hotels. This will help your planning.

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Alright, you are more the visual type? Planning your trip with a map is always handy.

Therefore, this map shows you all cities with hostels in Chile. It will help you to plan your trip. Just zoom in the map and click your destination for more details. Just so you know: If we do not have a hostel in a city, it is likely that there is no hostel in that city.

Our handwritten guide on Backpacking Chile

Chile is a Latino country full of culture, great hiking opportunities, wineries, deserts, mountains, volcanoes, salsa, beaches, skiing, great food, and great hostels. The country is situated on the coast of the South Pacific ocean, and borders Argentina to the east, Peru to the North, and Bolivia to the North East.

Santiago is the country's capital city and the largest city in Chile. Santiago is a vibrant city, with many good hostels, restaurants, bars, and cafes. The city also has many beautiful hispanic buildings and churches. There are also a number of good museums in Santiago, as well as a good lookout point, which can be hiked up or driven to. The city does have a smog problem due to the large number of cars.

Not far from Santiago is Valparaiso, a UNESCO world heritage site and old port town. It's definitely worth a visit. Also nearby is Vina del Mar, a popular resort town.

Easter Island is also apart of Chile. The island is a world heritage site, situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The mysterious ancient "heads" are iconic for Easter Island, and provides clues to the ancient civilisation that once resided there. There are daily flights from Santiago to Easter Island.

Many people also visit San Pedro de Atacama, which is the entrance to the famous salt flats. This desert is one of the driest deserts in the world, making it a unique habitat and environment.

Local Chilean food is very similar to other South American countries. It includes a lot of rice (arroz) and chicken (pollo). Empanadas are also great lunchtime snacks to try. Empanadas are pastries filled with a variety of different fillings. Empanada de pino (beef, onion, raisins, eggs, and black olives) is a classic Chilean flavour. For drinks, there are loads of fruit smoothie vendors that make delicious juices from native and local fruits.

The tourist areas in Chile all have a number of different accommodation types, including hostels or backpackers, resorts, hotels (both budget and luxury), guesthouses, and bed and breakfasts. Hostels are great options for solo travellers and travellers wanting to immerse themselves into the culture. In hostels, the staff can usually communicate in English, and sometimes French and German (the level might not be fluent, but it's conversational - either way it's recommended learning a little basic Spanish before heading to Chile).

Chile is a relatively safe country, however petty crime is still an issue. Make sure you use your common sense. Don't carry all your valuables with you, don't flash your money, or expensive gear, and don't walk alone at night. Also be careful when changing money or paying for things. The Chilean peso is in 5000, 10,000, and 20,000 note denominations. Many people misunderstand the exchange rate and end up paying over double for things. Unfortunately, some locals take this for granted, so just take care.

If travelling from a neighbouring country, you will notice Chilean Spanish is very different to other Latino Spanish languages. Chilean Spanish is known for using a lot of slang. It is also common for native speakers to drop the last letter of a word when speaking. Usually you can ask the Chilean person to speak "neutral Spanish" if you are having a hard time understanding them.

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Handwritten by local expert for Chile hostels Kelly Sheldrick

Travel Tips for Chile - from the Community

Hey fam! Here are a few more tips from the community, from them to you, and you to them. This space is dedicated for travellers to share their best tips on backpacking Chile. Have a closer look - the Hostelz community share real hidden gems, insider knowledge and overall impressions of Chile. Everyone is welcome to add something useful, funny, unexpected and the "absolutely necessary to know before you go" - share, share and then share a little more!

FAQ on Hostels in Chile

There is a lot of travel planning to do. So let us help you once again by putting together the frequently asked questions:

Finding Hostels and Prices

What hostel booking sites are best to use?

There is several hostel booking sites, such as, and While every platform has its pros and cons, there is a universal truth you as a traveler should be aware of: Not a single booking site can always offer the best prices.

This is where comes in. You can compare all major booking portals with one click.

For you as a traveler, is the best booking site to actually save money.

How much are hostels in Chile?

Prices always vary, depending on various factors. Weekends tend to be more expensive, same goes for special holidays. Please also take into account local vaction time.

You can search for exacty hostel prices in Chile here on Pick your destination and pick a date. The system will track down the prices to give an idea of what budget and prices you can expect.

When to book hostels?

If you want to stay at the best hostels, it is a good idea to have your hostel booked around 1 month before you travel. For the regular hostels, booking one week before should be okay. Yet again, this always depends.

We dedicated a full article to the topic of when to book hostels.


Safety and Packing

Are hostels in Chile safe?

Generally speaking, hostels are as safe as you make them. We highly recommend always to bring your own padlock, using the lockers and taking care of your belongings. Make sure you pick a safe hostel, offering lockers and a safe location. Please always pay attention to the reviews; they can give you a great insight on what to expect and safety tips.

What to pack when staying in hostels?

There is a few basics you should always pack when staying in hostels.

  1. Padlock
  2. Earplugs
  3. Sleeping Mask
  4. Quick Dry Travel Towel
  5. Head Lamp

There is more actually. We wrote a complete guide with more details. Read our full hostel packing list.

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