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39, rue Général de Dais, Bayeux, Normandy, France
49.277022, -0.706530 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Just graduated from college in 2000 and backpacked the entire continent of Europe w/ a friend on a budget, of course, so I wasn't picky about anything! Was there to see the D-Day beaches. Our room wasn't ready so we had to wait for an hour or two along w/ other backpackers but we made friends with them during the time. Found out that we were to shuttled to a "dorm-like compound" half a mile down the road that they own. Dorm rooms or "army barracks" were split into male and female/single-sex. We were dropped off with a group of backpackers (guys and girls) and left all alone. We decided to forget the single-sex rule and made the dorm totally co-ed(!) and threw a MASSIVE college-style party with the many more backpackers that came ranging from all-across the US, South Africa, Canada, England/Ireland, among other nations. The owners never checked on us and we stayed up the entire night telling jokes, playing drinking games and so on. The last night before I left, we packed about 9 people in a car and drove out to one of the Normandy beaches at midnight and took bottles of wine to have some fun. I departed in the very early morning, saying goodbye those who were awake, thanking them for an awesome time! I didn't pay attention to the details of the hotel because of the great people I met that night. 10 years later, I am still in touch with them and we always talk about those two nights of bonding. That's my only memory of Family Home back in the summer of 2000 -- the BEST summer of my life!
(New York, NY-USA)
Great Bargain and Wonderful Character
What a wonderful bargain this was. Convenient, budget, historic, clean spacious. Even the French breakfast was delicious and plenty. We ate so much, we could skip lunch altogether. It was cold but a warm bed and very clean. The whole place was a little worn down in places, but that gives it a family home feel. There were spiral staircases, exposed beams -- lots of character and authentically French. I believe the home dates back to the 18th century and is the oldest home I've ever spent the night in. The owner doesn't speak much English, but after all we're in France.
Chito Peppler
Charming, excellent location
I've stayed at Mme Lefevre' Family Home twice, and will be staying again this year with a group of 12 high school students. Of course it helps if you speak French -- you're in France, for heaven's sake! Mme Lefevre is one of the nicest, most accommodating people I've ever met in France. She bent over backwards for my two school groups. The after hours entry is a little tricky, but it works with a code, like most apt. buildings in France. For me, Family Home is a wonderful place.
Avoid it!
I "made a reservation" at the Family Home two weeks before going to Bayeux. Upon arriving at 8 pm, the people there told me that I had never called and they had never taken a reservation from me. In that respect, Family Home is horrible. They don't treat you like a customer. In addition, about three blocks away there's a place which is cheaper than Family Home and is NOT a hostel. Overall, AVOID Family Home.
Very French
I stayed in this Hostel in the spring of 2006 and had a great time. It is very cold in the winter, the french to english thing is a little difficult, but the positives out weigh the negatives. The building was charming, the morning breakfast was amazing, I mean, amazing. There was a lot of traditional french fair, and its family style, so you get to meet your fellow travelers. Our first night there we spent two hours at the breakfast table (by choice) just talking to fellow travelers. Oddly enough, everyone we met was a native English speaker (Australian and Canadian). We ate so much at that breakfast we didn't need lunch that day. Of all the hostels I stayed at in France (20 plus) this one was my favorite. Partly for its charm and good food but mostly for the friendly atmosphere it fosters between its tenants. If you stay here, just enjoy its quirks -- you didn't come to France for the hostels.
(United States)
I booked over a month in advance and they need from me was my first name which was odd. They didn't take any deposit either, they said all they needed was a name. So, i stubbornly trusted them. So, guess what?! When i went there, arrived around 7 p.m., no one was there! I waited for thirty minutes and no one, not even people who were suppose to live there showed up. I found later through my tour agency that they apparently they had trouble with their fire alarm and had to move everyone! I had to scramble to find a place. Down the street there is a nice house hotel for 35 euros a night. I missed my tour for the D-Day beaches because of this hotel, but i recovered by going there by myself, but still not happy. So, buyer beware!
Dirty,disgusting, broken furniture, litter in room, poor breakfast!
I stayed there with my family, two adults, four children, age four to fourteen. We didn't move much, closet and chairs broken, pasty dirt, waste under the closet, used linen. For breakfast we had to organize spread from other tables, no fresh baguette only toasted stuff. Late confirmation after several enquiries.
C. Hohage
Very good for hostel-type accomodation.
If you're on a budget the Family Home Hostel is great value. Don't expect the HIlton, but at such affordable rates it's great. I stayed there in 2006 and will be staying there again this July. Right smack in the middle of town and just down the road from Bayuex's Medieval fare. Also has a great mix of young and old guests which also makes for a bit of fun and a few drinks at night. Breakfast is always fantastic.
Dave Robertson

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